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This Guest Curator we’re excited about, we’ve been chatting to Charlie Gladstone all about his maximalist home but also, Charlie own Glendye Cabins & Cottages (@glendyecabinsandcottages) and we’ve thrown in some gorgeous photos of the luxury accommodation which leave you longing for a long weekend away there!

Read Me by David Newton
Edition of 40, £100

I am an enthusiast, an optimist, an entrepreneur and a father of six. I have started around 15 businesses including online retailers, a Scottish holiday business, a festival, a Christmas Tree Farm, shops, a pub and various cafes. I’ve written two books and I run a podcast called Mavericks where I have interviewed entertainers, MPs, makers, writers and chefs.


We moved from London to Glen Dye around 30 years ago; it was built in the early 1800s as a hunting lodge and is in a beautiful remote spot about 100 feet above a river. When we moved in it was essentially uninhabitable with no heating or electricity. It took us about a decade to renovate it but it was a brilliant place to live and to work from and especially good to bring up our children there. I believe in maximalism and in mixing old with new. I like my homes to be warm, witty and inviting and not at all precious.

My record collection. I have been obsessively collecting for nearly 50 years and now it is very large and very precious. It has brought me endless deep joy, from friendships made in record shops to endless late nights with friends to deep connections made with my wife and children through the music we love. No material objects could ever be as important to me than these slabs of vinyl.

I have my eye on auctions every day. It’s an addiction, I suppose. Next up, I hope, will be a work by David Shrigley that I have been chasing. I collect his work; it gives me endless joy and seems to be growing in value quite rapidly too. I have about a dozen pieces by him.

Adventures Of Tin Tin by Jordan Robertson
Edition of 50, £50

My favourite restaurant is in the French town of Cluny in southern Burgundy. It’s called Le Cafe du Centre and it’s nothing fancy and everything I want. We are lucky enough to have a house nearby and we go there for lunch every Saturday in the summer and have done since 1998 (I know that because France won the World Cup that year and that was the first year we went). It’s always rammed, the smoking ban is thinly enforced and the beer and steak frites are perfect.

Circular Matter, Pink by Jenni Allen
Edition of 8, £140

Dial ‘B’ for Blue Skies by David Newton
Sold out but more available on our website

Untitled 118 by Gfeller & Hellsgard
Edition of 20, £90

Well I am not a natural self-promoter but my Spotify playlist Down in the Woods at Glen Dye has around 1500 amazing songs on it and I add to it regularly; several hundred people follow that and it’s the work of many years of enthusiasm. And my Mavericks Podcast has been going for about 4 years and I am actually quite proud of that.

I became pretty manic, to be honest. Mainly trying to save my businesses from disaster. We used the opportunity to rethink everything and it was both invigorating and necessary. We all worked flat out and all thrived; it was a brilliant, life-enhancing time for our key Team though not without its stresses. I just realised early on that what I could bring to our life was optimism and enthusiasm and I went for it in a big way. I also did 25 editions of my Podcast, designed a poster each day (we sold around 4000 and raised money for charity), wrote a book that will be published next spring, got madly into housework, became obsessed with the downfall of Trump, bought as many cleaning products as I could find on Amazon (special mention to my Vax carpet cleaner), bought lots of furniture and hung out with my family and new grandchild.

Join The Parade – Pink by Donk
Edition of 100, £90


Normally I read a novel every week or so. The best in the last couple of years for me is Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s Fleishman is in Trouble which is not an original choice but a good one.

It is ever-changing and has evolved, particularly through my work with my business Pedlars (which I no longer own) which was well known for it’s embracing of vintage pieces from around the world. I think home style is a bit like personal style; it should constantly change.

Do to your home what makes you happy and only that; there is no such thing as good taste,
just confidence of taste.

Josie, founder of Help Refugees. Katharine Hamnett. Kate Higginson, founder of Print Club London. Choose Love exhibition 2018

Print Club London x Help Refugees

Over the past two years Print Club London have been collaborating with emerging and established artists on the Choose Love collection. Through the sales of the exclusive prints and fundraising exhibitions we raise money in support of the charity Help Refugees. The project launched with an exhibition at Somerset House on World Refugee Day in 2018 and the collection has grown since, travelling to Pikes Ibiza, a second show at Somerset House and producing sell out prints for Help Refugees Choose Love pop up store.

Choose Love Help Refugees Print Club London Screen Print

Pikes Ibiza x Silken Favors Choose Love – £30

From print making to collage and photography each artwork in the collection is completely unique in its design and available to buy from our gallery with all proceeds going directly to support the charity. Artists to date who have worked on the project include Stanely Donwood, Quentin Jones, Morag Mysercough, Noel Fielding and Anish Kapoor. The exclusive artworks are on sale via our website and we hope you will join us and Choose Love!

Shop the collection here. 

Watch the video below to find out more about our project.

