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To celebrate the launch of Dave Buonaguidi’s new collection in collaboration with Footways we are running a competition with the chance to win a ‘London is Always a Good Idea – Footways’ map worth £95!

For your chance to win this screenprinted map:

Visit one of the 16 destinations featured on the Footways Central London walking map (locations listed below)

Snap a picture and post to your Instagram

Tag the location

Tag @printclublondon @footwayslondon @realhackneydave

Follow @printclublondon @footwayslondon @realhackneydave


Our favourite 5 entries will win a print each!

The competition runs until Monday 10th June and the winners will be selected by Print Club London after this date. So you’ve got this weekend to get walking and share your photos – good luck!

Please note that this competition is not endorsed or affiliated in any way with Instagram. No one will be contacted until the competition has closed. Only @footwayslondon or @printclublondon will contact you via Instagram DM. Please be aware of scam accounts!


Find your way to one of the locations featured on the Footways Central London map using their interactive digital map!

Dave Buonaguidi, AKA ‘Real Hackney Dave’ began his career working in advertising for over 30 years; founding St. Luke’s, the world’s first Co-operative ad agency and latterly Karmarama in 2000.

When the time came to escape the dog-eat-dog world of advertising, Dave took a screenprinting workshop here at Print Club London, fell in love with the process, and has never looked back!

Best known for his bold typography and for printing onto vintage ephemera, Dave loves to make his own stamp on found objects: From vintage Ordnance Survey maps, to postcards and love letters from centuries past. He has an excellent sense of humour, and above all, loves to make work that stirs a reaction.

We absolutely love this collaboration, and are proud to present 3 brand new and exclusive artworks by Dave Buonaguidi, screenprinted onto Footways maps.

Founded in 2019 by David Harrison and Emma Griffin, Footways is dedicated to encourage walking in London as a primary way to get around: The cheapest, healthiest, most sustainable and inclusive mode of transport. To do so, Footways have created walking networks and eye-catching maps for Central London and beyond. Prioritising the most beautiful, interesting and low-traffic streets to make walking safe and enjoyable for all.

Use their digital map of London to plan your next journey by foot!

Footways’ definition of walking covers all uses of the footway. That’s feet, wheelchairs, mobility scooters and kids on bikes. The network favours step-free access and seeks out crossings on main roads.



Maps supplied by @footwayslondon
Map design by @applied.information.group ⁠
Graphic Design by @studiobergini
Illustrations by @charlottetrounce
Photography by @pauljcochrane

STEP 1 – Start with your artwork on Photoshop. Here is Rose Stallard’s artwork divided into 5 layers, one for each of the colours of the print. 

STEP 2 – By lowering the opacity of the top black layer we can see that there is no overlapping of colour. This will make printing very tricky as even the slightest mis-registration will result in the white of the paper appearing where there should be colour. So we need to add some trapping to the colours below to make it easier to print!

STEP 3 – Using the blue word ‘Left’ as an example start by using the wand to select a letter. This is where having all of your print layers on separate photoshop layers comes in handy. Use the selection wand and click on a letter. Using the selection tool will enable us to create an even layer of trapping around any shape. 

STEP 4 –  I’m going to highlight all of the blue letters at once here. To add another selection simply hold down SHIFT whilst using the wand.

STEP 5 – I’ve clicked on all of the blue letters whilst holding the SHIFT key down and now I have the whole word selected. Once you’ve highlighted everything you need click on SELECT > MODIFY > EXPAND

STEP 6 – The EXPAND option is going to grow your selection by a chosen amount of pixels. Depending on the size of your artwork / trapping requirements you will have to experiment with how much trapping is needed. Here I’m going to use 3 pixels. 

STEP 7 – Once the selection has expanded you will then need to fill in the gap created using either the Bucket or brush tool. 

STEP 8 – Once filled in its clear now that with the transparent black layer on top the blue is bigger than it needs to be, and therefor has sufficient trapping to print.

STEP 9 – Once trapping has been applied to all necessary places we need to get the layers ready to go to print. This means making everything on the layers pure black. Using a process BITMAPPING Photoshop can turn everything in your image into either pure black or white, but there are a few steps needed to do before doing this. The reason everything needs to be black is so that when exposing using our positives we can guarantee all of the detail will come out properly, any grey pixels might not block out the UV light of an exposure unit, but black ones will. Firstly have the layer that is print ready the only visible one. This process will need to be repeated for all of your layers. I’m going to use the blue layer here. 

