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Atelier Deux-Mille

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Atelier Deux-Mille is a collective made up of four artists and designers: Benjamin Stoop, Nicolas Delpech, Eugenie Babion, and Lucas Faudeux. The began collaborating in 2007 after opening their studio in Toulouse, mixing etching, silkscreen printing, and highly pixelated graphic design. They explore the image’s degree of iconicity through the etching and screen-printing process. In their quest to create a synthetic visual language they go to no ends to sample and distort vernacular images.

The Exhibition

Atelier Deux-Mille

Atelier deux-mille is a french collective of four artists and graphic designers: Nicolas Delpech, Benjamin Stoop, Lucas Faudeux, & Eugénie Babion: we explore the image degree of iconicity in using etching and screen-print processes in our quest. As image diggers, we sample and turn them into some kind of figures of speech, threw a synthetic visual language. We try to highjack the constitutive elements of image, either conceptual or material, in order to create a sophisticated printed universe.

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