Mike Meyer – Think of the Obvious & Do The OppositeMike Meyer – Think of the Obvious & Do The OppositeMike Meyer – Think of the Obvious & Do The Opposite

Think Of The Obvious & Do The Opposite

by Mike Meyer


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Think Of The Opposite & Do The Opposite – Mike Meyer

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500mm x 700mm

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Our first collaboration with the legendary sign painter Mike Myer.

Every part of the making of this print has been hand-made.

Originally a piece of hand-drawn sign painting, and then translated onto acetate making it possible to produce this 3 colour screen print.


Mike Meyer

Mike Meyer is a sign painter from Mazeppa, a small rural town in Minnesota. He has run his own business since 1989 and, as well as hosting many in his own shop, regularly travels the world to attend and support Letterheads sign painter events. He is an ambassador for the sign painting business and, in 2012, his dedication was recognised through an appearance in the internationally acclaimed film, Sign Painters. In 2013 he held his first ever hand-lettering workshop in Christchurch, New Zealand, and this has now gone on to inspire people in dozens of cities, including London, Paris, Amsterdam, New York and Sydney. In his own words, ‘Nothing can replace the ‘power’ of what a brush in your hand can produce’.