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We’ve been chatting to founder of Notonthehighstreet and Holly & Co, Holly Tucker this week! Why not take a leaf out of Holly’s book and fill your home with animals, colour and treasures? Scroll down for interior inspiration along with some advice from Holly if you’re redecorating…

I am Holly Tucker, 15 years ago I founded a company called Notonthehighstreet and most recently Holly & Co. I am a passionate believer that the key to a happy and fulfilled life is by building a business from your passion. So I have decided that until I am 90 – I will cheer-lead the small business community, those that bring colour and creativity to our everyday grey.

My home is an important energiser for me
It’s an elaborate treasure trove and Aladdin’s Cave of small business creativity!
I’d describe my home as colourful, eclectic, and happy – with a wash of animals!

My interior style is ever-evolving, and one piece has a snowball effect onto the other, so there won’t ever be a day when I see the house as ‘done’.  It just keeps morphing and growing, as Frank would say, in an out of control way!

Is it cheating to say my own?! I have a weekly podcast called Conversations of Inspiration where I interview founders and those that inspire me, to share their incredible stories and encourage others to dream big and pursue their passions. One of my most favourite guests that I have interviewed was the brilliant Dave Buonaguidi who was hilarious (and naughty!) from start to finish – charting his days in advertising to his life as an artist!

My ideal weekend is a long walk along the river with my husband Frank and dog Mr Mudley – followed by a film and a takeaway with Frank, Mudley, and my son Harry. My perfect Sunday is reading on my outdoor bed, as my son Harry plays his guitar next to me, Mr Mudley is snuggled at the end of the bed and Frank is making a Sunday lunch before our friends arrive to join us for supper.

I have actually just come back from a staycation in Norfolk. I have so many happy childhood memories in Norfolk as my grandfather lived in Holt. The family still has a little cottage down there, so I visit Holt a couple of times a year – it’s so beautiful, the pace of life slows and we take long walks along the beaches and the dunes.  It is also a thriving independent part of the country, and so I personally help prop up the economy!! My latest purchase was a number of felt beaded, embroidered, colourful moths and butterflies to act as corsages for the big day!

Life became so full and busy in lockdown, I honestly don’t think as a business we have ever worked so hard, for such long hours over such a long and intense period of time. Within 48 hours of going into lockdown, we had launched a new sub-brand – SME: SOS.  A single place for small businesses to find out all the latest information demystified, hear from experts and other founders about how they were navigating this time, as well as my own insight – across IGTV, a podcast, and live interviews and daily bulletins.

I have never been so proud of my team, we pulled off something incredible in the most extraordinary times.

I am getting married in a matter of days, so I am just about to purchase some hand-embroidered vintage parasols for the big day in my garden.

I am a HUGE Dave Buonaguidi fan, in fact, for my last birthday, the team has a bespoke print commissioned with him One of my most treasured pieces is the ‘Do what you love, and the money will follow’ printed onto a dollar bill.  It utterly aligns with my central mission at Holly & Co and is a sentiment I passionately believe in.

I also, have recently been kindly gifted by Print Club London Clare Halifax’s ‘Hallo, Amsterdam’ which I can’t wait to find a spot in my home to hang it proudly!

Do What You Love & the Money Will Follow (Diamond Dust) by Dave Buonaguidi
Edition of 100, £100

Hallo Houses, Amsterdam by Clare Halifax
Edition of 50, £200

It is an 18th century 6ft statue of Madonna and child from a German church that I found in Hastings after a couple of glasses of wine!

Anything written by Seth Godin and I am currently loving Human Kind; A Hopeful History by Rutger Bregman.

It can be easy to follow the latest trend, but your home is an extension of the happiest place in your soul, so if that means it’s full of animals, too much colour and lifesize olive trees in the kitchen, so be it! If we are lucky, we get 29,000 days on this planet folks, make sure you live in a place you don’t just love, but adore.

We’ve just added new Lucy Mahon pieces to our Originals collection, inspired by swimming days! They are enough to leave us wishing for the August bank holiday to be filled with sunshine and swimming. View the FOUR new one-off original pieces here first and also, have a read about what Lucy has been getting up to lately as she is our featured ‘Artist At Home’ this month…

Holding Hands by Lucy Mahon
One-off Original, £340 unframed 

Hello, I’m Lucy Mahon and I’m a London based artist and illustrator. My lockdown studio was the sunny front room of my East London flat. I’ve worked at home since last summer so I’d had a bit of time to get used to it.

