Date: Tuesday 12th December
Time: 6pm – 9.30pm
Location: Print Club London Gallery, 10-28 Millers Ave, E8 2DS


For one night only we’re transforming our printing studio into a christmas market, it’ll be filled to the brim with works from our artists, technicians and studio members! It’ll be the perfect opportunity for you to pick up some hand-made stocking fillers, here’s just a few of makers who will be at the market…

Not only are we a screen-printing studio & gallery, there is also a Fine Art space ‘Absorb Arts’ which is charity-led and created by our Director Fred Higginson to house fine artists & painters enabling them to work as artists. All the members of the studio are welcoming you to see their working environment and will have pieces available for sale.

As if a xmas market, open studio and mulled cider wasn’t enough we’ve also hung our East London gallery floor to ceiling with affordable, limited edition screen prints for you to snap up!

Our long-awaited Blisters show is BACK after 3 years away and it’s set to be bigger and better! The show will coincide with the very exciting launch of Our first book ‘Screen Printing the Ultimate Guide – From Sketchbook to Squeegee’ published with Thames & Hudson.

So you guessed it.. This year’s show is based on BOOKS! We have 50 artists drawing inspiration from their favourite book, quote or author to produce a limited edition screenprint! Each print is an edition of 50 and sold at £50 a pop!

We have 6 never-seen before pieces from Cassandra Yap, Oli Fowler, Davey Podmore, Lucille Clerc, Lucille Moore and Ornamental Conifer, which will leave you longing for Friday 27th October to check out the rest of the line-up!

Get on the guestlist, it’s going to be a real page-turner!



Wizard of Oz by Cassandra Yap

Alice in Wonderland by Oli Fowler

Bonjour Tristesse by Lucille Moore

Peter Pan by Ornamental Conifer

Mr. Tickle by Davey Podmore


Here it is our second Print-ern Show! We will be showcasing the amazing talents of our former Print-erns Rozalina Burkova and Francesca Tiley with their exclusive prints which were produced with us during their Printernship here at Print Club London!


Date: Thursday 14th September 2017

Time: 6 – 9pm

Location: Print Club London Gallery, Unit 3 10-28 Millers Ave, E8 2DS


After the brilliant success of our last ‘Printernship,’ we’re super excited to share with you our latest, equally as inspiring offering from illustrators Francesca Tiley and Rozalina Burkova!

Towards the end of last year, we selected both girls to take part in our rewarding ‘Printernship’ scheme, allowing them to create a number of prints, whilst developing their own personal styles.

The ‘Printernship’ opportunity allows recent graduates to print and create work in our studio, coupled with free desk space and guidance from fellow printers and technicians. Offering financial support along with our own creative direction and printing expertise, the scheme results in a series of prints from each artist exclusive to Print Club.

The exhibition will feature original works, limited edition screenprints and on one off ceramics by each artist and will also be the debut of their exciting collaboration together, with hand painted murals and exclusive prints available on the opening night.

LAPP have kindly sponsored the entire evening with their amazing Poptails! So make sure you come down and have a Poptail with us!


Featured artists in the show:


Rozalina Burkova

Roadtrip // Edition of 40 // £60

Lounging Lady // Edition of 30 // £100

Rozalina is a freelance illustrator and occasional animator based in Barcelona. Born and raised in Bulgaria she moved to London to study at Central Saint Martins College where she graduated in 2015.  

Her work is a mix of hand drawn and digital elements united with the magic of Photoshop. Her animations are 2D, jittery and really fun to make. She enjoy rich colours, imperfect lines and subjects caught in dreamy states.


Francesca Tiley

Dancing Shoes // Edition of 50 // £60

Tequila Time // Edition of 30 // £90

Francesca’s work is defined by vibrant colours, decorative patterns and playful lettering. She is influenced by the naïve and expressive qualities of folk art and has a big love for anything hand made. Having recently completed her BA at Brighton University, she hopes to learn more about sign painting and other traditional crafts.


Francesca Tiley Rozalina Burkova Print Club London

Click here to attend to the show!


We are so excited to be sponsored  by LAPP who will be providing their amazing Poptails for the event!

Poptails LAPP



David Shand & Isabella Cotier Joint Show Print Club London

We would like to thank everyone who attended our joint show last night for artists Isabella Cotier and David Shand, what a great turn out!

The original prints and exclusive editions will all be available to buy from our gallery til the 29th June.

