Machine Head

by Gerbil Tea


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David Packe

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500mm x 700mm

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Paper by GFSmith , Colour plan, 270 gsm  This Print Contains a ‘Glow in the Dark’ Layer, So enjoy even when the lights go out! 

Gerbil Tea

The otherworldly illustrations of Gerbil Tea are a homage to life, grounded in the physicality of medical imaging – angiograms, x-rays, electron microscopy, text book diagrams. These are real physical processes that are reality, but are far removed from how we usually experience it. Presented with the evidence of life – blood flowing through vessels, food through an oesophagus, cells mitoting – we are somehow distanced from our own. It is transcendence through corporeality.

Advances in technological development and scientific knowledge can influence unique translations of the visual world. The visual language of microbiology and anatomy is as strange as that of the cosmos and is a theme that runs deep throughout. This ominously twisted imagery creates contrasts and draws parallels between natural and mechanical processes whilst simultaneously exploring the inner workings of the mind and the farthest reaches of the cosmos.

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