Post lockdown easing, I moved into a new studio not too far from home. I needed more space to store my work and I’ve now got a tall desk I can stand at while drawing. It also means I don’t have to constantly clean pastel dust off white floorboards…

My second pastel collection, ‘Swimming Days’. They’re reminders of the joys and comforts of outdoor swimming. Lidos, sea swimming, ponds and pools.

Blue Sea Swimmers by Lucy Mahon
One-off Original, £580 unframed 

Swimming, coffee, seeing family. Hanging out with friends on our terrace. Pre-lockdown, it would have been Broadway Market on Saturday and Columbia Road Market on Sunday. Some wine at our local. And whatever show we’re into – right now it’s RAMY season 2.

I’m usually a non-fiction fan… I loved ‘To Pixar and Beyond’, written by the company’s ex-CFO, and ‘Shoe Dog’, by Phil Knight. For architecture and research, ‘The Mid Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide’ by Sam Lubell & Darren Bradley are great, as is ‘William Krisel’s Palm Springs’ by Heidi Creighton and Chris Menrad.

Definitely. Pre lockdown, the majority of my work was black and white and line based, with varying degrees of composure and looseness. Very much driven by travel and architecture. By chance I got my first set of soft pastels just before lock-down. I drew at least one pastel a day, sticking them up on my walls as I went. It ended up being a kind of daily diary; they featured mostly simple things, but those things were now my daily highlights. What I had for lunch, what I saw on my walk, what I was dreaming of doing or something my mum had told me on the phone. The colourful daily pastels gave me joy that made me pour myself into new work, taking on larger scale pieces which ultimately became my first pastel collection (‘Wildflowers’).

At The Reservoir by Lucy Mahon
One-off Original, £620 unframed

I adore Jess Rose Bird’s work and we recently did a swap – her use of line and colour is incredible. It’s been great to work with Dave Buonaguidi; we both used to work in advertising and met at Print Club, then ended up doing some big Californian collab prints. 

Slowdown And Snooze by Jessica Rose Bird 

One-off Original, £380 unframed


I went to Whitstable this weekend for some fresh air, bike rides and sea swims. When it’s safe & allowed, I’ll be jumping on a plane to LA to see my big sister, brother in law and my tiny new niece. Until then, it’s daily facetimes and virtual cuddles.

I’m really enjoying Michelle and Barack Obama’s Summer 2020 playlist on Spotify. As a huge Office fan, the ‘Office Ladies’ podcast is a joy to my ears every Wednesday.

Pond Dip by Lucy Mahon
One-off Original, £270 unframed 

The latest Guest Curator is style queen Megan Ellaby (@meganellaby) she’s been talking us through her lovely home, what she’s been up to and you may even catch a peek at her gorgeous dogs Peter And Nancy…

Square by Setsuko Maho
Edition of 6, £280


Hello, I’m Megan Ellaby and I am a style and lifestyle content creator. I’m based up in Manchester where I live with my fiancé and our two sausage dogs Peter & Nancy. My biggest passion is personal style and fashion however I’m extremely into music and interiors too.

Our home as it stands is quite eclectic. We moved in almost a year ago and we took it really slow with any form of decorating. We wanted to really live here before setting to work with any decorating and renovations as this is our forever home so it was important for us to take our time. We both love mixing the old with the new and that’s something we like to incorporate into every room. Despite there not being much paint on the walls as of yet our home still feels extremely colourful through our love of art.

Our home style is a real mixed bag of old and new. We both have a real passion for antiques and love nothing more than sourcing the perfect piece for a room. However, we like to mix it with contemporary artwork or details as we feel it makes for a really unique and eclectic home that screams “us”

I absolutely LOVE Table Manners

My two sausage dogs Peter & Nancy.

I continued working which did me the world of good but I also made time for me which was essential for my mental health. I read a lot of books, I decorated our bedroom and I tried my hand at painting; I made 3 paintings in total, they’re nothing too technical, certainly abstract, but good enough to hang on our walls so I’m chuffed with that.

A bit of both. Whilst we’re taking our time with this one, we didn’t with our first home and through that we learnt a lot about our interior style. I knew with this house, as it’s a super old house that I wanted to stick with it’s roots and ensure that the decor and furniture choices fit with that. We have plans for a renovation over the next year which I am so excited about.

My dream weekend would be having friends over for a BBQ and drinks on the Friday. A lie in and a long dog walk on Saturday finishing with a takeaway and a film. I love to pop into town on a Sunday for some brunch or head to an antique fair or market.