Video by Adrian-Florin Ardelean

Print Club Choose Love

Alex May Hughes

Alex May Hughes. Choose Love exhibition 2019

Since the launch Print Club London have raised over £150,000 for the charity Help Refugees to date.* This couldn’t have been possible without the generosity of our artists using their talent to produce pieces of art for our gallery and our customers who invested in the beautiful art and the cause! Here’s where your money has gone and how much of a positive impact it has had!

*Amount raised as of Oct 2020

£5,000 has gone towards diapers for Lesvos.

 There are 8000 refugees currently living in Moria camp – which was designed for 1500 people. Help Refugees fund many of the services and support available to people living in there and the diaper programme is a big one as there are almost a thousand babies in the camp.

 £8,000 has gone towards Refugees4Refugees on Samos

Refugee4Refugees have done incredible work and equipped thousands of people with non-food items over the past months in their distribution centre. Meanwhile all women and children have access to non food items, which consist mainly of clothes, hygiene-items and sleeping bags. In March and April, our partner organised NFI distributions for all male residents of the camp using a ticketing system. Furthermore prams were distributed for babies in their free shop and provided to different projects around the island. New arrivals get 2 sets of everything including a hygiene package, shoes and a jacket. The organisation is still only sustainable actor on the island that provides NFIs in large quantities.

People reached: 4,000

£8,000 has gone towards Medical care on Samos.

Due to overcrowding on the island, the hospital and the doctor in the camp are overwhelmed. Therefore Help Refugees’ partner Med’equaliteam offer additional medical care. Their clinic is visited daily by 70 – 100 patients and is open 6 days a week. The clinic collaborates with and makes referrals to the hospital. Furthermore, they run medical workshops in the community centres on a weekly basis.

People reached: 600


Dave Buonaguidi Choose Love

Dave Buonaguidi. Choose Love Exhibition 2019.

£12,000 has gone towards supporting community and educational needs. We have supported centres including the Orange House offer language classes and vocational courses for displaced people, as well as psychosocial and legal services.

£11,500 has gone towards dry foods and nutritional provisions. Our money supports partners such as InterEuropean Human Aid Association which provides meals for communities in Northern Greece. We’ve also funded food baskets to Pikpa, and independent community living in Lesvos so they can cook communal meals with their kitchens.

Additional food is provided at the following projects:

We are One‘s safe space for women and babies: The team offers fruit, eggs, fresh salads and drinks for all the participants. Babies under 2 years receive bananas and other snacks. Pregnant women get some extra food, such as nuts. Each Monday, on the ‘pregnant women only’ day, a warm, nutritious meal and a fresh salad is served that is explicitly aimed at the needs of pregnant women.

Mazi Youth Centre run by Still I Rise: Breakfast and lunch is given daily as well as dinner once a week for all the students (unaccompanied children). 

Baobab Community Centre for Families: Light meals are cooked on site and available in the centre. In the last weeks they were preparing up to 250 – 300 meals a day. There is hot tea and water to drink.

Action for Education‘s Banana House: One hot and fresh meal is provided for each of the participants daily. Every month they serve around 2500 meals.

Thanks to your support, together with our partners we are currently looking into options to start providing supplementary food for babies from 6 months – 24 months. 

People reached: 1,000

£3000 has gone towards the monthly running costs of Say it Loud Club in London, a team of staff and volunteers that support LGBTQIA+ refugees and asylum seekers. The Say It Loud community provides a valuable support system for LGBTQIA+ refugees as they gain the right to live freely in the UK.

£10,000 has gone towards a grant to SOS MEDITERRANEE so they can resume live saving search and rescue missions in the central Mediterranean Sea. Since March 2016 their team has rescued 31,618 children, women and men.

We want to thank everyone that has supported this project so far. If you would like any more information about how your money has been spent do get in touch with [email protected]

Choose Love Exhibition. Somerset House 2018

Choose Love Somerset House

Choose Love Exhibition. 2019

A massive thank you to all our supporters, artists and of course Katharine Hamnett and the Help Refugees team.

Shop the collection here. 

The latest Guest Curator is the lovely Dr. Geraldine Tan (@littlebigbell) and we’ve been taking a peek into her very colourful home! Scroll down to read all about Geraldine’s home, renovating tips and her ideal weekend… as well as gaining some rainbow interior inspiration!

Left: Dial ‘S’ For Starlight by David Newton, Edition of 40, £100
Right: Dial ‘I’ For Incognito by David Newton, Edition of 30, £100

Little Big Bell is an award winning design, interiors and lifestyle blog based in London, England.  It was started by Geraldine Tan, who for as long as she can remember has a true passion for colour, design and decorating.

In 2016, Little Big Bell was voted as one of London’s best interiors bloggers.

As well as curating and promoting new talents and trends in the world of design and decor, Geraldine loves to create original content she feels passionate about.

I live in a victorian terrace house which has 5 levels. I love the period features in myVictorian home and have preserved all the original cornicing and fireplaces. I also like mixing in a dose of contemporary to create an eclectic original feel.

