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We are delighted to say that after an unscheduled hiatus, our iconic screenprinted poster show, Blisters, is officially back. This year, it is time to play! 

Blisters: Time to Play will be full to the brim with 50 artists, each with an exclusive limited edition of screenprints, selling for the one-night-only price of £50 a print. The exhibition will kick off with an immersive opening evening at the notorious MC Motors warehouse, our neighbours in East London. 


This is the 9th Blisters show since Print Club London was founded 15 years ago, and we are sticking true to our original values. Uniquely ‘Print Club London’ in personality, Blisters is designed to showcase a curated selection of artwork from emerging to established artists on a level playing field. All artworks are handmade screenprints signed by the artist in a numbered limited edition, accessible to a wide audience at a set affordable price.

Artists we have collaborated with in the past include: Marc Quinn, Anthony Burrill, Pure Evil, Ben Eine, Dave Buonaguidi, Lucy Mahon, Luke Edward Hall, Charming Baker, Alexandria Coe, Magda Archer, Mr Bingo, and many more. 

Previous years have attracted 2000 guests on the opening night, with 1000s of artworks sold in a matter of hours. After a few years off, this year we’re coming back with a bang!  

Submissions are now open to all for our 9th edition, Blisters: Time to Play, find out more below.

What does PLAY mean to you? This could be literal; a game of chess, a tennis match, an instrument. Or figurative; a play on words, to play a joke, or to play with fire. 

From as specific as a playground swing, to as broad as playing with the concept of reality. We encourage you to think outside the box, and have a play!

Within this show we aim to celebrate the notion of play from the light-hearted to the scholarly. Physical and psychological benefits of play within children and adults are already long-proven for education, problem-solving and emotional wellbeing. In the words of the honourable David Hockney; “People tend to forget that play is serious.

Keep an eye on our socials for snippets of inspiration over the coming weeks. Have fun, and no need to play it safe!

– Submit an artwork in your own style inspired by the theme of play, whatever this means to you. The more playful, the better! 

– Your artwork submission must be COMPLETELY new and original for this project and never seen before. We will not accept submissions that are displayed anywhere else, including a personal blog or portfolio.

– Artwork specification: B2 format (500 x 700mm) but can be portrait or landscape.

– Submissions must be sent as low-res jpeg files to [email protected].

The file must be saved as ‘YourName.jpeg’. You may submit as many designs as you like, but any submissions which do not meet this specification will not be put forward for review. 

– If successful, we can offer free use of our screenprinting studios to print your edition for the show (you must be a confident screenprinter to use our studios, and familiar with the entire process).

– If you aren’t a screenprinter then you will need to consider the cost of producing your artwork with a printing company. Please be aware that the more colours you choose the more expensive it will be to produce. You can speak with our sister company Tuckshop London who will be able to provide you with a quote, please email them directly on [email protected] to enquire. 

Important information: We encourage all styles and mediums to submit, the more diverse the selection the better, but not all design is destined to be framed and cherished inside the home environment. When responding to the brief, please be mindful that the main objective of the poster you create is to be an artwork hung in someone’s home!

Q: I’ve never made a screenprint, can I still submit an idea?

A: Yes! We encourage all artists to submit. You can create your original design in any medium e.g. digital, painted, collage, illustration, typographic, etc. But the final limited-edition artwork for ‘Blisters: Time to Play’ must be a fully screenprinted poster! See ‘PRODUCING YOUR SCREENPRINTS’ further up this page to learn more. 

Q: If I have an existing piece of art which I think suits the brief, can I submit this?

A: The artwork for your submission should be completely original. There may be elements from previous projects but the artwork should appear to be new as a whole.

Q: Does the poster need to contain text or type?

A: No, this is up to you. “Poster” is the format size paper and the term we use to describe this. You can either:

-Create artwork that is composed of visual illustration or design

-Submit an entry composed entirely of a typographic design

-Mix the two!

Q: If I have several designs, can I submit more than one?

A: Yes, you can submit as many designs as you like! Please save the files as ‘YourName1.jpeg’, ‘YourName2.jpeg’, etc.

Q: What is the edition size?

A: All artworks will be numbered out of an edition of 100, with a minimum of 50  prints to be printed and signed for the artwork delivery deadline. The artist may choose to print the rest of the edition at a later date depending on sales demand. 

Q: Can the artist choose the price?

A: No, it is a key part of Blisters that all artworks are the same set price, this will be £50 at the physical event and £100 online thereafter for any prints remaining in the edition.

Q: How much of the profits will go to the artist?

A: It’s a 50/50 split between the artist and Print Club London. The artist will receive 50% commission as will Print Club London.