We were supposed to be getting married this summer but due to the virus sadly had to postpone so we have plans to celebrate our date with a staycation but aside from that we’re happy to stay safe here in Manchester.

I’m a pasta 3 days a week kinda gal so I wouldn’t trust me with recipes…
But with restaurants, Manchester has some awesome indie cafes and restaurants; My faves at the moment that I’ve loved visiting since lockdown was lifted are Jane Eyre, Elnecot and Ezra & Gil.

Rainbow – 2nd Edition by Rose Stallard
Edition of 100, £85

Flaming Hearts Lucille Moore Print Club London Screen Print

Flaming Hearts by Lucille Moore
Edition of 25, £95

Oooo I have SO many but off the top of my head I would say Matilda and more recently Daisy Jones & The Six.

Don’t over think it, paint can be changed, wallpaper can be removed, furniture and art can be moved around, nothing is really that permanent so just have fun with it and learn from your mistakes, because mistakes will happen and that’s the fun of it.

We have hundreds of limited edition art on our website and we wanted to give you a sneak peek into their studios and what they’ve been getting up to at the moment. And what better person to begin with than our Creative Director, Rose Stallard! Scroll to read the Q + A…

Rainbow by Rose Stallard

Edition of 50, £50

I’ve been in lockdown with my two boys and my partner, Paul. While Paul’s been at school teaching I’m home with the kids! In between homeschooling, general chaos and getting outside, I rotate between the living room table and squatting the boys desks.

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts during lockdown and one I’d recommend is definitely ‘Grounded with Louis Theroux.’ Go and have a listen if you like podcasts!

Not being able to see the rest of my family!

Yes! I’ve been taking photos, I wanted to document and share my experience of the Lockdown.
Mostly of our afternoon walks and day to day life in the flat, and mostly the kids don’t mind me constantly taking photo’s of them ; ) Although not sure how long this will last!


I managed to get an edition of “I Love You” screen printed before lockdown, so I’ve been hand-finishing these off. I’ve also been getting back into taking photos and remembering how to thread a sewing machine.

I Love You by Rose Stallard

Open Edition, £50

David Newton! I love his bold and colourful, hand cut, hand drawn style. I recently spotted his new print ‘Shout Out For Sunshine’ which is uplifting and playful in the current time.

Shout Out For Sunshine by David Newton

Open Edition, £100

Go camping in the wild!

There’s not a lot of time in the day! I realised quite early on that any plans I had made, of getting lots of new work done, were perhaps not going to happen ; ) Two kids, homeschooling, daily exercise, blah blah, kind of gets in the way, but I manage to find time and my work does get done…eventually!



We’ve collaborated with Fashion and interior influencer Sarah Smiley. You may know Sarah from her popular Instagram fashion account @sarahsactualwardrobe but, did you know she also has an interior account too @sarahsactualhouse! We have had a little chat about all things, interior, prints and everything else in between, scroll to have a read!


Edition of 25, £08

Shop this print!

“I began my career as an artist but quickly moved over to fashion. I am a serious shopaholic who thinks in clothes. I know it sounds crazy but it’s the way I am built! Getting dressed is so fun and I think there is a lot of physcology behind it. I love to inspire women to shop and get dressed. I also work as the Boden-In-House stylist and I really love working with all the customers. My clothes obsession has now branched over to interiors, which is dangerous!”


I like to think of our home as our own world. The minute you walk through the door you leave everything behind you and you enter our bubble. There are lots of stripes! Ned and I spent a lot of time planning the space, the ground floor is an open living with large open archways separating the rooms. Our children fill the first floor and then Ned and I have a haven on the top floor, which has exposed beams and an almost lofty feel to it.

I’d say our home and styling is classic but with a twist. I always ask myself ‘Will I get bored of that?’ I apply this to clothes and interiors. I wouldn’t say that I follow trends but I nod to them. I like things with an earthy feel and an element of eccentricity.

Can I have three? The William Yeoward bench in our bathroom, which was a wedding present from my uncle. The pink chair that Ned designed in the study, I love its height and grandeur. And then the Ceraudo terracotta lamp with a Fermoie splattered lampshade on it, which sits on our kitchen island and it brings me great joy.

I have two little people, Lyon 2 and Nancy 1, a job, my own business, a husband and a house to look after, I would actually say that I am busier than pre lockdown! But I am finding the time to cook, have longer baths and generally slow down which is heaven.

