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Ben Rider

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Homage to Prodigy’s Firestarter by Ben Rider.

The ‘Firestarter’ track itself is pretty lairy, gritty and in your face and you could argue the whole album seethes with a bit of a rebellious, anti – establishment vibe. I wanted to tap directly into that for my interpretation. I looked at reinterpreting the actual title of the track, as well as the album The Fat of the Land itself, asking things such as “What is the fat of the land? What is a fire starter? And What else could they start other than fires?” Generally when I start idea generation and research I work with some brilliant people, who not only I can bounce ideas off, but I can trust to tell me quite candidly what is total guff and what’s gold. At first I wanted to mix petrol in with the ink and set it alight so my illustration would be scorched into the paper. Which I still think is brilliant, but saying it out loud to someone early on brutally put it into perspective; doing something like that wouldn’t be such a great idea in practice.

I ended up doing almost everything in reverse. I got black paper stock and painted it white, I made an advert but, instead of a bottle of coke or any other dubious product, it’s a firebomb instead. It’s symbolic, it’s playful, it’s rough and a bit lairy – especially with the fluorescent colours and a middle finger to the slick corporate world sold to us. It’s a bit like the sound and mood of the track. – BEN RIDER from his interview with HUNGER TV.


Ben Rider

I am a london based illustrator and Printmaker. I specialise in making vibrant, edgy, work with a punky look and feel.  My Work is built up from a dense hybrid of drawings, collaged imagery and multi – layered colours. I am a big fan the offsets, drips and fades to create an authentic distressed aesthetic.

Previous Clients include the Victoria & Albert museum, University of the Arts London, Samsung and O2 Ireland.

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