Please email to book a viewing. _________________________________________________________________

We held David Shand & Isabella Cotier Joint show in our Dalston gallery, where we showcased their contrasting styles with a curated selection of works by each artist, including screenprints, ceramics, originals and more.

Here are a few snaps from last night’s Opening Night

Joint Show

Joint Show

Joint Show

Joint Show


Artist’s featured in the show:

David Shand trained as a graphic designer and has worked in design and illustration for the last 20 years. David works primarly in screenprint and collage, often combining the two to create editions and one off pieces. David has sold at Atom Gallery, Studio 73, Affordable Artfair and the Druck Berlin Screenprint Festival.

David uses old posters from the underground as a starting point for his work, finding himself drawn to their decaying images and viewing them in an abstract, playful way.  David is known for his subverted imagery of torn and distressed posters, with his work being a visual exolpration of how advertising loses its commercial message through time and decay and how new meanings emerge.


David Shand

Poster Girl // Original Piece

Consume, Conform // Original Piece

Framed: £650

Image Missing Riley David Shand

Image Missing // Edition of 7

Riley // Edition of 7

Unframed: £250 // Framed: £400

David Shand

Editor // Original Piece

Yellow and Blue (Text) // Original Piece

Framed: £350


Isabella Cotier

Isabella Cotier graduated from London College of Fashion studying Illustration and has been freelancing ever since. Some of her clients include H&M, Fortnum and Mason, Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood. Isabella grew up in Florence, Italy where she experienced a more traditional way of drawing.

Isabella’s main interest is portraying people through expressive and unrestricted lines, playing on her impulsivity and celebrating the imperfections in her work. The majority of Isabella’s work is based on life drawing sessions where she captures a model’s presence with lines and expression, often developing this further from the impression they’ve left.

Isabella Cotier

Red Roses // Edition of 50

Pink Polka Dots // Edition of 50

Framed: £357 // Unframed: £220

Isabella Cotier

Callum// Original Piece

Timothy Yellow //Original Piece

Timothy Red Stripe //Original Piece

Timothy Pink Red //Original Piece

Framed: £290

Isabella Cotier

Zarina // Edition of 7

Robbie // Original Piece

Framed: £490


All the pieces featured in the post are available to purchase from our gallery, throughout the duration of the show.

Not all the prints seen on this new post will be available to purchase online.

Original Pieces may have sold since this post.


David Shand & Isabella Cotier Joint Show Print Club London

Print Club London would like to proudly present to you our latest joint exhibition by artists David Shand and Isabella Cotier.

Join us in our Dalston gallery for an exciting evening of art, where we will be showcasing their contrasting styles with a curated selection of works by each artist, including screenprints, ceramics, originals and more.

Combining Isabella’s loose, illustrative drawings with David’s torn, collaged pieces, the exhibition will feature a curated selection of works by each artist, all available to purchase on the opening night.


Date: Thursday 25th May 2017

Time: 6 – 9pm

Location: Print Club London Gallery, 10-28 Millers Ave, E8 2DS

Click attending to our event here.


Featured Artists in the show:

David Shand Poster Girl

‘Poster Girl’ // Edition of 50, £85


David Shand is best known for his subverted imagery of torn and decayed posters. His work explores how visual advertising loses its commercial message through time and decay and how new pleasing imagery and meanings emerge.

“I found myself drawn to old posters on the underground and I began photographing them. I found something very appealing about how these carefully crafted posters had become unshackled from what they were selling and their imagery had become random, abstract and playful.”

David works in screenprint and collage and often combines both for editions and one-off works. He has sold his work through Printclub, Atom Gallery, Studio 73, East End prints, The London Affordable Artfair and the Druck Berlin Screenprint Festival. David trained as a graphic designer and has worked in design and illustration in London for 20 years.


Rain-blo Bubble Gum David Shand Print Club London

‘Rain-blo Bubble Gum’ // Edition of 50, £150

Image Missing Riley David Shand

Image Missing // Edition of 7

Riley // Edition of 7

Available on the opening night


Isabella Cotier

Pink Polka Dots Isabella Cotier Print Club London

‘Pink Polka Dots’ // Edition of £50, £220


Since graduating from the London College of Fashion with a BA in Illustration, Isabella has been freelancing as an illustrator. Growing up in Florence, Italy she was surrounded by and taught a more traditional way of drawing. Some of her clients have included H&M, Fortnum and Mason, Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood.