Ned and I had a fairly clear picture of what we wanted – luckily, we agreed! We have definitely added things/ideas have evolved but the overall picture is what I had imagined. Ned and I did a project before, which had an industrial loft style feel to it, it was a two-bed flat with exposed steels and concrete walls. We knew that we wanted to create something that was more grown up and classic this time. We wanted to create our forever London family home.

An absolute classic. For me leopard is a neutral and goes with everything and I’m talking fashion and interiors. Always embrace the leopard!

Celine, without a doubt.

Marmite chicken – try it – a serious game changer.

I am currently readying ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle and I’m gripped!

Yoghurt for face masks, vodka and Aromatherapy bath oil

Furrow by Jonathan Lawes

Edition of 50, £50

Shop this print!

1969 by Charlotte Windsor

Edition of 50, £50

Shop this print!

A huge thank you to everyone that came to our second CHOOSE LOVE show at Somerset House!

The fundraising exhibition in collaboration with Help Refugees saw artists including Bob & Roberta Smith, Pure Evil, Rob Ryan, James Joyce, Hattie Stewart and Alexandria Coe create one off original pieces, making their mark on the iconic CHOOSE LOVE logo. We would like to thank all of our contributing artists and of course our buyers for visiting the show, bidding in our auction and picking up some CHOOSE LOVE merch. The funds raised from this week long exhibition will go directly to support the incredible work of Help Refugees.

Print Club Choose Love

Choose Love Somerset House

Choose Love 2019 opening night at Somerset House.

Dave Buonaguidi Choose Love

CHOOSE LOVE Lifeboat by Dave Buonaguidi.

Choose Love Somerset House

CHOOSE LOVE Artwork by Rob Ryan and Rosie Emerson. 

Alex May Hughes

CHOOSE LOVE Artwork by Alex May Hughes and Charming Baker.

Lauren Baker Neon

CHOOSE LOVE Neon by Lauren Baker

POA. Please contact [email protected] for more information. 

Couldn’t make the opening night? You can still shop our Choose Love collection online and we have some pieces ready and framed for collection.

Aida Choose Love

CHOOSE LOVE Dream Boat by Aida

Framed 1st edition – £1,000

Bob and Roberta Smith

CHOOSE LOVE by Bob and Roberta Smith

Edition of 1 Framed – £1,000

Isabella Cotier Choose Love

CHOOSE LOVE by Isabella Cotier

Edition of 1 Framed – £1,000

We are continuing to work with artists throughout the year producing brand new and limited edition pieces in aid of the charity so keep your eyes out for new collaborations.

You can shop the full Choose Love collection here.



Are you a student looking for a place to print over the summer?

Print Club London are offering a concessionary rate for students to gain full access of their East London studios!

You will just need to supply us with proof that you are currently enrolled (or a recent graduate) at university or college by showing us a valid student I.D. or NUS card. We have six screen beds, two t-shirt carousels, t-shirt dryer, storage facilities, a washout room and the mother of all exposure units.

If this is of interest to you please do get in touch via email: [email protected] or call us: 0207 254 9028

*This offer only applies to current or recent graduates from university or college. Terms and conditions apply.


Some of you might have seen recently, we launched artist David Studwell’s BRAND NEW limited edition screen print ‘Elton John: Home Run-Dodger Stadium 1975’.  David collaborated with Sir Elton John and Terry O’Neill, to create this amazing piece, using Terry’s photography of Elton on his stadium tour and has reimagined it using diamond dust highlighting Elton’s costume.

What makes this print even more spectacular, is that a one-off Artist Proof of the print, which was signed by Sir Elton John himself and Terry O’Neill raised up to £12,301 for the ‘Elton John AIDS Foundation’ Read all about it from the news clippings below.

‘Elton John: Home Run-Dodger Stadium 1975’ by David Studwell

£1650 // 50


A huge thanks to everyone who attended the opening of our 2017 Print-ern Show last night, we had a great time and it was lovely to see both Rozalina and Francesca showcase their amazing bodies of work!

All original pieces and printed editions featured in the show will be available to purchase throughout the duration of the show from our gallery, until the 26th October 2017.

If you would like to book an appointment for a viewing to see the show, please contact [email protected] for more information on opening hours.

Here are some pictures from the evening!

Illustrators Francesca Tiley and Rozalina Burkova met whilst taking part in our rewarding ‘Printernship’ scheme, allowing them to create a number of limited edition prints, whilst developing their own personal styles.

The ‘Printernship’ opportunity allows recent graduates to print and create work in our studio, coupled with free desk space and guidance from fellow printers and technicians. Offering financial support along with our own creative direction and printing expertise, the scheme results in a series of prints from each artist exclusive to Print Club.

