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Anastasia Tribambuka – Flight of Fancy

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Exploring the borders between inner and outer, fantasy and “reality”, me and you, wish and fulfillment, fears and fascination… Is there such thing as a border? What moves us?

And where to?

My point of interest was the fascinating activity of some mythological creatures and fascination as such. In different cultures these qualities are manifested by Mermaids, Rusalkas, Sirens, as well as heavenly birds in slavic myths (Gamayun, Sirin and Alkonost). The thing that unites them all is that they make sounds that are amazingly beautiful, and those who hear these sounds forget everything they know and want nothing more ever again. Some of them live in the in the underworld, some – near heaven; they are connected to thunderstorms and making sea rough and untravelable. Their beautiful songs were foretelling or even creating the future.

Anastasia Tribambuka

Tribambuka, aka Anastasia Beltyukova, is a russian artist, illustrator and designer, based in London. Her small multidisciplinary practice manages a diverse range of projects for clients large and small, as well as self-inspired projects. Her works have been exhibited in galleries and museums internationally and published in various printed and electronic media. Some of them are part of private collections in Russia, UK, USA, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Ukraine and Hungary.

Her style can be described as POP-FOLK. Anastasia explores deep and simple symbols which refer to the common human imagery – archetypes, carrying subliminal messages that are triggering our memory of why we are here, and pointing to a reality beyond our awareness or full understanding. In her artworks she is playing with these patterns, which derive from a universal collective unconscious and are reflected in tribal and folk art, legends, myths and fairy-tales.

Work by Anastasia Tribambuka

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