New Artist // Caroline Tomlinson - Print Club London
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New Artist // Caroline Tomlinson

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Print Club London’s new artist, Caroline Tomlinson. Since graduating from her MA at Central St. Martin’s, Caroline has
worked as an illustrator for clients all over the world. She exhibits internationally, and this Summer her work will be on show as part of the Secret 7” showcase.
Currently residing in ‘beautiful Cape Town’ Caroline is due to visit the studio during the Summer months, and we already can’t wait.
Caroline has been working closely with Print Club over the last month and has recently launched 2 brand new, limited edition screen prints which are now available from our online gallery. With more prints on the bed soon to be making their way to us, keep your eyes on our Instagram and Twitter feeds for updates and new print editions as and when they happen!!
Caroline Tomlinson - Kate the Great - Kate Moss Screen Print

Caroline Tomlinson – Kate the Great – Kate Moss Screen Print – Print Club London

“I wanted to paint the most famous face of fashion – and for me there is no one more fashion and famous than Kate Moss. Love her or hate her, she is a face that will be forever linked to fashion in the 21st Century.
Kate Moss is the first in a series I am working on of icons in fashion. She also marked the start of my return to silkscreen printing. It was wonderful to create my painted marks and see them translate and change every so slightly on the silkscreen. Kate the Great is a limited edition screen print, edition of 50 at £65.
Moss is also the start of my exploration into celebrity. An area explored and made famous by print maker and Pop Artist – Andy Warhol. It is a movement that I have always had a huge interest in. Warhol’s words  “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”  have never rang more true. Fame has always been a commodity many are hungry for. And in todays culture of endless selfies and reality tv shows everyone seems to want their face to be captured and known – and for some at any cost. However, few truly deserve the accolade of being iconic.
Caroline Tomlinson - Lips - Georgia May Jagger - Screen Print

Caroline Tomlinson – Lips – Georgia May Jagger – Screen Print – Print Club London

Perhaps the most famous lips in fashion?
Another step in my exploration into capturing fashion icons and in the same way as Kate Moss, Jagger is another iconic British female. I begun experimenting with what can be removed from an identity whilst remaining recognisable. Moving forward I would like to take this down a more abstract route in my print making. This is something I am starting to explore and work with in my studio. Lips gave me an opportunity to translate my watercolour marks onto screens  and explore the challenges and all the happy accidents that came with that.
A great deal of my recent work is monochrome, or simply one extra colour. But with Lips – the colour felt all the more important. As I wanted to mix the perfect red for this series, after all the perfect red lipstick has also become a style icon in itself. Every fashionista knows a swish of the perfect red takes you from the everyday to extraordinary in an instant.
The perfect limited edition screen print for any fan of fashion, or Georgia May Jagger herself. Limited to an edition of 50 at £85.
Coming soon…. (sneak peek)

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