My style is all about colour and happiness.

I love all my art prints, but currently my favourite is my new pink sofa bed because it’s the most comfortable place to sit and unwind. The bed will come in handy for any future Pandemics too, especially if I need to isolate away from the family.

I’m re-reading To Kill a Mocking bird with my son. I booked for us to see the play in the West End but sad it was cancelled during the Pandemic.

Being at home with my family in my pyjamas all day, styling my furniture and taking photos. Of late, I’m on a health drive, so I’m also loving walks on Hampstead Heath.

I’ve always been into colours. I’m sure it has evolved over time as I become bolder in the way I mix patterns and colours together.


Reed diffusers to scent your home. My favourites are those by Acqua Di Parma and Reeds of Mine.

My favourite recipe is Assam Laksa, which is a spicy sour fish broth with noodles. It always reminds me of my childhood in Malaysia.
One of my favourite restaurants is Frog by Adam Handling.

Shout For Sunshine by David Newton
Open Edition, £100

If you are using tradesmen, then do your research well.
A project could cost you more time and money if you pick the wrong person.


Now you may be familiar with Lucinda’s (@nesttwentyeight) home as we’ve featured her beautiful interiors on our instagram ALOT! We caught up with Lucinda to chat all things lockdown, interior inspiration and what’s keeping her busy! Scroll down for the Q + A and a little insight into her gorgeous home!

Cornwall Is Always A Good Idea by Dave Buonaguidi
An Open Edition, £275

Hello! I’m Lucinda and since leaving London with my husband and my job as teacher to become a Mum, I’ve been having a ball doing up our first home. As we don’t have an unlimited supply of disposable income, I have done 99% of the painting and decorating myself and have loved the process so far. For me, keeping costs low without compromising on style is key and I have always wanted to call myself a ‘Project Manager’; it makes me feel like I’m on my own version of Grand Designs, except there’s no Kevin McCloud or a hard hat in sight- just little old me.


Our home is a 4 bedroom detached house, in rural East Sussex, where we’ve lived for the last 5 years. My husband, James and I used to live in Clapham, London where we rented a flat, but moved here to buy our first home together and now live here with our 4 year old daughter, Sienna.

My style is a mash up of Scandi, rustic and modern. I like to think my extreme style caters to all sides of my personality!

This is so hard to choose! In terms of sentimentality, I would always say something that has meaning and history. So, anything that I’ve inherited from my parents, like my vintage Singer sewing machine that I’ve repurposed as a side table in my kitchen. My Mum bought it from the Friday Ad for a fiver in the 80s and it brings back so many childhood memories every time I look at it.

I barely get time to read with a 4 year old in tow…! However, a friend bought me an audiobook of ‘Educated’ by Tara Westover for my birthday last month, which I listened to every night before bed and it was an incredibly moving and powerful true story.

I’ve always known what styles I like, but have definitely taken my time in developing and building upon them at home.

Home schooling Sienna, small DIY projects that I’ve been putting off and creating new content for my Instagram feed.

Lets Go Disco by Oli Fowler
Edition of 10, £400

Little Fucking Cloud – Rose Gold by Donk
Edition of 100, £120


The fridge for food, the cocktail cabinet for Friday night drinks and all the art that has made the four walls we’re confined to all the prettier to look at…!

I LOVE leopard print and own a lot of it, so I’ll go with classic; Pat Butcher vibes all the way…

I love cooking and food; as we’re currently in lockdown due to the Coronavirus, we’ve been making the most of bringing the restaurant experience to us: homemade sushi, pizzas and Nando’s spicy rice have all been highlights!

Socialising with family or friends in the summertime, with a BBQ on the go and listening to some banging tunes in the garden!

Without a doubt, Van Gogh. I am fascinated by his story and how his paintings truly reflect his state of mind during his challenging life.


We are extremely excited and honoured to be collaborating with London’s biggest retail destination Oxford Street and its partners to make this Christmas one to remember.

Over the past six months, Print Club London have commissioned artists Paul Thurlby, Lucille Clerc and Elliot Kruszynski to curate three new limited edition screen prints, to be released as a part of the Christmas is Calling Campaign. For ONE night only if you shop in 30 selected stores across Oxford Street and spend over £50 you will be given a FREE artwork. Spend £100 or more to receive one of only 300 numbered and hand signed prints. Get in quick whilst stock is still available.

Date: Thursday 6th December 2018

Time: 5PM Onwards

Location: Oxford Street, W1B 3AG


Originally from Nottingham, Paul is an award-winning illustrator living in London. He was fortunate enough to have had his personal project, Alphabet, published as a children’s book in 2011. Since then he hasn’t looked back.

Paul loves original vintage posters and still has room on his walls for some more (hint, hint).

A London based illustrator and Print Maker. Taking inspiration from the everyday and mundane he always tries to inject some humour and life into even the most boring object. Working on a variety of projects from Children’s books to Wrapping paper to Murals, his work always comes with a smile.

