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*PRINTERN UPDATE – Niall Greaves*

So our most recent printerns have been here just over a month now! And we know you’re DESPERATE to know what they been getting up to in our studios! Each printern works as a studio technician one day a week, where they assists members printing, tidy the studio, help out with workshops and they will pick up tricks of the trade from professional printers! Apart from that day they can use the studio as they please, our studio is 24/7!

Niall’s work uses collages and shapes to create abstract designs and compositions! Here’s his first limited edition screen print which is available exclusively from Print Club London! You have another 5 screen prints to come from Niall so, keep your eyes peeled!

Niall Greaves Collection 1 Print Club London Screen Print

Collection #1

Edition of 40, £60

Niall Greaves is a graphic artist and printmaker who’s work incorporates a mix of abstract and figurative motifs often informed by symbolism and nature. Creating bold images through patterns, found textures and abstract drawings.