Charlotte Farmer Toot, Parp, Honk Print Club London
Charlotte Farmer Toot, Parp, Honk Print Club LondonCharlotte Farmer Toot, Parp, Honk Print Club LondonCharlotte Farmer Toot, Parp, Honk Print Club London

Toot, Parp, Honk!

by Charlotte Farmer


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Toot, Parp, Honk by Charlotte Farmer

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295 x 230mm



A handmade screen print featuring illustrations of amazingly
talented circus musicians riding unicycles (of course), the
musicians are led by a serene looking gold bear…
The print is made of 5 different layers of colours
printed onto creamy white Fabriano Artistico paper

Charlotte Farmer

Charlotte studied at Saint Martins, where she gained a masters in Communication Design. She lives and works in the pretty city of Bath with frequent trips to Bristol for screenprinting.

Charlotte’s favourite things include (not necessarily in this order): drawing, screenprinting, making maps, coffee, collecting Japanese brush pens for hand lettering, colour and her very spoilt cat, Margo.

She has a cupboard bursting with carbon paper which is used to create the detailed
drawings that become the stencils for her multi layered, hand made screen prints. Charlotte’s box of printing inks contains an ever increasing collection of bluey greys along with a vivid range of fluorescents and sparkly metallics (made to a top secret recipe) and she has recently become the proud owner of three tubs of glow in the dark ink.

Her playful screen prints often involve collections of things from snowglobes, pottery figures or ice creams to tropical birds and animals. Collections are of interest because of the way they bring together unexpected combinations of objects and characters.

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