The exhibition features original works, limited edition screenprints and on one off ceramics from both artists, along with debuting their exciting collaboration together, with hand painted murals and exclusive prints available throughout the show!

After deciding their respective styles in lettering and illustrative work complemented each other, a collaboration was born with three playful prints, exclusive to Print Club.

Naturally gravitating towards positive messages about body and spirit, the designs were developed effortlessly over a few skype calls between London and Barcelona and printed here at in our studio!

OK! // Edition of 20 // £40
Play Time // Edition of 20 // £40
Fabulous // Edition of 20 // £40

We would also like to say a massive thank you to sponsor LAPP who kindly quenched our thirst during the evening, with their delicious Poptails!

Poptails LAPP



Each printern works as a studio technician one day a week, where they assists members printing, tidy the studio, help out with workshops and they will pick up tricks of the trade from professional printers! Apart from that day they can use the studio as they please, our studio is 24/7!

Over the last two months Charlie has been busy in the studio creating a series of exciting prints for his Printern ship! Here is Charlie’s forth and newest print ‘Gazoleen’ and we LOVE it! With only two more prints to create we are so excited to see what Charlie creates!

Gazoleen Charlie Gould Charlie Gould // Gazoleen

Edition of 30 // £100


Charlie Gould is an illustrator and print-maker based in Hampshire.

Charlie’s love of mundane objects, classic Americana, and bad films are a huge source of inspiration for his work. Usually finding itself a mash-up of all the above, with some bright colour thrown in for good measure.


Check out the other prints from Charlie’s collection below!

Charlie Gould

               Charlie Gould // Soul Food                                   Charlie Gould // Macks Mountain Cow Milk

Edition of 50 // £50                                                              Edition of 40 // £60


We would like to thank everyone who attended our joint show last night for artist Oli Fowler solo show, what a great turn out!

The original prints and exclusive editions will all be available to buy from our gallery til the 17th August

Please email [email protected] to book a viewing. _________________________________________________________________

We held Oli Fowler’s solo show Keep On Dreamin’ in our Dalston gallery, where we showcased Oli’s screenprinting talents with a celebratory display of brand new editions and one off hand rusted pieces!

Here are a few snaps from last night’s Opening Night

Oli Fowler Keep On Dreamin' Opening Night

Oli Fowler Keep On Dreamin' Opening Night


Oli Fowler

Oli Fowler is an artist who specialises in screen-printing and graphic illustration. After graduating from Camberwell College of Arts with a BA in Graphic design, Oli has developed his recognisable, bold style with work spanning across printmaking, illustration, photography and photomontage. Frequently combining these different mediums in his process, he values experimentation, often bending the rules of printmaking to allow for deliberate mistakes to give direction. His compositions are characteristic by their use of retro imagery and pure CMYK colours.

Oli Fowler Keep On Dreamin' Opening Night

Thunder City Girl // Edition of 30 // £150 Unframed

Jive Talkin’ // Edition of 100 // £150 Unframed


Oli Fowler Keep On Dreamin' Opening Night

We Are Family // Edition of 100 // £150 Unframed

In A Daze // Edition of 100 // £150 Unframed


A Huge thankyou for Portbello Brewing Co for supplying us with the beers for Oli’s Opening Night!

Portobello Brewing Co


All the pieces featured in the post are available to purchase from our gallery, throughout the duration of the show.


Print Club London would like to announce our latest show ‘Keep On Dreaming’ by artist Oli Fowler.

Join us for a summer evening at our Dalston gallery, as we showcase Oli’s screenprinting talents with a celebratory display of brand new editions and one off pieces, all available to purchase on the opening night!

Drinks will kindly be provided by London based, Portobello Brewing Co.


Private View: Thursday 6th July

Time: 6pm-9pm

Want to come along? Click attending here

Exhibition Dates: Thursday 6th July – Thursday 17th August

Opening Hours: 10am – 5pm

Location: Print Club Gallery, 10-28 Millers Avenue, London, E8 2DS


Fuck Yeah // Edition of 20 // £150

Thunder City Girl // Edition of 30 // £150

Oli Fowler is an artist who specialises in screen-printing and graphic illustration. After graduating from Camberwell College of Arts with a BA in Graphic design, Oli has developed his recognisable, bold style with work spanning across printmaking, illustration, photography and photomontage. Frequently combining these different mediums in his process, he values experimentation, often bending the rules of printmaking to allow for deliberate mistakes to give direction. His compositions are characteristic by their use of retro imagery and pure CMYK colours.