Lucille is a French London based Illustrator. Lucille set up my studio in East London after graduating from Central Saint Martins with an MA in Communication Design and before, from ENSAAMA in Paris with a DSAA in Visual Communication. Lucille’s work mainly within the field of editorial design and illustration, occasionally also realising interior and exhibition spaces. Her work is mainly handcrafted from drawing to printing.

Participating Stores: 

Accessorize   Adidas    Aldo    Asics    Bershka   Calzedonia    Debenhams    Dune    Evans    Forever 21    French Connection    GAP    G-Star RAW    Hawes & Curtis   Hema    HMV    Intimissimi   JD Sports    John Lewis & Partners    Jurlique  Lipsy    Matalan   Massimo Dutti    Miss Selfridge   Monsoon    Next   Oud Milano    Pandora    River Island    Schuh (200 Oxford St only)    Stradivarius    Sunglasses Hut    Tezenis    The Body Shop   United Colours of Benetton    Wallis   Warehouse   Whittards


A HUGE thank you, to everyone who made it down to our Summer Bazaar on Saturday! We hope you walked away with your purses feeling a little lighter and hands full of amazing goodies!

Scroll down for all of the action:

As well as our Summer Bazaar, we had the opening of our ‘2018 Print-ern Show’ showcasing the amazing work of Charlie Gould! If you weren’t able to make it down then have no fear, as the show will be on until 28th September.

Voodoo Baby by Charlie Gould || Macks Mountain Cow Milk by Charlie Gould 

Edition of 30 // £70 || Edition of 40 // £60

Thank you to MC Motors for helping us bring our Summer Bazaar to life, by using their yard!

We have been blown away by the support for our collaboration with Help Refugees. We are continuing to raise funds for the charity throughout the year so watch this space for more releases and exclusive prints. This project wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of our artists, especially Adrian- Florin Ardelean and his team who produced our behind the scenes film showcasing some of our favourite artists creating their ‘Choose Love’ pieces.

Watch below to see Mr Bingo, Rose Stallard, Alexa Coe & Rob Ryan working on their exclusive artworks.


Shop the Choose Love collection here.

Choose Love – Rose Stallard

Edition of 5



Choose Love by Donk

Edition of 2


All proceeds from the sales of the Choose Love prints directly support the incredible work of Help Refugees.


Print Club London


Print Club London and Help Refugees are inviting you to Choose Love’, a fundraising exhibition held at our Dalston studio gallery to raise money in support of the incredible work of Help Refugees. The project will launch with a private event at Somerset House on World Refugee Day and all of the exclusive artworks will be on show for the public at our gallery space.

Exhibition Opening Friday 22nd June 6pm – 8pm

We are honoured to announce our latest collaboration with Help Refugees.  Over the last few months artists including The Chapman Brothers, Stanley Donwood, Lauren Baker, Quentin Jones and Mr Bingo, as well as Print Club studio members, have been making their mark on the iconic ‘CHOOSE LOVE’ slogan originally created by Katharine Hamnett in the 1980’s. From print making to collage and photography each artwork is a one off and completely unique in its design. You’ll have the chance to buy exclusive prints from established and upcoming artists with all proceeds going directly to Help Refugees.

We really hope too see you at the exhibition and get your support for such an incredible charity.

Please RSVP to [email protected]

Location: Print Club London, 10-28 Millers Junction, London, E8 2DS 



Exhibition opening times:

Private View Friday 22nd 6pm -8pm

Tuesday 26th 10am – 5pm

Wednesday 27th 10am – 5pm

Thursday 28th 1oam – 5pm

Friday 29th 10am – 5pm

 For press or enquiries please contact [email protected]

Print Club London

Clerkenwell Design Week kindly invited us to partner with us for this year’s festival, on an exciting project called ‘Your Tote Counts’

‘Your Tote Counts’ intended to address the issue of Tote Bags replacing the unstainable plastic bags, when in fact it turns out that Tote Bags have a bigger ecological footprint than that of a plastic bag unless they’re used repeatedly. Therefore we were encouraging just that by asking people to donate their old Tote Bags and give them a little bit of TLC!

We rocked up at the festival for the three days with our portable print beds to breathe new life into these old bags, by giving them a BRAND NEW design and purpose. All the proceeds throughout the event went towards Maggie’s Centre, who are a charity which do amazing work by supporting those with cancer and their families. To find out more about the charity, please click here.

Check out all the action below:

Designs for the event were supplied by five Chelsea College of Art students. Photography by Sophie Mutevelian.


Our team and equipment can be transported into any location, working with your guests to print posters t-shirts or totes! So if you’re interested in learning more about our live printing events, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing [email protected]

We have teamed up with 2LG for an impressive give away of our BRAND NEW print ‘Fictional Interiors II’ by Charlotte Taylor! To get your living room as good as theirs all you need to do is follow @2lgstudio and @printclublondon, comment underneath our post tagging a friend and you could be our lucky winner!