“My main point of interest is portraying people through expressive, unrestricted line. I want my drawings to remain loose. With the ubiquity of technology and today’s tendencies toward Photoshopping and over editing, I like to play on my impulsivity, and never shy away from imperfections. I draw from life when and where ever I can, whether at live concerts or theatre productions, movement and performance is a theme I will come back to time and again.”

“At the moment I am working on a project where I invite friends and strangers to my studio to be drawn. During the visits I quickly create a dozen or so drawings to capture their presence in line. I then work further to develop the drawings once the model has left and depend on my memory and the drawings for reference. It’s interesting to see what the memory chooses to remember about a person…”

Isabella Cotier Red Roses‘Red Roses’ // Edition of 50, £220


Red Bottle Black Mug Isabella Cotier


Isabella Cotier

Various still life scenes from Isabella’s sketchbook


//  L I G H T S   O U T  //

Blisters is back for its 6th edition!

Our long-awaited Blisters show is back after 3 years and this year it’s set to be bigger and better! The show will coincide with the very exciting launch of Print Club London’s first book ‘Screen Printing the Ultimate Guide – From Sketchbook to Squeegee’ published with Thames & Hudson.

This Year it’s …

Blisters - The Paperback Edition Print Club London 2017

It’s based on BOOKS and it’s an entirely hand-pulled screen printed show!

Grab inspiration from your favourite book, favourite author or even a favourite line from an iconic book.

The show is going to be HUGE as the artists included in our book have created work exclusively for it and each limited edition piece will be launched at our Blisters Show! (Have your work exhibited alongside the likes of Ben Eine, Rob Ryan, Kate Gibb, Steve Wilson and many, many more!)

We are now open for submissions and want to get the word out there to any illustrators/aspiring artists who want to take part.

// T H E   B R I E F //

ONE. Submit a poster in your own style inspired by your favourite book, favourite author or even a favourite line from an iconic book

TWO. The catch is that, you cannot use the name of the book or author! Use of other text is allowed of course, but this should stand alone as an image/scene/typography

THREE. Most importantly, your work must be COMPLETELY new and original for this project and never seen before! We will not accept any submissions that are displayed anywhere else, including personal blog or portfolio.

FOUR. The artwork specification – It needs to be in B2 format (500 x 700mm) but, can be portrait or landscape

FIVE. When sending the low-res file please ensure it’s save ‘YourName.jpeg’ and state in your email the book/quote/author your design is inspired by

Submissions must be sent as a low-res .jpeg file to and the official deadline is Friday 5th May 2017

// P R O D U C I N G   Y O U R   S C R E E N   P R I N T S //

We can offer free use of our studio to successful submissions to print their own work but, if you aren’t printing yourself do be aware that the more colours you choose the more expensive it is to produce.

In previous Year’s we always had 40 artists exhibiting but as we promised a bigger and better show, 2017 Blisters show will be full to the brim with 50 artists, each with a 50 edition and signed screen prints selling for £50 a pop!

The idea is that whether you are just out of college, up and coming or a well-known artist, everyone is on the same level platform and the prints speak for themselves.

Our aim is to take affordable art prints to a wider demographic, encouraging buyers to invest in original artwork

Artists who have taken part in our Blisters show before include: Ben Eine, Jamie Reid, Mr Bingo, Pure Evil, Peter Stitson, Anthony Burrill, Hattie Stewart, Kate Moross, James Joyce, Clifford Richards, Mike Perry, Ryca and many, many more!

Blisters The Directors Cut Print Club London Screen Print 2014

// F A Q s //

Q: If I have book artwork that I’ve used for previous projects, can I reprint this? A: The artwork for your submission should be original. If there are elements from previous projects this is fine but the submission should appear to be new as a whole.

Q: Does the “poster” need to contain text or type? A: No, this is up to you. “Poster” is the format size paper and the term we use to describe this. You can either:

ONE. Create artwork that is composed of an illustration or design inspired by a book, author(s) or line from a book

TWO. Submit an entry composed entirely of a typographic design (as long as it does not mention the book title/authors name/characters name

THREE. Mix the two!

Q: If I have several designs, can I submit more than one? A: You can submit as many ideas as you like!

Q: When the artwork is printed and signed, do we also need to put a title to it? For example; The book title, author name or not, as it might give the game away? A: We haven’t decided on this yet. Just email us your entries and let us know your inspiration for the artwork!