STEP 10 –  Firstly to BITMAP an image you must first be in grayscale mode. So click on IMAGE > MODE > GREYSCALE. It will ask if you want to flatten all the layers at this point and that’s fine, remember you are going to have to repeat this process for all layers.

STEP 11 – To BITMAP our image the tone of grey needs to be over 50% (I will explain why shortly!) and by using the EYEDROPPER tool we can see that this is 44% grey. 0% is white and 100% is pure black, once BITMAPPED everything on screen will be one of those values. 

STEP 12 – To make the image darker (and over 50% in terms of our scale of black to white) click on IMAGE > ADJUSTMENTS > LEVELS.

STEP 13 – Levels will help us lighten or darken an image using a white, grey and black slider. This is how the image looks without changing anything. 

STEP 14 – You can see that by adjusting the black slider the image is much darker. 

STEP 15 – By using the EYEDROPPER tool again we can see the tone is 77% grey. Now we can BITMAP! 

STEP 16 – Start by clicking on IMAGE > MODE > BITMAP

STEP 17 – This dialogue will appear! Firstly we can choose the resolution that our image will be bitmapped into. Normally you should be making artwork at 300 dpi, and bitmapping into the same resolution that your artwork is. So here Rose’s is 300 and it will be being turned into a 300 dpi image. Under method 50% threshold should be selected. This is going to take everything on our screens that is 50% black and above and make it pure black and make everything else white. This is why you need to make sure everything is above 50% black before BITMAPPING, otherwise once you click okay you’d be left with a white canvas!

STEP 18 – Hit okay and you should see the parts of your image turn black. Using the EYEDROPPER we can see that’s everything is 100% black!

STEP 19 – If you zoom in on the image you can see there are no grey pixels, just black and white. This will ensure that when printed out onto tracing paper or acetate that all UV should be blocked out when exposing, yielding a clean edge stencil to print with! 




If you have any questions about framing, artwork, or need help choosing the perfect gift, we are always happy to offer advice! ⁠

Give us a call 📞 at 020 7254 9028 or email 📧info@printclublondon.com and our team will be happy to help! ⁠


🖼️ Framed Orders⁠

Place your order by 09:00 GMT on Wednesday 6th December

If you missed the deadline, don’t panic – we have lots of pieces framed and ready to go!

Limited framing options are also still available – email info@printclublondon.com with your chosen artwork to find out if we can frame this for you in time for Christmas 🎄


🌍 International Orders⁠

Place your order by Midnight on Monday 11th December for guaranteed delivery before Christmas⁠.

We will continue to ship after this date we just can’t 100% guarantee delivery in time for Christmas Day.


🇬🇧 UK Orders⁠

Place your order by Midnight Tuesday 19th December for guaranteed delivery before Christmas.⁠


🎁 Collections & Digital Vouchers

Place your order by 15:00 GMT on Friday 22nd December⁠.


🎄Office Closure⁠

Our office will be closed from 17:00 GMT Friday 22nd December until Tuesday 2nd January⁠.

The Gift Edit is here! A curated collection of original artwork and limited edition prints, something for every home and every budget this Christmas. From seascapes to postcards, give the gift of art for something special that lasts a lifetime.

Browse a selection below and head to our website for the full edit, many pieces are one offs so don’t miss out on your favourites! All artwork is exclusive to Print Club London.

Shop the Gift Edit Here!

Blue Elegance Collection
Starting from £150.00

All Of The Colours Within Your Eyes


You Make Me Happy

You Are Loved


The Gathering


House Portrait Series
Original Mixed Media Collages
£100.00 each


Ticket to Tomorrow

A Crash of Nature

Breaking Through

Natural Paradise

Gothica – Celestial Blue & Gold

Golden Beigels Brick Lane

Inky Caps – Watercolour Edition

Shady – Watercolour Edition

Twin Peaks – 2nd Edition

Gift Vouchers

Looking for the perfect gift? Our bespoke screenprinted gift vouchers make the perfect present. Available in a range of prices: £100, £50 & £20. You can also purchase workshop vouchers for either our Beginners or Deluxe courses!

Shop Our Vouchers Here!