2LG is an Interior Design Studio, based in South East London, founded by creative duo, Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead. We offer residential and commercial Interior design services, design consultancy services and styling services. Our transparent way of working has evolved over years of working with clients and allows creativity to flow freely. Simplicity, elegance, functionality and our signature use of colour. With one eye on the past and the other on the future, we believe that each element of your space should have a voice of its own and speak about you in some way. By helping you to surround yourself with expressions of who you are, we can create an environment for growth and happiness. Let us make your space exceed its potential using the products and craftsmen right on your doorstep. Collaborating with Britain’s leading designers and showcasing rising talents to create spaces that truly inspire.

Artist based in London. I have a long-standing obsession with architecture, interiors and design objects. I am interested in non-functional structures; my drawings take existing architectural forms with the addition of fictional and playful elements. I collect visual material from an interior and design magazines combined with my personal photography; the spaces I imagine become an amalgamation of different architectural styles, drawing much inspiration from postmodernism, brutalism, and ancient architecture.

Fictional Interiors II by Charlotte Taylor

Edition of 25, £120



Members Spotlight

As you all know, our book gives you an insight into our Dalston studio but that’s just a tiny sampling of Print Club! Over the next few months, we’ll be giving you a peek at some of the artists and illustrators who work tirelessly in our screen printing studio! If you want to be a part of all the action, we are always open to new members!

Jacqueline Colley is a printed textile designer, with over eight years, experience working with brands including Oasis and H&M as well as teaching at the V&A

Her own name brand is where she expresses her deep love of nature. Each surface pattern begins it’s life as individual hand drawn artworks. These are compiled into rich and intricate prints. Which are applied across products including limited edition art prints for the home, stationery, gift wrap and home textiles.

Name: Jacqueline Colley

How long have you been a member: I took the deluxe course in January 2017 I’d printed at uni over 10 years before and needed a refresher; mainly to remind myself about registration. I joined straight after while everything was fresh in my mind and I’ve been dipping in and out since then! 

What do you love about screen printing & Print Club:  I love getting away from the computer and producing work by hand, plus it’s a very friendly inclusive atmosphere and there is always an expert print technician around to help you out of a sticky situation! It’s really inspiring to see the other work being printed, you can learn so much from how other people approach screen printing and make their layers and colour choices. 

What is your printing playlist: I think it’s good to listen to something quite chilled, you can’t rush the printing or it just goes wrong! So some Staves, Sufjan Stevens & Laura Marling

Do you have any tips for a budding Screen Printer: If you aren’t feeling confident; do the course I found it great for getting my head around the process and then once you start it’s a bit addictive!!

Jana started out doing fashion illustration and selling them as gicleé prints (which Jana still does) however she does prefer screen printing because she is physically printing the one printing them. Screen printing is a really nice way to translate the prints she has on her cards and notebooks into a little piece of artwork. Jana is inspired by the Memphis Movement, Dries Van Noten, and the 1980’s.

Name: Jana Pavasovic (The Completist)

How long have you been a member: Since July 17.

What do you love about screen printing & Print Club:  Printing is a really satisfying process because you can get a good result really quickly. It’s also a great way to hand-make something on a large scale. My favourite thing about Print Club is working amongst so many printmakers i’ve admired for years. Everyone is really helpful and supportive – it’s a great little community!

What is your printing playlist: Actually, I’m usually listening to political or true crime podcasts. But if it’s music, it’s usually a mix of Cut Copy, Tops, Warpaint, Blood Orange and Toro y Moi.

Do you have any tips for a budding Screen Printer: You need to be persistent and patient, and don’t be too hard on yourself! Sometimes it takes a while to get a print right, but when you do, it’s totally worth it.

I am a London based illustrator and Printmaker. I specialise in making vibrant, edgy, work with a punky look and feel.  My Work is built up from a dense hybrid of drawings, collaged imagery and multi – layered colours. I am a big fan the offsets, drips and fades to create an authentic distressed aesthetic.

Name: Ben Rider

How long have you been a member: I originally joined as a technician in 2012 for a couple years then took a desk space afterwards and been here since!

What do you love about screen printing & Print Club: My favourite thing has to be all the other people I print and work with!!

What is your printing playlist: Metal or a bit of drum and bass.

Do you have any tips for a budding Screen Printer: Yes, preparation is KEY and don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Be brave, take risks, and most importantly – have fun and enjoy it!

Kasia’s work focuses mainly on printing textiles for her eco-friendly clothing brand Kasia Ethical Ware, as well as commissions for her clients. The environment and ethics are extremely important to Kasia. She always chooses organic and ethically sourced materials whenever possible, while keeping the end product fun and colourful at the same time. 

Name: Kasia Ring

How long have you been a member: I began my screen printing adventure around 3 years ago after I took part in one of Print Club’s workshops. I loved it so much that I have been a member ever since!

What do you love about screen printing & Print Club: I love the whole community of artists and printers that all share this space. I have learned so much from fellow members of the studio over the past few years! 