Q: How much of money for the print goes to the artist? A: It’s a 50/50 split between the artist and Print Club London. The artist will receive 50% commission as will Print Club London

Q: What happens to prints, which remain unsold? A: All prints are sold via Print Club London on our online gallery after the show.

Q: Do they remain the property of the artist or of London Print Club? A: They’re owned by the artist/designer, but we retain the right to be the only seller of these prints as they are from a show we have curated.

Q: If ownership remains with the artist, can the artist resell them elsewhere – for example, through independent shops? A: No, the prints can only be sold via Print Club London

Q: If the artist is not producing the prints themselves will Print Club be producing them? A: The artists are liable for the printing the work. They can use our studios for free if they know how to print! If artists are unable to print, they can ask Tuckshop our bespoke printing service who will offer a discount for all Blisters artists. This Year we’re sponsored by G.F Smith who are supplying all the paper for the show. 

Q: Who owns the rights to the image? A: Artists always own the rights to their work. However a rule of Blisters is that the work is exclusive to Print Club London and cannot be reproduced into another screen print or gicleé print.

Blisters The Directors Cut Print Club London Screen Print 2014

Check out our last Blister show, ‘Sound Sessions, 2014’ here!


Blisters The Paperback Edition is proudly sponsored byG.F SMITH Blisters 2017 Print Club LondonCastle Gibson Blisters 2017 Print Club London

Submissions must be sent as a low-res .jpeg file to

The deadline is Friday 5th May 2017 

We recently visited street artist Shuby’s ‘This Is The Spot!’ exhibition down at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery, which is running until 18th February 2017. Make sure you go and check it out!

The exhibition is an exploration of the beginning UK porn industry, inspired by movie posters and tart cards.

We had the pleasure of recently collaborating with Shuby to create an exclusive limited edition print ‘The Gangs All Here’

Shuby The Gangs All Here Print Club London

You can buy Shuby’s print from our online gallery.




Last Thursday we held our annual Xmas Show but this year it was BIGGER and BETTER! We had our Fine-art studios open up to show you all of their work and we transformed our print studio into a Christmas Market for ONE NIGHT ONLY! It was a busy night filled with mulled wine, christmassy atmosphere & lots of affordable artwork – Perfect for gifts!


We have re-hung our gallery with lots of artwork and it’s all available to purchase! You can come buy and check out for yourself, just give us a call before visiting on 0207 254 9028

Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

We will be closing the office on Thursday 22nd December at 2pm and re-opening 3rd January 2016




We transformed our print studio into a market for One night only! Showcasing the work by our brilliant technicians who work hard keeping our studios running and are a HUGE part of Print Club!


Aleesha Nandhra’s Stand


The Positive Press’ stand


Sam Baldwin’s stand



We open our studios only several times a year! Showcasing the fine-artists and sculptors that are residents of Absorb Arts! A varied mix of work makes for a very exciting open studio!


Isabella Cotier’s space


Nadeem’s space


Ben Rider’s Space


This Holiday season, the creators fo Chhipa are running a pop-up called The Makers Shop, an opportunity for people in the creative arts, crafts and production industry to showcase their work. There’s a huge variety of ‘Makers” involved, a full list of which can be seen on our website. Some of our artists are showing their pieces there so definitely head down to have a look at work by Tiff Howick, HAM, Clare Halifax, Rose Harris & more!

You can find the Makers Shop on;

46 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch

Open until the 12th December 2016

They’ll be hosting workshops, as well as late night shopping evenings and screen printing!

For more information head on to their website;



We visited the Maker’s Shop last night at their Opening Night, instantly as you walked in it felt welcoming and cosy – Just how a Christmas pop-up should be! Filled with some amazing work varying from screen prints to ceramics! We could have definitely spent a fortune! We’ll be heading back to pick up some gifts for Christmas and you should definitely check it out too!







Date: Thursday 8th December
Time: 6pm – 9.30pm
Location: Print Club London Gallery, 10-28 Millers Ave, E8 2DS

52199d59-a412-4cbf-be04-b0d2d7feb8f2Our studios would be nothing without all of our techncians who keep the studios running smoothly! We want to showcase them as makers, we will be transforming our print studio into a Christmas market for ONE NIGHT ONLY!

Here’s just a few people taking part but, check out our Instagram for all the other makers in the run-up to the show.