Workshop Gift Box

Inside each box will include a beginners workshop voucher or a deluxe workshop voucher if you’re feeling generous, a copy of our first book ‘Screenprinting, The Ultimate Studio Guide: From Sketchbook to Squeegee,’ we’ll even chuck in a free Print Club greetings card and to top it off a Print Club apron! Each box has hand printed, packaged and posted out to you! Leave your gift message in the order notes and we shall write your message in the card for you.

The Ultimate Guide from Sketchbook to Squeegee

Our book gives you an inside peek at the inner workings of our studio and the artists that work in there! You’ll be able to follow the steps from established and well-known artists such as; Ben Eine, Rob Ryan, Steve Wilson and many more to create your own screen-printed work. Not only in this book will we show you how to print but we will also give you a guide how to sell yourself as an artist and put on a show. Perfect for beginners but, advanced screen printers alike!

Shop Here

Screenprinting: The Ultimate Studio Guide From Sketchbook To SqueegeePrint Club’s Home Printing Kit

This screen printing kit and guide has been developed by Print Club London so that anyone can design their own t-shirts, tea towels, bags and banners, whether or not they’ve printed before. The reusable templates and water-based inks mean no nasty chemicals or single use screens. Just print, rinse and repeat. All you need is something to print on and some fresh ideas!

Included in the kit; – Wood screen – pre-stretched (25 x 35 cm / 10 x 14 in print area) – Wood squeegee (20 cm / 8 in) – Water-based black fabric ink (100ml) – Reusable vinyl templates (5 sheets) – Blank vinyl (create your own) – Wood spatulas – Step-by-step guide


Richard Brendon x Print Club London

In collaboration with Richard Brendon and some of our talented artists, the partnership brings back the historic tradition of British ceramic brands showcasing the work of exceptionally talented emerging artists, bringing their work to life in a new medium.

Care Instructions: Bone china can be washed in a dishwasher – at a maximum temperature of 60°C. However, we would recommend hand washing any pieces with gold or platinum precious metals. Stubborn stains can be removed by soaking in a mild bleach solution for up to one hour without damaging the china. Scouring pads or abrasive washing agents must not be used. Tableware with a gold or platinum trim must not be used in a microwave.

Shop All Mugs 

Puzzles x Luckies London

500 Piece Artist Edition Puzzles

Includes cotton drawstring bag for puzzle pieces
Made with recycled board
Made in collaboration with Luckies

Shop puzzles here!


We’re delighted to introduce our new mug collection created in collaboration with Richard Brendon and 3 of our talented artists. The partnership brings back the historic tradition of British ceramic brands showcasing the work of exceptionally talented emerging artists, bringing their work to life in a new medium.⁠






Say it with art this Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re buying for your partner or your best friend, celebrate love with handmade artwork by emerging artists for a gift that lasts a lifetime. Shop a few of our top picks below, including brand new releases by Gavin Dobson and Caroline Tomlinson just in time!

Everything About You Is Nice by Gill Sheraton
Edition of 100, £110

Together by Caroline Tomlinson
Edition of 50, £65

Mini Hot Stuff by Gavin Dobson
Edition of 100, £60

The Philadelphia Story by Poppy Chancellor
Edition of 200, £60

XOXO Love Letter – Fluoro Pink + Red by Dave Buonaguidi
Each Unique, £100

Dave Buonaguidi has produced a charming, romantic and whimsical art piece in a world that sometimes can feel unromantic and heartless. It’s important to share the love and what better way than a vintage love letters and envelopes dating back to the 1950s and hand screen printed. Each letter is unique and a totally original one off item. Please do not buy a frame prior to purchasing this piece, due to the nature of the art piece the size may vary. Printed onto vintage paper and consequently the papers will show signs of wear and tear due to age.

Let’s Go Get Lost Together – Pink and Red by Dave Buonaguidi
Each Unique, £350

Love Sexy (White) by Dave Buonaguidi

Each Unique, £30

1969 by Naomi Edmondson
Edition fo 50, £50

Vintage Art Studies Playing Cards by Cassandra Yap
Select your chosen playing card from the drop down menu, £25

Till Death – Mini Rainbow Edition by Cassandra Yap
Edition of 20, £25

Flirting? – Litho by Nicola Morland
Open Edition, £25

Love On Loud by David Newton
Edition of 100, £150

Love Hard by Matt Munday
Edition of 25, £65

single product

Puzzle – Sunrise Sunset London


Predawn Dance – Pink by Kath Leone

Edition of 50, £50

Over the last few months we have been working with some of our artists on a series of NFTs which are now available to buy online! The artworks are based on original screen-prints re-worked with animation into their new form as an NFT. All our artworks are positioned on a platform that uses green and clean crypto, Tezos. Visit our OBJKT profile to collect our newly released NFT.