Sneak Peaks

We Are Family // Edition of 100 // £150

In A Daze // Edition of 100 // £150

Jive Talkin’ // Edition of 100 // £150

Keep On Dreamin’ is a  visual exploration between adult and childhood nostalgia. After rummaging through car-boot sales to find old toys and objects, Oli then creates still life compositions to photograph, next screenprinting these onto sheets of hand rusted metal. Each piece is unique, with the printed imagery baring resemblance to old shop signs and sparking memories of times gone by.

Popeye // Edition of 6 // £250

Lustcru // Edition of 6 // £250

All pieces will be available throughout the show, please enquire to [email protected]

A huge thanks to Portobello Brewing Co. who will be providing drinks on the opening night! Put in their own words “It’s proper beer, made with great ingredients by people who know what they’re doing.”

Portobello Brewing Co

Oli has kindly been sponsored by Screen Tec, who have provided all the inks for his upcoming show.




David Shand & Isabella Cotier Joint Show Print Club London

We would like to thank everyone who attended our joint show last night for artists Isabella Cotier and David Shand, what a great turn out!

The original prints and exclusive editions will all be available to buy from our gallery til the 29th June.

Please email [email protected] to book a viewing. _________________________________________________________________

We held David Shand & Isabella Cotier Joint show in our Dalston gallery, where we showcased their contrasting styles with a curated selection of works by each artist, including screenprints, ceramics, originals and more.

Here are a few snaps from last night’s Opening Night

Joint Show

Joint Show

Joint Show

Joint Show


Artist’s featured in the show:

David Shand trained as a graphic designer and has worked in design and illustration for the last 20 years. David works primarly in screenprint and collage, often combining the two to create editions and one off pieces. David has sold at Atom Gallery, Studio 73, Affordable Artfair and the Druck Berlin Screenprint Festival.

David uses old posters from the underground as a starting point for his work, finding himself drawn to their decaying images and viewing them in an abstract, playful way.  David is known for his subverted imagery of torn and distressed posters, with his work being a visual exolpration of how advertising loses its commercial message through time and decay and how new meanings emerge.


David Shand

Poster Girl // Original Piece

Consume, Conform // Original Piece

Framed: £650

Image Missing Riley David Shand

Image Missing // Edition of 7

Riley // Edition of 7

Unframed: £250 // Framed: £400

David Shand

Editor // Original Piece

Yellow and Blue (Text) // Original Piece

Framed: £350


Isabella Cotier

Isabella Cotier graduated from London College of Fashion studying Illustration and has been freelancing ever since. Some of her clients include H&M, Fortnum and Mason, Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood. Isabella grew up in Florence, Italy where she experienced a more traditional way of drawing.

Isabella’s main interest is portraying people through expressive and unrestricted lines, playing on her impulsivity and celebrating the imperfections in her work. The majority of Isabella’s work is based on life drawing sessions where she captures a model’s presence with lines and expression, often developing this further from the impression they’ve left.

Isabella Cotier

Red Roses // Edition of 50

Pink Polka Dots // Edition of 50

Framed: £357 // Unframed: £220

Isabella Cotier

Callum// Original Piece

Timothy Yellow //Original Piece

Timothy Red Stripe //Original Piece

Timothy Pink Red //Original Piece

Framed: £290

Isabella Cotier

Zarina // Edition of 7

Robbie // Original Piece

Framed: £490


All the pieces featured in the post are available to purchase from our gallery, throughout the duration of the show.

Not all the prints seen on this new post will be available to purchase online.

Original Pieces may have sold since this post.


World Favourite Colour

Big thanks to GF Smith for adding a pop of colour to this weeks workshop by providing us with a range of wonderful coloured paper. We asked our workshop attendees to choose their favourite Colour Plan Paper in aid to help with the project World Favourite Colour.

 World Favourite Colour is a project which is asking the forgotten question of ‘What is your favourite colour?’. Head over to their website by clicking here and choose your own favourite colour and help them decide what is the worlds favourite colour.

Worlds Favourite Colour Workshops Print Club London

Colours were chosen because they make them happy, add some fun to the print or to contrast with the colour being printed on top. All of the work produced looked GREAT! Massive well done to everyone who took part!

Worlds Favourite Colour Workshops Print Club London

Worlds Favourite Colour Workshops Print Club London

Huge thanks to GF Smith for the amazing colour plan colours!

If you fancy a hand at screen printing, click here to see our workshop availability.