1. Elliot Kruszynski 2. Stephanie Unger 3. Rozalina Burkova
4. Francesca Tiley 5. Aleesha Nandhra 6. The Postive Press


Not only are we a screen-printing studio & gallery, there is also a Fine Art space ‘Absorb Arts’ which is charity-led and created by our Director Fred Higginson to house fine artists & painters enabling them to work as artists. All the members of the studio are welcoming you to see their working environment and will have pieces available for sale.



We’ve taken away any stress the holiday season can bring because.. We’ve got a selection of framed Limited Edition Screen Prints available from our gallery!

So come down for a mulled wine and a mosey at some of the great pieces we have to offer!


c4b8d755-16be-43e6-9204-ba3f4354b224Date: Thursday 8th December
6pm – 9.30pm
Location: Print Club London Gallery, 10-28 Millers Ave, E8 2DS




Johnathan learnt his screenprinting skills under the guidance of print club head printer Marco Lawrence.

He spent many weeks printing his work and developing his pieces which we have been selling since he started producing work as a screenprinter

His new screen printed works are on display at hangup and are from the latest development in his work all printed here in east London studios.


Here’s a selection of Johnathan’s pieces we have for sale in our online gallery, keep your eyes peeled for new limited edition screen prints being added to his collection very soon!


Devi Gold Edition, £230 Unframed


Colonial Beauty, £350


Tiger Lilly, £295

Shop Johnathan’s whole collection here

Femme Fatale features Reiner’s female portraiture works, which challenge both historical and contemporary representations of female beauty. Currently training as a neurologist, Dr. Reiner’s work dissects ‘objective’ and ‘universal’ ideals, and reveals them to be socially constructed concepts. He shows how these concepts are not hard-wired into our brains, but imposed on us by the culture we live in.   Using found materials, which range from early 20th century soft pornography to contemporary fashion magazines, Reiner contrasts Western notions of beauty with those of non-western, native and tribal beauty. In doing so he explores the idea that the concept of ‘beauty’ is fluid, and liable to change according to time, place and context. What begins as a figure portrayed as fragile or tormented is transformed and empowered by the artist’s embellishment. Reiner provides an individuality and personality to the muse by adding tribal references and motifs from the natural world. He raises his subjects from that of a models who are coveted, to figures which are worshiped.   “It is about empowering; reclaiming of the image’s power” explains Reiner.  

Date: Thursday 1st December

Time: 6 – 9pm

Location: Hang Up Gallery


600 x 100The long-awaited show is finally here! We’ll be showcasing 3 emerging artists with their exclusive prints which were produced with us during their Printernship here at Print Club London

Date: Thursday 24th November 2016
Time: 6pm – 9pm
Location: Print Club London Gallery, 10-28 Millers Ave, E8 2DS

Our Printern scheme is aimed at recent grads to come and use our facilities for two months to create exclusive artwork for Print Club London.
2016 Printern Show - Rose

Featured artists in the show;

600 x 100 R

Moroccan large

In her work, Rose Electra Harris tries to explore and develop the dialogue that exists in space – especially domestic space – between the objects and furnishings that occupy it. She uses drawing to negotiate the physical spaces of the home – from the domestic and familiar to uncanny, un-occupied – and the various objects contained within them.

600 x 100 Al
Aleesha - Condiments
Aleesha is a 23 year old Illustrator and Printmaker from London, whose works manage to carefully tread the line between being whimsical and being highly emotionally evocative. A graduate of the Cambridge School of Art, Aleesha’s work manages to capture the spirit of several cultural phenomena, be they from home or abroad, and also manages to spark fun and life into objects that are otherwise considered mundane. She has been printing with Print Club since March 2016, following a period of Illustrating for Noodoll. She continues to create works for companies on a freelance basis, and her work has also been featured in recent editions of OFFLIFE and Little White Lies magazines.



600 x 100 A

Alice is an Illustrator, history lover and mess maker from the West Midlands (but currently based in London.) With a love of nostalgia and all things vintage, Alice looks to the past for inspiration in her prints. Using a mixed media approach to create texture and imagery. Alice embraces the hand rendered quality of screen printing and enjoys the unpredictable aspects of the process.

Alice Kiteley Star Man

Forest Road Brew Co. are kindly supplying the beer for the evening! Come down for a cold one and a look around our gallery at all the great work on show!