You can view all our NFT’s here or scroll down to view

Maxine is a contemporary artist that combines typography, photography, grid layering and nostalgic imagery to create intriguing artworks. Her hand-pulled screen prints are a unique combination of vintage motifs and futuristic compositions. Her art is often described as ‘Nostalgic Futurism’. Her CMYK printing process helps blend retro and current imagery together, creating surrealist artworks that are futuristic yet familiar.


Rose Stallard, illustrator and Creative Director of Print Club, mixes up her own drawings with found images from across the board, injecting fanzine-like enthusiasm (and discernment). Clients include The Guardian, Fiction Records, Urban Outfitters, Dazed & Confused and Glastonbury.



Gavin is a London based artist, with initial training in Fine Art at Middlesex University.

Gavin’s paintings are loose and expressive, using fluid movements and textures to create engaging and lively pieces. Often the canvas has been used previously as a palette to create marks and mix colours unconsciously, before it becomes the beginnings of a piece itself.

Gavin’s screenprints often depict colourful, nostalgic images. As a painter who takes their work into screenprinting, Gavin brings the textures, drips and strokes into his printmaking and the use of negative space keeps the pieces fresh and contemporary.

Clients include Gaytimes, Boyz, Diva, Woodmansterne, Portfolio, Kingshead, Oval House and Trafalgar Studios.

Stuart graduated from Central St Martin’s School of Art with a First Class BA Hons in Fashion Design followed by an MA  in Film Production Design.
Over the years he has worked in several creative areas including Film Production and prop making, Art direction for Television, Product development and Interior design for both private and commercial spaces. He recently returned to his first love of image making and his work focuses on combining classical and modern imagery to create a new narrative showing how time marches forever forward  but human fears and desires ultimately remain the same. His art is best described as a dark and subtle clash  between the Iconic and  the ironic.

Donk is a photographer, printmaker and street artist, working in the urban paste -up poster tradition. He has worked as commercial photographer since the mid 1990’s but in 2008 decided to create the moniker ‘Donk’ to anonymously explore a series of new personal visual ideas. Curious to unlock the d.i.y creative potential of direct dialogue with the local environment, and fascinated by the ephemeral nature of unsanctioned creativity, he set about pasting his work into the east end of London and elsewhere.

I am a flourescent ink obsessed screenprint maniac, artist and teacher. I specialise in making rough, raw, punky image making bursting with energy and loud graphics, and have worked for clients such as Crocs, Brewdog, Film4, and The Prodigy.

My Work is built up from a dense hybrid of drawings, collaged imagery and multi – layered colours. I am a big fan the offsets, drips and fades to create an authentic distressed aesthetic.

Originally from Singapore, Cassandra Yap is an artist and art director based in London. Her work often explores the juxtaposition between dark and beautiful subjects to create the surreal. Fuelled by her love of pin ups, the female form and an unhealthy obsession with vintage erotica, her photomontage halftone style images are dark, bold and humorous with a kinky edge.

Exhibitions include:  Print Club Blisters Blackout ’10, Blisters The Directors Cut ’12 & Blisters Sound Sessions, 3939 Shop pop up gallery at the Shop At Bluebird, The London Illustration Fair ’13, Dalston Superstore, The Affordable Art Fair Battersea ’14, solo show at Laylow Art Gallery in Palma de Mallorca, Wall Street Gallery’s Revolution group show in LA, Affordable Art Affair Hampstead ’15 and Film 4 Summer screen print show at Somerset House.

The low carbon footprint of Tezos means developers and users can prioritize innovation without compromising sustainability. As a platform designed to evolve through its on-chain governance mechanism, the efficiency of Tezos is not by accident, but by design. This flexible design means that Tezos can always adapt to future needs and grow in accordance with the needs of the users on the platform. In fact, the Tezos blockchain has increased in energy efficiency on a per transaction basis by at least 70%, with the estimated electricity requirement per transaction being less than 30% in 2021 than what it was in 2020.

