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*PRINTERN UPDATE – Charlie Gould*

So our most recent printerns have been here just over a month now! And we know you’re DESPERATE to know what they been getting up to in our studios! Each printern works as a studio technician one day a week, where they assists members printing, tidy the studio, help out with workshops and they will pick up tricks of the trade from professional printers! Apart from that day they can use the studio as they please, our studio is 24/7!

Charlie has just finished his 1st limited edition screen print and we love it! His work plays with overlays and colour, making his work a bold piece to have on your wall! Here’s a few WIP shots and the print itself!

Charlie Gould is an illustrator and print-maker based in Hampshire.

Charlie’s love of mundane objects, counter-culture, and bad films are a huge source of inspiration for his work. Usually finding itself a mash-up of all the above, with some bright colour thrown in for good measure.

Mack's Mountain Cow Milk Charlie Gould Print Club London Screen Print

Mack’s Mountain Cow Milk by Charlie Gould

Edition of 40, £60