What is your printing playlist: My go-to printing playlist usually revolves around Prince and 90’s R’n’B. 

To find out more how you can become a member of our 24-hour studio click here.

The start of a new year is always a time to reflect on what you’ve achieved from the past 12 months! From collaborating with amazing artists to bring exclusive limited edition pieces to our gallery, working alongside Somerset House and Film4 at Summer Screen and then finally holding our long awaited Blisters show in the beautiful MC Motors! If you missed any of this (how could you!) here’s a rundown of our jam packed year! Keep your eyes peeled for a jam packed 2018.

Waffle House by Lucille Moore
Edition of 100, £200

Red Roses by Isabella Cotier
Edition of 50, £220

Get It On Black White Gold by Paul Thurlby
Edition of 100, £90

Utopias Collection
Edition of 25, £170 each

Minnie – Dollars + Sense by Ben Allen
Edition of 25, £525

Jaws by RYCA
Edition of 200, £60

In Bruges by Rozalina Burkova
Edition of 200, £60

The Humans by Naomi Edmondson
Edition of 50, £50


Bonjour Tristesse by Lucille Moore
Edition of 50, £50

Winnie The Pooh by Giuseppe Fasano
Edition of 50, £50

The Ultimate Studio Guide

P by Ben Eine
Edition of 200, £150

Polaroid Land by Steve Wilson
Edition of 200, £60

We would love to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has bought our book already! We still have plenty of books to get your hands on our book by clicking here.

For all our international fans who are interested in purchasing one of our books FEAR NOT! We have stock lists worldwide so you can own your very own Studio Guide. Please see the list below for all of our international stock lists.Sketchbook to squeegee Print Club London Book Screen Print

International Book StocklistsGermany

Buchhandlung Walther Konig – Vollmer Communications GMBH – Bucherbogen Am Savignyplatz


Nippan IPS Co. Ltd – Kinokuniya Company Limited


I Tronsmo AS – Kontur Forlag AS


Mark Kiessling & Jessica Reitz – Sentraldistribusjon AS – Pro QM Thematische Buchhandlun


Motto Kunstboeken – Loods 5 Amersfoort – American Discount Book Centres – So Many Books B.V – Books Import SRL


Office Du Livre OLF SA (MHELT) – Buchsentrum AG – Haupt Verlag AG


Artland Book Co Ltd (Airfrght) – B J Sungood Trading Co Ltd


Adlibris AB – Hedengrens Bokhandel


SMK Statens Museum of Kunst – Sirin Copenhagen APS Sirin – Academic Book KUA – Boghallen Politikens Hus


UAB Humanitas – LAlma Littera Sprendimai


IMS Melkmarkt – Menzies Distribution (IMS) – Escoffier EBVBA – Ashford


Corraini SRL – FDM S.R.1 Fratelli Bonvini

Porvoon Kirjakeskus – Finland

Pandora Yayin Ve Bilgs Tic Ltd – Turkey

Multi-Line Books – Lahore 

T&H Web Mail Order Export – Canada

Top Mark Centre S.C – Poland

Vydavatel’stvo Slovart, Spol – Slovakia

The Last Word – Pakistan

Kinokuniya BookShop LLC – Dubai 

ProQuest LLC – Ringwood 

Janis Roze SIA – Lativa 

Museum On Line – Artekom – Russia

Nakladatelst vi Slovart SRO – Czech Republic

Tongjin Books (Airfreight) – South Korea

Alma Artex S.R.L – Romania

Thames & Hudson (Australia) – Australia

APD Singapore Pte Ltd (TH) – Singapore

Exhibitions International NV – Belguim

InterArt Sarl – Paris

Steimatzky (2005) Ltd – Israel

Peter Hyde Associates Pty Ltd – South Africa

Nestor Buch AG – Zurich



We recently held a Preview Evening ahead of our upcoming Blisters: The Paperback Edition which you may have seen on our social media. We gave our guests a little taste of what is to be expected for the our show in October. We would like to say a HUGE thank you to, Alexis Foreman, Lucinda Mitra, Emily Murray, Vikki Pearson, Emma Jane Palin, Natasha Nuttall and Tun Shin Chang for coming down and taking part, we had a lovely evening.

We also want to say thank you to Castle Gibson for letting us use their space and Sip Smith for providing refreshments throughout the evening, and last but by no means least Artist Residence for an incredible dinner!

Check out some photos of the evening below:

If you want to attend our opening night on the 27th October, click here.


As you know we held our very first Guest Workshop the other day with the always lovely Poppy’s Papercuts! We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came down to Poppy’s Workshop! Your Papercuts and Screenprints look AMAZING!

Here are a few snaps from the workshop!

Our aim with our new workshop series is to give more of an insight into not only the inner workings of our East London studio but, also a closer look at how well-known working artists/illustrators create their work! Throughout the next few months we’ll be collaborating with artists to run 2-day workshops which they will show you their trade secrets and Our talented printers will guide you through producing work as a screen print.