Read More Here!

Proof of Work Vs. Proof of State: the Ecological Footprint

‘Where there’s printmaking, there’ ink. Fred Higginson of Print
‘Club London is here to shout about the skill of colour mixing.
“Dont leave it to guess work. Always keep a note or take a picture
of the colours you use. As you grow as an artist, your colour palette
becomes part of your signature and its no good if you can’t mix a
colour again when you need it,” he says.

Print Club’s in-house commercial printers, Tuckshop, are fastidious
about recording formulas for every colour they create. They use
Pantone colour reference books as a starting point, but pigment loses
a little bit of vibrancy each time you mix it, so mixing to a Pantone
base and then again to the desired colour isntt the best way to come
up with new colours. “It soon became evident that we needed to
throw out the rule book and start again,” says Fred. That’s when
Print Club Ink was born.

A150 mile jaunt up the M1 to Screentec HQ in Stoke-on-Trent
‘opened up a whole new way of colour mixing, and now they’re
sharing it with the world. Print Club has used Screentec water based
eco-friendly inks for over 15 years, and Fred is a big fan: “Frankly,
Thaven’t come across a better ink, so why change?” A few days with
their colour specialists (and several all-you-can-eat Chinese buffets)
resulted in eight triple-milled pigment inks spread evenly across the
colour spectrum which now form the basis of Print Club Ink. The
idea is simple: start with the most vibrant colours as building blocks,
and develop a free colour library that anyone can use. “We’re making
it really accessible with ‘how to mis’ tutorials and a platform for
people to show off their artwork and share their newly discovered
colours,” says Fred, “We hope you’ll be as excited about this new
approach to colour mixing as we are!”



We are proud members of the Own Art scheme, which means you can split the cost of your order evenly over 10 monthly payments, completely interest free! You can pay for multiple artworks using the same loan, and you can include framing too. You can also pay an upfront deposit of any amount you like, reducing the following monthly payments.

On our brand new website, you can now complete your purchase via Own Art at the click of a button. It will be available as a payment option at checkout on all eligible products, and takes less than 10 minutes to fill out.

Own Art is a national initiative, supported by Arts Council England, to make it easy and affordable for anyone and everyone to buy contemporary art. 

Own Art loans allow you to borrow from as little as £100 up to £2,500 and pay it back over 10 months, completely interest-free. You can choose to finance all or just part of your purchase and multiple items can be bought with one loan, and framing can be included too. The best part is that you can take your artwork home with you straight away.

Applying for an Own Art loan is easy!

The first stage is the difficult bit – deciding what to buy. Once you’ve found the artwork that you want to buy, just let us know that you’d like to apply for an Own Art loan to finance your purchase. All you will need is proof of residence and signature – for example, a driving license. Own Art is available to all UK residents over the age of 18, subject to status. This means that you must be able to meet one of the following criteria in order to be approved for a loan:

– Working at least 16 hours a week (employed or self-employed)

– A retired person in receipt of a pension

– If you are not working but are married to or living with a partner who does meet the above criteria, then you may still apply, provided that your partner is happy for their employment details to be included on your application form.

It only takes 10 minutes!

Once you have chosen your artwork and selected to pay via Own Art, you will be taken straight to an application form, when this has been filled out you will receive an instant decision. After your application is approved you will need to sign the agreement and your order will be processed.

You will receive a welcome letter from Own Art’s finance partner Novuna Personal Finance and following this your 10 monthly payments will be collected from your account by direct debit. This usually starts about four weeks after you’ve made your purchase.

It’s as simple as that!

Please call us on 0207 254 9028 or email us shop@printclublondon.com if you have any issues!



To celebrate Earth Day 2021 we are proud to launch a collection of artworks raising money for Choose Earth, a campaign dedicated to supporting Brazilian indigenous communities.

. The prints are sold exclusively via Print Club London’s online gallery and are part of our ongoing project in support of refugee charity, Choose Love. For the past three years we have worked annually with the charity through collaborative projects, selling bespoke artworks and holding fundraising exhibitions, with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the charity in support of the amazing work they do.

Each artwork in the Choose Earth collection has been created by respected indigenous artists and 100% of the profits will directly support the artists themselves as well as vital social and environmental projects across Brazil.

View the Choose Earth collection. 


