Neasden -Control-Centre-Expo-#1
Neasden Control Centre Expo – #1Neasden Control Centre – Expo #1Neasden-Control-Centre_Expo1

Expo #1

by Neasden Control Centre


Neasden Control Centre – Expo #1

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560mm x 760mm

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4 layer, limited edition screen print.

Printed on Somerset Satin.

“Expo is a new series of screen prints that i have been working on for Print Club in 4 and 5 colours. They are essentially the result of a long process of reducing form through drawing. Often reworking the same drawing multiple times, in so doing creating new compositions. They have been released as pair as much of this new work has been made to work sequentially so that one motif links to another. The starting point has been exploring the colour and energy of mid century era world fairs.”



Neasden Control Centre

Stephen Smith’s work spans illustration, installation, motion and publishing. He has lectured, taught workshops, researched and exhibited in the UK, the Netherlands, South Korea, Russia and West Coast USA.

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