Kicking off our next Guest Workshop is the lovely Alice Gabb, who will be teaching you the art of Brush Lettering! You’ll be able to work alongside an Alice and learn all of the tricks of the trade!

You can book your space now!


Hello Love proudly presents Art Independence Day Fundraiser

Hello Love Fundraiser

Art Independence Day Fundraiser is an event dedicated to Art Independence and Personal Sustainability, in aid of raising money for the Hello Beautiful Foundation and Cancer Prevention.

The evening will include: Live Auction, live music and art installations. Auctioned items will be by Stella McCartney, Ted Baker, One Aldwych and many more.

Hello Love Fundraiser

Hello Beautiful Foundation is a non-profit & artistic organisation & Registered Charity (1158384) that aims to strip out the negative energy associated with cancer, and in turn highlight the beauty that can be found within this struggle.

Click here to visit their local giving page

If you want to head down and support an amazing cause you only need to rsvp to [email protected]



Hello and welcome to Print Club London’s A print-ern-ship! We are on the look out for a recent graduate or practicing artist to come and join us at our studio in Dalston for a two month stay where you can refine your printing skills, work in our creative desk space and receive guidance from our top printers! Culminating in an exhibition featuring the work you make with us in our recently reopened gallery space.
How can I apply you ask?? Its easy! We would like to know a little bit about yourself and your work. Get us excited about meeting you and tell us about the work you’d want to make with us. Then we would also like a CV along with a pdf (no bigger than 3mb) with some examples of your printed work as well as links to any websites or blogs too.

What we offer from our A print-ern-ship:

–       Two months print studio access.
–       Two months free desk space in one of our creative studios.
–       A tutor led session each week
–       Portfolio advice
–       An exhibition in our gallery alongside one other printerns
–       The Printernship is sponsored by FESPA UK Association. Each Printern will receive a £1000 grant for materials, travel and  framing.


During your time with us you will be required to:

–       Produce a minimum of 6 new pieces exclusively to be sold with us
–       Assist in the studios.
–       Write a weekly roundup of your experience and skills learnt for our blog.
–       Work to a high standard of work and show enthusiasm and commitment.


–       Degree or similar level education in relevant subject
–       Good screen printing experience



Please send all entries to [email protected]
Due to high volume of entries we will try our hardest to get back to you all however it may take some time
Good luck!


We were invited along to Aperol Spritz Social, their first event of the summer!! And we enjoyed it as much as everyone else…



Aperol Spritz, has unveiled a new brand home in the City this summer, the Aperol Spritz Terrazza.
We’ll be there again on Tuesday 5th July, bringing our portable printing beds, Our Crew and some very Orange ink!



Check out all of Aperol Spritz’ events here; http://bit.ly/1WG6DqJ




Pick Me Up, the Graphic Arts Festival at Somerset House, is back for its seventh year!!
The show features top emerging illustrators and designers as well as more established names in graphic arts. This year Pick Me Up is part of UTOPIA 2016: A Year of Imagination and Possibility, and focuses on the themes of community within the graphic arts.
Print Club favourites who have exhibited in the past include Isabel Greenberg, Hattie Stewart and Rob Flowers.
Rob Flowers // Sugar Sugar
Edition of 40 // £40
Hattie Stewart // Self portrait
Edition of 40 // £90
Other past exhibitors we have admired include Julia Pott, Jack Hudson and Malika Favre for their great illustrations.
Jack Hudson
Julia Pott
Malika Favre
Pick Me Up begins on Thursday 21st April and runs until Monday 2nd May and you can purchased advance tickets here.
Keep your eyes peeled as the full line up will be announced soon!

David Bowie Quote

Originally a screen print produced for our Blisters ‘The Sound Sessions’ Show back in 2014, Davey Podmore has now re-imagined the print ‘Ch-Ch-Changes’ by adding a final layer as a last goodbye to the late David Bowie, all of the proceeds with be donated to Cancer Research UK.
Davey Podmore - Ch-Ch-Changes 2016
“In 2014 my work was selected to take part in the Blisters Exhibition. The show’s theme was The Sound Sessions where each artist produced a piece inspired by a performer, song or gig. I chose David Bowie as my inspiration after visiting the incredible ‘David Bowie is…’ exhibition at the V&A. Bowie has so many iconic looks locked into our collective subconscious; my problem was choosing which one to go with. I decided to show them all with a montage of every look across the years, like a timeline.

Davey Podmore Quote

On January 10th 2016, I awoke to the shocking news that David Bowie had died of cancer and that his final album release Blackstar and the video for the single Lazarus was his goodbye to the fans. I was stunned. The world seemed stunned too and there was an outpouring of sadness and love like I had never witnessed. This horrible disease had stolen someone that still had so much to give. As an icon he had touched us all, with his music being a soundtrack to all our lives.