Mother Nature and the River Boy. £25

Indigenous Rising. £25

Listening to the Stories of the Sky. £25


Grandma Lulling Me To Sleep. £25


Seeding Tomorrow. £25


Shop all prints in the Choose Earth collection here.

100% of the proceeds from the sales of these prints is donated to Choose Earth in support of Brazilian indigenous communities.


 We’re incredibly excited to release our exclusive ‘LAUNCH IT’ collection with Squarespace. Over the past two months, we’ve worked with our artists and Squarespace to look closer at what it is to create your own online portfolio and how, as an artist, you can use Squarespace to easily showcase your work. We hope the ‘Launch It’ campaign encourages more artists to feel brave and take that step in sharing their next idea, project or work into the world. Scroll down to view the exclusive collection.

Squarespace empowers millions of dreamers, makers and doers by providing them with the tools they need to bring their creative ideas to life. On Squarespace’s dynamic all-in-one platform, customers can claim a domain, build a website, sell online and market a brand. The suite of products combines cutting edge design and work class engineering, making it easier than ever to establish and own your online presence.


Whether it’s a website to showcase your work, an online store or a portfolio, create it with Squarespace by using our 10% off promo code ‘PCL10’ 



London-based artist and illustrator Lucy Mahon worked on multiple pieces in her effort to capture the exact moment of launch. Created using soft pastels and different colored papers, her final print was directly inspired by her own experience of taking the leap to pursue her art full time. She recalls, “it felt a bit like going into the unknown. It reminded me of that moment right before I submerge into water when I go swimming outside.”

Encouraging other artists and entrepreneurs to launch their own ideas into the world, she explains that, above all, it’s important to “follow the work and create the things that genuinely excite you the most.”

What was the ideation process for your limited edition print for Squarespace’s recent Launch It campaign?

I thought back to how I felt before and during making the jump to pursue my art full time. It felt a bit like going into the unknown. It reminded me of that moment right before I submerge into water when I go swimming outside.

I worked on a number of water pieces for this collection; some visualising the moment before, some during.


New Waters Await by Lucy Mahon
One-off Original, £520

Medium: Soft pastels on paper

Shop Lucy’s Collection!

A printmaker with a strong focus on cyanotypes, Craig Keenan uses chemicals to create photosensitive paper and expose photographic images. Interpreting the moment of launch literally, he titled his piece “…and even if you miss…” to inspire entrepreneurs and creatives to take risks. He encourages anyone with a creative dream or business goal to “do more, plan less. But still plan a bit.”

In thinking about his own online presence, Keenan notes an intrinsic connection to his creative work: “It connects me with an audience I would otherwise not have access to and gives me a presence and context in which to be viewed.”

What do you hope viewers of this print get from it — particularly people who have just launched their own ideas online, or are ready to take the first step?

A sense of hope, or calm, or just something pretty to look at. I like for viewers to bring their own meaning to my work.

And Even If You Miss by Craig Keenan
Edition of 50, £65

Medium: Cyanotype on paper

Shop Craig’s Collection!

Simone Brewster, who creates large scale sculptural furniture, objet d’art, and jewellery, wanted her piece to capture “a feeling of reaching a bursting point. Once you’ve done the groundwork

and amassed a body of work, it’s time to share it. The composition became an expression of readiness. I wanted to encourage people to go for it.” Using a mixture of acrylics and indian inks on heavyweight paper, she was inspired by her own experience with launching a business, and the nerves and excitement that build as launch day approaches.

Brewster notes that she’s learned that sharing your idea with the world and letting go of perfectionism is critical to realising your own potential: “You can’t learn and adapt if the idea stays in your head. You have to test it in the real world, learn and grow through doing.”

What material(s) did you use?

I used a mixture of acrylics and indian inks on heavyweight paper.

Taking Stock, 2021 by Simone Brewster
One-off Original, £400

Medium: Ink on paper

Shop Simone’s Collection!

An illustrator and pattern designer, Jacqueline Colley’s work is characterized by playful colors, bespoke typography, and themes of travel and curiosity. In setting out to capture the moment of launch, she immediately began “thinking about rockets, tin toys and science fiction comics with rockets blasting off on missions to explore space!” Creating papier-mâché shapes from repurposed cardboard and newspaper, she then hand painted them with acrylics to bring her project to life. Thinking about the audience for her art, she hopes “the optimism and courage of space travel feels as infectious to them as it does to me — feel the fear and do it anyway!”