Q: What happens to prints which remain unsold?

A: All prints are sold via Print Club London on our online gallery after the show.

Q: Do they remain the property of the artist or of Print Club London?

A: They’re owned by the artist/designer, but we retain the right to be the only seller of these prints as they have been commissioned for a show we have curated.

Q: Who owns the rights to the image?

A: Artists always own the rights to their work. However a rule of Blisters is that the work is commissioned on an exclusive basis and cannot be reproduced at a later date as another screenprint or giclée, unless with Print Club London.

Q: If ownership remains with the artist, can the artist resell them elsewhere – for example, through independent shops?

A: No, the prints can only be sold via Print Club London.

Q: If the artist is not producing the prints themselves will Print Club London be producing them?

A: Artists are responsible for printing their own artwork. They can use our studios for free if they know how to print! If artists are unable to print they can ask Tuckshop London, our bespoke printing service. Please note that Tuckshop London do have limited capacity, so printing services will be offered on a first come first serve basis. 


Introducing Matt Munday and Georgia Green the first of our Print Club Artist Residency who have each created a new collection of works in our Dalston Studios. Over the course of a month each artist worked in our studios creating new pieces working alongside our technicians and gallery curators. Matt and Georgia are the first two artist in residence this year. Watch this space for more coming up in our residency program.


Love 2 Love by Matt Munday
Edition of 24, £65

Matt is a London based illustrator & printmaker who’s work is a reflection of his passion for movement, music, sport and bold expressive colours. Matt aims to make work that is lighthearted and fun, anything to spread a little bit of joy.

Love Hard by Matt Munday
Edition of 25, £65

Dance Longer, Love Harder by Dave Buonaguidi
Edition of 25, £75

Green Voices in the Rain by Georgia Green
Edition of 30, £70

Georgia is a visual artist, printmaker and muralist. Whilst she focuses on contemporary mechanisms of reproduction within her creative practice, Georgia’s knowledge of traditional printmaking strongly informs her mark-making processes. She graduated with a BA in Fine Art: Painting and Printmaking from Glasgow School of Art in 2018.

Dartmoor Tiger by Georgia Green
Edition of 30, £70

Corners Lined with Silver by Georgia Green
Edition of 30, £70

Stained Glass Flowers by Georgia Green
Edition of 30, £70


We are offering artists the opportunity to be part of our artist residency at Print Club London. The culmination of the residency will be the launch of a new collection of your work in our online gallery! As well as representation, you will receive dedicated promotion both online and across our social channels, to our engaged audience of buyers.

The residency will be one month long, and offer you free use of our screenprinting studios and facilities. Alongside this we will provide support from our technicians and curatorial team.

This programme is available for 2 artists per month throughout the year.

Please send your CV and a small pdf of your works to [email protected] with a covering letter. You must have some experience of screenprinting to apply.


Over the last few months we have been working with some of our artists on a series of NFTs which are now available to buy online! The artworks are based on original screen-prints re-worked with animation into their new form as an NFT. All our artworks are positioned on a platform that uses green and clean crypto, Tezos. Visit our OBJKT profile to collect our newly released NFT.

You can view all our NFT’s here or scroll down to view

Maxine is a contemporary artist that combines typography, photography, grid layering and nostalgic imagery to create intriguing artworks. Her hand-pulled screen prints are a unique combination of vintage motifs and futuristic compositions. Her art is often described as ‘Nostalgic Futurism’. Her CMYK printing process helps blend retro and current imagery together, creating surrealist artworks that are futuristic yet familiar.


Rose Stallard, illustrator and Creative Director of Print Club, mixes up her own drawings with found images from across the board, injecting fanzine-like enthusiasm (and discernment). Clients include The Guardian, Fiction Records, Urban Outfitters, Dazed & Confused and Glastonbury.



Gavin is a London based artist, with initial training in Fine Art at Middlesex University.

Gavin’s paintings are loose and expressive, using fluid movements and textures to create engaging and lively pieces. Often the canvas has been used previously as a palette to create marks and mix colours unconsciously, before it becomes the beginnings of a piece itself.

Gavin’s screenprints often depict colourful, nostalgic images. As a painter who takes their work into screenprinting, Gavin brings the textures, drips and strokes into his printmaking and the use of negative space keeps the pieces fresh and contemporary.

Clients include Gaytimes, Boyz, Diva, Woodmansterne, Portfolio, Kingshead, Oval House and Trafalgar Studios.