If you’d like to come along, don’t forget click attending on Our Facebook page;



A few weeks back we set up our stand for The Affordable Art Fair amongst 110 other talented galleries presenting our favourite artists work for everyone to fall in love with. The grand pavilion was erected in Battersea Park, like every October, for a family friendly long weekend. Whether you were an experienced art collector, a contemporary artist yourself or just a lover of colour and wanted a nice day out, it was the place to visit. Arriving via the amazing complimentary shuttle service from Sloane Square, you entered under a canopy of twinkly blue stars to a spread of over a 1,000 diverse artistsAndy-Macgregor-Jungle-On sale was a collection of original and contemporary paintings, special edition prints, photography, sculptures and even a large installation or two. With both household names, established artists alongside new talents from all over the world we had a great time exploring. You could have walked the fair and studied the artworks, taken a workshop, join a guided tour and even taken a pit stop at the bar or café. We spend a large part of the fair planning our dream collection of prints to adorn our own walls at home.

Print Club Display

We showcased several new works; from Rose Electra Harris largest work yet, ‘Moroccan Riad in Blue’ to Fei Alexeli latest edition of digital collage turned CMYK print ‘The Flamingo’. We couldn’t help ourselves and may have also picked up one of the latest Andrew Millar lustrous gold leaf polaroid’s and a special Dave Buonaguid’s vintage map may have made its way in to our bag but that’s what AFF is all about. Celebrating great art and being able to take it home with you to enjoy.Brutal utopias

time of your life love sexy

Check out the whole collection of work from the Affordable Art Fair here.



10 years

A perfect place for a pit stop on your way through the city this month is Ryan Callanan solo show at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery. Nestled just north of Seven Dials the 2-floor gallery is showing their second major show with the artist. Consisting of what Ryan is famous for: his smiley faces synonymous with the acid house rave culture of the 1980s as well as some new emoji themed works.

Acid Abstractions

Collection of Faces


Already a prominent street artist as well as one of our lovely print club artists, remember his Summer Screen print? RYCA has over the last 3 years been moving towards a new practice that draws upon his history of craftsmanship in 3-D sign & model making. Downstairs is a selection of bas-relief pieces associated with traditional pub signs – gold inlay and black lacquered backgrounds. His newer works at the galleries entrance venture more into the abstract and obscure than ever before but maintain a core theme.


10 Years Later marks a decade anniversary of Ryan’s work and promises a glimpse in to the fun future that his expert technique and pop art inspired style will bring.

Smile Sculptures Table


An artist working in contemporary printmaking and graphics. Already a prominent artist on the Street Art scene, the last three years have seen Ryan move away from this aesthetic towards a new practice that draws upon his in-depth knowledge of materials and craftsmanship acquired through his training in industrial model making and 3-D design.

From the starting point of the emblematic visual sign, RYCA began a series of works using the smiley face synonymous with acid house rave culture in the 1980s. Working in bas-relief, this iconic motif was recontextualised by rendering it in material and style usually associated with traditional pub signs – gold inlay and black lacquered background. This highly technical skill obtained and finessed through Ryan’s parallel career in the sign making industry.



Lucille Garden Party

One of our regular studio members and Print Club artist Lucille Clerc currently has a show running in Paris all themed around her new collection of botanicals and we can’t get enough of these! Check out some of the photos we have form the opening night…










Emily Forgot

Emily is an artist we haven’t seen in the studio in a while but it seems she has been very busy. Taking a step away from her commercial work, Emily has created a collection of her process sketches and material that you wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to see.

Assemblages Closeup


We visited the KK Outlet on Hoxton Square that houses Emily’s passion for buildings & spaces both real and surreal. Her sketchbook comes to life in all forms including collaborations with Charlie Mckenzie and Ceadogan producing funky furniture and a geometric rug. The exhibition is a personal combination of Emily’s thoughts combined with the disciplines of architecture, graphics, interiors even product design. With plenty to see it’s well worth a visit.

Wooden Assemblages


Neverland is part of London Design Festival and the Shoreditch Design Triangle on at KK Outlet till the 30th September.

Photo & Blog content by Gabrielle Taylor


Our guest list for this years Summer Screen Prints Exhibition is now open!!

When: Opening Night Wednesday 27th July 6- 9.30pm
Where: East Wing Galleries, Somerset House

Click Me




We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with Aperol to bring you a refreshing aperitif to enjoy alongside this years SUMMER SCREEN PRINTS OPENING NIGHT.