What role does your online presence play in your creative work?

It’s central, especially with the pandemic as all real life opportunities are on hold.

Now my website’s shop and my socials are the main way for me to reach an audience old or new!



Launch It Rocket by Jacqueline Colley
One-off Original, £175

Medium: Paper maché 3D sculpture

Shop Jacqueline’s Collection!

For Rose Stallard, creating a print that captured launch was all about offering inspiration and motivation for entrepreneurs and creatives as they climb closer to that pivotal moment. She explains that, “from initial drawings to the finished screen print I wanted fun, colorful artwork with a strong message of ‘you can do this!’ Using a screen printing technique, Stallard created her print to be “a playful reminder to believe in yourself.”

Stallard encourages anyone launching a creative idea to “make the work you want to make and don’t be too precious.Your work will develop and change over time. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just get it out there.”

As a creative, what advice do you have for other artists and entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

Make the work you want to make and don’t be too precious.Your work will develop and change over time. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just get it out there.

Believe In You by Rose Stallard
Edition of 100, £75

Medium: Screenprint on paper

Shop Rose’s Collection!

Whether it’s a website to showcase your work, an online store or a portfolio, create it with Squarespace by using our 10% off promo code ‘PCL10’ Click here 


View the Squarespace x Print Club London ‘Launch It’ collection, available on Print Club London for a limited time





Able to start work 15th March


We’re looking for Project Manager to join our team!


Key role:

– Manage our social and website content.

-Develop our roster of artworks and manage artist relationships.

-Manage our membership programs and admin.

-Manage our workshop and the teams.


You must be:

-Highly efficient and organised

-Friendly and able to work alone or in a team

-Able to manage multiple projects efficiently and manage other team members.


Essential requirements

Minimum 3 years experience project manager

Experienced with Mailchimp.

Experienced use of google ads and social paid marketing.

Experienced with Google analytics

Able to confidently use photoshop and Indesign


Please send covering letter and CV to accounts@printclublondon.com

Closing date is 24th Feb for submissions.

Interviews will commence from 1st March

Start date 15th March. Please note this is not negotiable and you must be available to start then.


Seeing as we’re unable to invite you into our studios during these unprecedented time! We’re bringing our studio to you

We have organised an online workshop with our head tutors Craig & Ricky to give you an insight into our studios and how to print!

Date: Thursday 18th February 2021

Time: 6pm

Duration: 1 hour session

Location: At your home via Zoom

(We will send you a log-in the day before the workshop!)

Price: £15*

*Plus the cost of the printing kit which is £55 for the basic kit


– Our Home Screen Printing Kit

-Cotton t-shirts

-Scrap paper (To practise with)

To secure your space on our online workshop you can purchase here! 

If you need to purchase the home printing kit please ensure you have ordered this by Monday 15th February so we can get it out to you!

Are you a student looking for a place to print over the summer?

Print Club London are offering a concessionary rate for students to gain full access of their East London studios!

You will just need to supply us with proof that you are currently enrolled (or a recent graduate) at university or college by showing us a valid student I.D. or NUS card. We have six screen beds, two t-shirt carousels, t-shirt dryer, storage facilities, a washout room and the mother of all exposure units.

If this is of interest to you please do get in touch via email: studio@printclublondon.com or call us: 0207 254 9028

*This offer only applies to current or recent graduates from university or college. Terms and conditions apply.


Did you grab Grazia’s March issue? Well if not, then make sure you grab your copy QUCIK! Because we have been featured and our Director Kate Higginson is talking all about how to choose and hang limited edition art. Featured in the article is our exclusive print ‘Fictional Interior II’ by Charlotte Taylor, interior design by 2LG Studio.

See the article below:

Fictional Interiors II by Charlotte Taylor 

Edition of 25 // £90

Did you check out the Daily Mail framing segment? Well you should of because we’ve been featured! Check it out below, our Gallery and Project Manager is talking all about framing artwork!


Christmas has come early to Michael Buffham-Wade’s beautiful Birmingham home this year! House Beautiful has featured Michael Buffham-Wade’s home in their December/January issue which features not one by three of our prints by artists Meggie Wood, Poppy Chancellor and collaboration between Cassandra Yap and Dave Buonaguidi.


