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Cast Away

by Joe Cruz


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Joe Cruz – Cast Away

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570mm x 760mm

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Found in Figurative, Joe Cruz

Exclusive to Print Club London, 4 layer limited edition screen print.

Printed onto white 300gsm Somerset Satin paper.

Joe Cruz

Joe Cruz is a visual artist, he graduated from Norwich School of Art in 2010, his work spans art, design, fashion and graphics.

He was born in London in 1988 and has a multi cultural background, having family from France, Spain, Austria and England.

He uses expressive lines, strong colours and graphical imagery within his work. This is due to Joe’s fascination with bold simple statements, as seen in political posters and advertising slogans. Simple and subversive messages play a key role in his work. He loves working with found imagery, juxtaposing it with bold colourful and strong marks to give the work a contemporary context.


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