OK! Rozalina Burkova & Francesca Tiley Print Club London Screen Print


by Francesca Tiley x Rozalina Burkova


Rozalina Burkova & Francesca Tiley – OK!

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300 x 400mm



A collaboration between illustrator Rozalina Burkova and lettering artist Francesca Tiley for their joint 2017 Print-ern Show at Print Club London!


Francesca Tiley x Rozalina Burkova

Rozalina and Francesca met during their time at Print Club London whilst undertaking the Printern Scheme. Designing, printing, experimenting, exchanging prints and assisting with workshops side by side they figured that their respective styles in lettering and illustrative work complement each other and a collaboration was born.

Naturally gravitating towards positive messages about body and spirit, the design was developed effortlessly over a few skype calls between London and Barcelona and printed here at Print Club London.

Work by Francesca Tiley x Rozalina Burkova

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