Shop the prints below:

Love You To Death – Neon by Cassandra Yap and Dave Buonaguidi

Edition of 35 || £130


Love You to the Core by Poppy Chancellor || Pink Mermaid by Meggie Wood

Edition of 200 | £30 || Edition of 22 | £50

We are super excited to be featured in the November 2018 issue of The World of Interiors!

The World of Interiors were providing their readers with some sunny delights to add to their home! Not just one but TWO of our limited edition screen prints were featured by Lucy Kirk and Rose Electra Harris! You can bag one for yourself at the links below…

The World of Interiors

Lucy Kirk Rose Electra Harris

‘How the Leopard got his Spots’ by Lucy Kirk || ‘Bhaji on the Beach’ by Rose Electra Harris 

£50 | Edition of 50 || £60 | Edition of 200


Did you check out the latest issue of You magazine? Well you should of because it featured one of our artists Jonathan Lawes’ piece of art! You can take a peek below…

Unfortunately the print featured is now out of stock but don’t fear you can still get your hands on some of Jonathan’s work!

Yellow + Pink 

Edition of 12, £100

We pride ourselves on supporting emerging artists through our ‘Print-ern Ship’ scheme which was set up to provide recent graduates with the opportunity to produce work in our studio. Following the success of our previous Print-ern’s, we selected Charlie Gould to take part in our programme, allowing him to turn his playful illustrations into exclusive prints for Print Club London.

Please join us to celebrate our 2018 Print-ern Show, we will be showcasing the outstanding work that Charlie produced throughout his time with us, the entire selection of prints will be available to purchase on the show opening. Charlie was kindly sponsored by FespaUK throughout his time with us!

Voodoo Baby by Charlie Gould || Macks Mountain Cow Milk by Charlie Gould 

Edition of 30 // £70 || Edition of 40 // £60

Charlie Gould is an illustrator and print-maker, specialising in poster-design.

Originally from Farnborough, Charlie decided to travel very little to attend Southampton Solent University, where he earned a First in Illustration in 2016.

Since then Charlie has been working freelance as an illustrator and designer for such clients as Courtney Barnett, Paper & Cloth Design Studio, and Kindred Agency.

Charlie’s work itself is largely a selfish mash-up of everything he loves. Ephemera, crappy films, pulp novels, and Americana, which are all drawn upon regularly to influence and inform the illustrations that he creates.

Video Nasty by Charlie Gould
Edition of 30 // £80

Date: Saturday 18th August
Time: 11am – 5pm
Location: Print Club London Gallery, 10-28 Millers Ave, London, E8 2DS

If you would like to attend, click here.


Last year we released our very first book ‘Screen Printing The Ultimate Studio Guide: From Sketchbook To Squeegee.’ There’s 288 pages and it’s filled to brim with screen printing knowledge from the team and artists here at Print Club’s studio! Inside you’ll learn not just how to print but how the pro’s create their work too! Perfect for newbies and advanced printers alike!

Sketchbook to squeegee Print Club London Book Screen Print

To get your hands on a copy of our book ‘Screen Printing The Ultimate Studio Guide: From Sketchbook To Squeegee’ click here!

If launching our very first book wasn’t exciting enough, it is now stocked in The Tate’s Book Shop! So to celebrate we popped down to The Tate for a day of inky fun. We rocked up with our portable printing beds and taught the general public how to print their very own tote bag, featuring illustrations from our book by our Creative Director Rose Stallard!

Check out all the action below:


Our team and equipment can be transported into any location, working with your guests to print posters t-shirts or totes! So if you’re interested in learning more about our live printing events, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing kate@printclublondon.com

If you picked up the latest issue of Stylist you have seen that our Beginners Workshops have been featured in their outgoing section!

Stylist Print Club London Workshops Press

Our workshop run every Thursday and alternating Saturdays and Sundays throughout the month!

If you have little or no previous screen printing experience Print Club runs a short workshop to get you started! During the workshop you will learn how to screenprint your own 1 layer/1 colour design and go through the whole process from digital image to pulling the squeegee. The technicians will talk you through the history of screenprinting and show you a variety of techniques with examples up in our studio. You will be shown how to artwork in Photoshop and get your design ready to put on your screen. You will have a go at coating a screen with photo emulsion, expose the design using Big Bertha our professional exposure unit, learn about different inks, squeegees and print a small run using a vacuum table.

You can book your spot here!