Modern Solitude

by Yeji Yun


Yeji Yun

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Silk screenprint by Yeji Yun for Print Club London’s 12 Prints show. Yeji Yun is an illustrator born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. She studied graphic design and illustration in Seoul, then Baltimore and lastly in London where she now lives and continues to work. She has produced illustrations for many different fields, including: magazines, books, logos, posters, t shirts and advertisement. She also makes her own zines and exhibits her personal projects. Yeji is influenced by poetic and nostalgic material and likes to draw inspiration from her own imagination and emotions. Her favorite color is turquoise. 


Yeji Yun is a Seoul-born illustrator and artist. She has worked as a freelancer for several years in Korea. She studied illustration, graphic design, and printmaking in Seoul, Baltimore, and finally in London, which has become her second home. Since 2006, her work has been published by a variety of magazines and book publishers, and has also appeared on t-shirts, packages, album covers, music festivals and television. In addition to working on commissions for a range of clients across the world, Yeji also finds extra time to do her own artwork for exhibitions and for a self-published book project. Yeji now lives and works in both Seoul and London, trying to connect herself to the world with images that she is creating. Her favorite colors are turquoise blue, and black.

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