This year we welcome you to step inside an immersive Aperol experience, equipped with a photo booth, deck chairs and of course one of summers most popular cocktails.

Aperol Spritz is one of the most appreciated aperitif’s in Italy and is enjoyed globally. The serve is made by mixing Aperol with Prosecco and a splash of soda in a wine glass full of ice and a slice of orange. Light, sparkling and refreshing, it’s the ideal drink for starting the evening and for enjoying this years collection of film posters.

Be the first to find out about upcoming announcements and events visit or follow them on Twitter and Instagram: @AperolSpritzUK #ItStartsNow

We headed down to Atom gallery this week for the private view of High Rise, a group show brought together by Daniel Speight (aka The Soft City).
‘A celebration of city spaces, this exhibition highlights the positive influence of the built up environment. This show features the best in graphic art – visual artists creating now sought after limited edition works’
High Rise features nine artists, including four Print Club London faves – Clare Halifax, Susie Wright, Oli Fowler, Guillaume Cornet, Andy Council, Jemima Carter-Lewis, Jesse Richards, Camille Walala and Absorb Arts resistant Daniel Speight.
We love the premise of the show that cities can bring pleasure and happiness into your lives, although we might be biased due to living in London!
The show will run until Saturday 14th May at Atom Gallery, 77 Stroud Green Road, N4 3EG.
Check out our picks of the show below.
Clare Halifax // London Lurking Behind the Gurkin // £450
Daniel Speight
Susie Wright // BCN, Montjuic to Tibidabo // £100
Oli Fowler // Confused // £60
Guillaume Cornet // Fishing Above the Clouds // £300



Pick Me Up, the Graphic Arts Festival at Somerset House, is back for its seventh year!!
The show features top emerging illustrators and designers as well as more established names in graphic arts. This year Pick Me Up is part of UTOPIA 2016: A Year of Imagination and Possibility, and focuses on the themes of community within the graphic arts.
Print Club favourites who have exhibited in the past include Isabel Greenberg, Hattie Stewart and Rob Flowers.
Rob Flowers // Sugar Sugar
Edition of 40 // £40
Hattie Stewart // Self portrait
Edition of 40 // £90
Other past exhibitors we have admired include Julia Pott, Jack Hudson and Malika Favre for their great illustrations.
Jack Hudson
Julia Pott
Malika Favre
Pick Me Up begins on Thursday 21st April and runs until Monday 2nd May and you can purchased advance tickets here.
Keep your eyes peeled as the full line up will be announced soon!
The Other Art Fair starts on Thursday 7th April and will run to Sunday 10th April at Victoria House, London.
Celebrated for its unique and immersive visitor experience, The Other Art Fair’s eleventh edition features art that spans all mediums, by 130 contemporary artists, all hand picked by an expert selection committee.
‘The Other Art Fair was born from a realization of the disparity between a London audience eager to discover the next big thing and talented artists struggling to gain recognition. Four years and eleven editions on, the effects of the fair’s growing reputation are not only demonstrated through the support of leading individuals in the art world but also the frequency of success stories from past exhibitors.’
We have created an edit of our artists to watch out for at the show.
Dom Johnson // Bowie
Dom is a design student currently living in London.
He works mostly with digital illustration and collage, integrating within this his interest in drawing and portraiture. He is inspired by the works of agencies like Handsome Frank, Human After All and Hey Studios. 
Archie Proudfoot // OH
Archie has recently become a Print Club London artist, transferring his original, glass artworks into limited edition screen prints. These are the first and only silkscreen prints available from the artist and have been published and sold exclusively through Print Club London. OH is currently available from our online gallery, sold as an edition of 50 at £150. Available framed or unframed.
Archie’s next print is being printed as we speak!! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter or like us on Facebook to be the first to find out when the second, limited edition screen print is available for purchase.



Fei Alexeli // 66 On The Moon
While studying architecture in Oxford, she found her passion for visual arts. Her practice involves a combination of different and mixed media. Fei uses photography, photo-montage and digital collage. In her recent project, ‘Interrupted places’, Fei is interested in mixing real elements to create surreal environments and situations.
We hope that she might consider some screen printing in the near future, our studio awaits…



SATURDAY 5th DECEMBER 11am – 4pm

Open daily Monday – Friday  until January 2016

With Jack Frost nipping at more than our noses this week, it’s clear that
the new season is upon us and with that we are excited to invite you to our
Print Club Xmas Show AND Absorb Arts Open Studios.


