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by Gfeller and Hellsgard


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Dot by Gfeller & Hellsgård

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800 x 600mm

Dots with split fountain and black over-print silkscreen on paper

Gfeller and Hellsgard

Christian Gfeller, born in Alsace in 1973.

Anna Hellsgård, born in Stockholm in 1980.

The duo lives and works together in Berlin since 2001

Gfeller+Hellsgård’ s language founds it’s semantic basis in the silkscreen printing process. The duo commits to rethink, deconstruct and reconstruct the medium through experimentations. Its syntax is slowly changing, it branches out and becomes more complex by incorporating other languages ​​such as painting, obviously, but also binding, DIY or poetry. Like any language, it is inherently arbitrary and to survive must go beyond its own borders. This graphic and plastic cryptolect that practices Gfeller+Hellsgård plants it’s roots in a trans-national environment of highly urban density, Berlin in this case. It is a contemporary living language, that feeds on minimalism, abstractionism and underground culture.

Work by Gfeller and Hellsgard

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