David-Bowie-Print-WIPSo I contacted Print Club London wanting to do something, anything and I sounded out an idea of re-releasing the print as a variant edition with a new layer added to the montage using the final image Bowie had left us with. Print Club London loved the idea and supplied the paper, the ink, their valuable time, experience and their online shop to sell the print with all proceeds going to Cancer Research UK.

Many thanks to Kate, Fred and everyone at Print Club London; without them this would never have happened.

David-Bowie-Print-WIP-2The print will be hand-printed, signed and a limited edition of 69; a print for every year of his life.”


You can purchase this print here!


Are you currently studying and enjoy dabbling in a little blogging on the side? Or perhaps you are looking for some content and work experience for your CV? Then you might be exactly what we are looking for…
Print Club London are looking for budding bloggers to embrace the London creative and print scene whilst sharing your experiences with our current followers.
Our social media channels and newsletter subscribers are ever growing and we are looking for someone who can continue to take this to the next level.
You’re aim will be to fill our Print Club news pages with engaging and inspiring content that will increase our online traffic and excite our readers!
We are looking for people who are passionate about exhibitions, art fairs, print, workshops, street art and the current creative scenes and activity!
We are looking for people with confidence who can get to know our artists and delve a little deeper into their practice, perhaps with an interview or two and some behind the print bed footage.
Whats in it for you?!
 FREE use of Print Club Print Studio. 
Plenty of content for your CV and any personal blogs. 
The chance to work alongside some of the UK’s finest Screen Print Artists. 
To be a part of the action, as and when it happens.
To work with us and be a part of this years Film4 Summer Screen Prints at Somerset House
The position is for 2 months with the possibility to extend.
Please email [email protected] with a short cover letter and CV outlining why you think you’d be a perfect fit.
We look forward to hearing from you.


As I sit down to write this, I am worried about two things: firstly, I have never written a blog before. And secondly I am worried I won’t be able to express quite how amazing my experience at Print Club has been so far. Bear with me, readers.
I applied for this position having just graduated from a degree in printmaking at Brighton, though I never dreamed that a place so well established would choose me for their ‘Print-ern-ship’. The link promoting it was passed around my course mates, which made the application even more nerve-wracking- now, for the very first time, my cohort had become my competition.
The portfolio I sent the Print Club consisted exclusively of etchings (my specialty for the past three years), so, I was not expecting to hear back. The fact I did was a serious confidence booster, as I left university without a clue as to how I might get my career going.
Screen printing wasn’t something I was particularly used to when I arrived here, so, although I don’t think of myself as a timid person, I began my internship feeling incredibly shy. What a difference three weeks makes! I still marvel at how everyone is so willing to help, to suggest ideas, and just to check how you’re doing throughout the day- from the founders, Kate, Fred and Rose, to the short term members. This sense of togetherness and support completely astounded me. Like so many people, I’m not good at asking for help, which generally means I have to screw things up quite majorly before finally working out what’s right.
The ‘Print-ern-ship’ offers full access to the studio, a desk space surrounded by other creative graphic designers, textile designers and fine artists AND an exhibition at the end of the placement in their own gallery. One day a week I also assist as technician in the studio- either trying to help other members or printing for the club or other corporate projects. It’s not only a fantastic way to learn and perfect techniques but it’s also afforded me a tremendous sense of belonging and offered me the chance to meet so many different people. All I can think about is how I never want this experience to end. As my time here goes on, I will continue to update you on what i’m up to, my work, whats going on at Print Club and exhibitions I’ve visited- keep an eye out !

Print Club London was delighted to be commissioned to design and print 50 gifts for Pullman Contracting’s clients.

Thank you Pullman who took the initiative to look out side the box of the usual gift gubbins, and created a beautiful 3d piece of art work that was printed on the glass and on the paper, to create a print with a difference. Artwork was created with Print Club’s artist ‘Ministry of Love’ to coincide with Pullmans annual clay pigeon shoot day.

If your company is interested in alternative gift ideas and want to work with one of our artists please contact us.


IMG_4280 IMG_4281 pullman2

Workshop text
We offer a variety of Corporate Screen Printing workshops, from both inside our Dalston studio and away! We are will transport all the necessary equipment straight to you and can set up in a small amount of time.
We are able to print your designs onto either paper, t-shirt or tote bags. If you’re not too creative you can always commission some of our top artists to create bespoke artwork for you to print! (how exciting)
We’ve worked with a wide range of clients including Nike, Liberty of London, Puma, Stella McCartney, TATE, Disney, Facebook, Google, Twitter and many more happy customers!
Our skilled print technicians will always be on hand to make sure you get the best results and teach you about the print process.
Our workshops are suitable for all ages and experience levels! Even the little ones…
Email [email protected] or call us for more information // 0207 254 9028


Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 16.02.09


Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 16.02.01


Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 16.00.18


Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 15.50.01


Corporate Workshop1


Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 15.45.14


Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 15.45.06


Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 15.42.57


Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 15.43.37


Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 15.44.56