With over 15 artists featured in this months gallery show, we are certain there is something for everyone. All artwork will be available to purchase off the wall and all framed artwork will be on sale with an exclusive buyers discount throughout the duration of the show.


No Christmas event would be complete without the classic festive treat, Mulled Wine!! We will be keeping you warm, cosy and filled with hot, steamy, boozy treats while you browse the night away, shopping our collection of limited edition, framed and unframed screen prints from some of our finest artists.

As well as browsing the gallery you can pop upstairs and take a tour through our fine artists studio space, Absorb Arts. Meet the artists who will be more than happy to show you around their studio whilst their work is on display as well as for sale!

Our studios cover a range of mediums including;

Painting, Photography, Illustration, Design, Sculpture, Textiles, Print Making and Drawing.

To RSVP click here!Gallery-montage-finished



With a couple of months off over the summer to curate our annual Film4 Summer Screen Print exhibition at Somerset House, Print Club are back and we are honoured to be bringing you an exclusive solo show from French Illustrator Lucille Clerc. 

An exploration of London’s last surviving green oasis, a search for the hidden gems and secret gardens preserved in the recesses of the concrete city. There you can still find wildness, spirits, lucky charms and magical remedies.

“Gardens are poems where you stroll with your hands in your pockets.”
― Pierre Albert-Birot, The Cubist Poets in Paris: An Anthology.

Lucille Clerc is one of Print Club London’s most talented artists who uses multiple layers to highlight the delicate and intricate nature of her work.

With just over a week to go, make sure you get your RSVP in now. The event is free to attend but please ensure you submit 1 RSVP per person!!


As of last Thursdays showdown, Fatherless are now official members of Print Club London! Check out their new artist page and print editions here.
Fighting Words Exhibition.
“Fighting Words is the latest body of work from Fatherless and has evolved from a cross-continental collaboration with London-based artist, Benjamin Rider. This new collection is the result of a process which involved the prints being shipped back and forth several times, with intent on finished works being considered “done” at either side’s discretion.”
It seems the boys from Rockford, Illinois have quite a following here in London and people trekked across the city to catch their collaborative show with artist Ben Rider.

We were super grateful to welcome our wonderful drinks sponsor ‘Pistonhead‘ onboard again and this time we paired their kustom lager with toasted marshmallows! (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it)
Did you manage to spot our Pistonhead X Fatherless print around the Print Club site on the night?!
“Instagram or tweet us on the night if you spot one of these bad boys around the Print Club site and you could win your very own crate of Pistonhead larger AND a one of a kind Fatherless X Ben Rider X Pistonhead screen print! “
Our winners on the night tweeted us with mere seconds between them so we only thought it fair to offer a first and second prize! Congratulations to both @trisohana and our friend over at People of Print @marcroysmith who got to take home their very own Fatherless X Ben Rider screen print.


Join us on Thursday 21st May from 6pm until 9pm to experience London based street artist, Donk’s first solo show.
Making photographic & zerox based paste-up poster art since 2008, Print Club are proud to present this exclusive preview of original artwork from the street artist, live paste-ups and new print editions.
Where: Print Club Gallery, Millers Avenue. Dalston E8 2DS
The show PLAYTIME will run until Friday 29th May.



Why Playtime?
I called the show playtime. Firstly, because the ideas for these images have been ignited, directly or indirectly, by the many happy hours of play time I have spent with my son.
Over these 12 years together, we have actually managed to rove space and time. We battled with many villainous foe and forged enduring friendships with the most unlikely selection of surreal characters. We have been been slain and lost, then reborn and saved on countless occasions.
The show’s title also embraces the importance of a similar sense of playtime within the adult creative process, and the idea that we are not necessarily so far removed from our former childhood selves.
Finally, playtime serves as a reminder of the slightly glib truism that; no matter how tricky things get we’re not here for a long time, so we may as well try and have a good time!


Join us this month for just that, a good time! With drinks from Pistonhead and a unique chance to snap up some of Donk’s work straight from the street!! follow us on Instagram as we unveil how you can grab yourself one of the artists limited edition pieces of artwork FOR FREE! You’ve just got to have your East London wits about you! #freeartfriday
@printclublondon @donklondon