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Guest Curator with Megan Ellaby

The latest Guest Curator is style queen Megan Ellaby (@meganellaby) she’s been talking us through her lovely home, what she’s been up to and you may even catch a peek at her gorgeous dogs Peter And Nancy…

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Hello, I’m Megan Ellaby and I am a style and lifestyle content creator. I’m based up in Manchester where I live with my fiancé and our two sausage dogs Peter & Nancy. My biggest passion is personal style and fashion however I’m extremely into music and interiors too.

Our home as it stands is quite eclectic. We moved in almost a year ago and we took it really slow with any form of decorating. We wanted to really live here before setting to work with any decorating and renovations as this is our forever home so it was important for us to take our time. We both love mixing the old with the new and that’s something we like to incorporate into every room. Despite there not being much paint on the walls as of yet our home still feels extremely colourful through our love of art.

Our home style is a real mixed bag of old and new. We both have a real passion for antiques and love nothing more than sourcing the perfect piece for a room. However, we like to mix it with contemporary artwork or details as we feel it makes for a really unique and eclectic home that screams “us”

I absolutely LOVE Table Manners

My two sausage dogs Peter & Nancy.

I continued working which did me the world of good but I also made time for me which was essential for my mental health. I read a lot of books, I decorated our bedroom and I tried my hand at painting; I made 3 paintings in total, they’re nothing too technical, certainly abstract, but good enough to hang on our walls so I’m chuffed with that.

A bit of both. Whilst we’re taking our time with this one, we didn’t with our first home and through that we learnt a lot about our interior style. I knew with this house, as it’s a super old house that I wanted to stick with it’s roots and ensure that the decor and furniture choices fit with that. We have plans for a renovation over the next year which I am so excited about.

My dream weekend would be having friends over for a BBQ and drinks on the Friday. A lie in and a long dog walk on Saturday finishing with a takeaway and a film. I love to pop into town on a Sunday for some brunch or head to an antique fair or market.

We were supposed to be getting married this summer but due to the virus sadly had to postpone so we have plans to celebrate our date with a staycation but aside from that we’re happy to stay safe here in Manchester.

I’m a pasta 3 days a week kinda gal so I wouldn’t trust me with recipes…
But with restaurants, Manchester has some awesome indie cafes and restaurants; My faves at the moment that I’ve loved visiting since lockdown was lifted are Jane Eyre, Elnecot and Ezra & Gil.

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Oooo I have SO many but off the top of my head I would say Matilda and more recently Daisy Jones & The Six.

Don’t over think it, paint can be changed, wallpaper can be removed, furniture and art can be moved around, nothing is really that permanent so just have fun with it and learn from your mistakes, because mistakes will happen and that’s the fun of it.