Stuart graduated from Central St Martin’s School of Art with a First Class BA Hons in Fashion Design followed by an MA  in Film Production Design.
Over the years he has worked in several creative areas including Film Production and prop making, Art direction for Television, Product development and Interior design for both private and commercial spaces. He recently returned to his first love of image making and his work focuses on combining classical and modern imagery to create a new narrative showing how time marches forever forward  but human fears and desires ultimately remain the same. His art is best described as a dark and subtle clash  between the Iconic and  the ironic.

Donk is a photographer, printmaker and street artist, working in the urban paste -up poster tradition. He has worked as commercial photographer since the mid 1990’s but in 2008 decided to create the moniker ‘Donk’ to anonymously explore a series of new personal visual ideas. Curious to unlock the d.i.y creative potential of direct dialogue with the local environment, and fascinated by the ephemeral nature of unsanctioned creativity, he set about pasting his work into the east end of London and elsewhere.

I am a flourescent ink obsessed screenprint maniac, artist and teacher. I specialise in making rough, raw, punky image making bursting with energy and loud graphics, and have worked for clients such as Crocs, Brewdog, Film4, and The Prodigy.

My Work is built up from a dense hybrid of drawings, collaged imagery and multi – layered colours. I am a big fan the offsets, drips and fades to create an authentic distressed aesthetic.

Originally from Singapore, Cassandra Yap is an artist and art director based in London. Her work often explores the juxtaposition between dark and beautiful subjects to create the surreal. Fuelled by her love of pin ups, the female form and an unhealthy obsession with vintage erotica, her photomontage halftone style images are dark, bold and humorous with a kinky edge.

Exhibitions include:  Print Club Blisters Blackout ’10, Blisters The Directors Cut ’12 & Blisters Sound Sessions, 3939 Shop pop up gallery at the Shop At Bluebird, The London Illustration Fair ’13, Dalston Superstore, The Affordable Art Fair Battersea ’14, solo show at Laylow Art Gallery in Palma de Mallorca, Wall Street Gallery’s Revolution group show in LA, Affordable Art Affair Hampstead ’15 and Film 4 Summer screen print show at Somerset House.

The low carbon footprint of Tezos means developers and users can prioritize innovation without compromising sustainability. As a platform designed to evolve through its on-chain governance mechanism, the efficiency of Tezos is not by accident, but by design. This flexible design means that Tezos can always adapt to future needs and grow in accordance with the needs of the users on the platform. In fact, the Tezos blockchain has increased in energy efficiency on a per transaction basis by at least 70%, with the estimated electricity requirement per transaction being less than 30% in 2021 than what it was in 2020.

Read More Here!

Proof of Work Vs. Proof of State: the Ecological Footprint

Own Art is a national initiative, supported by Arts Council England, to make it easy and affordable for anyone and everyone to buy contemporary art. 

Own Art loans allow you to borrow from as little as £100 up to £2,500 and pay it back over 10 months, completely interest-free. You can choose to finance all or just part of your purchase and multiple items can be bought with one loan, and framing can be included too. The best part is that you can take your artwork home with you straight away.

Applying for an Own Art loan is easy!

The first stage is the difficult bit – deciding what to buy. Once you’ve found the artwork that you want to buy, just let us know that you’d like to apply for an Own Art loan to finance your purchase. All you will need is proof of residence and signature – for example, a driving license. Own Art is available to all UK residents over the age of 18, subject to status. This means that you must be able to meet one of the following criteria in order to be approved for a loan:

-Working at least 16 hours a week (employed or self-employed)

-A retired person in receipt of a pension

-If you are not working but are married to or living with a partner who does meet the above criteria, then you may still apply, provided that your partner is happy for their employment details to be included on your application form.


It only takes 10 minutes!

We’ll take you through the loan application process, which normally takes about 10 minutes. Once you have given us all the information we need, you’ll get an instant decision. Once your application is approved you will need you to sign the agreement and you can take your artwork away there and then. 

Please call us on 0207 254 9028 or email us [email protected] and we’ll either talk you through the process or send you the link to complete your application from the comfort of your own home.

You will receive a welcome letter from Own Art’s finance partner Novuna Personal Finance and following this your 10 monthly payments will be collected from your account by direct debit. This usually starts about four weeks after you’ve made your purchase.

It’s as simple as that!



To celebrate Earth Day 2021 we are proud to launch a collection of artworks raising money for Choose Earth, a campaign dedicated to supporting Brazilian indigenous communities.

. The prints are sold exclusively via Print Club London’s online gallery and are part of our ongoing project in support of refugee charity, Choose Love. For the past three years we have worked annually with the charity through collaborative projects, selling bespoke artworks and holding fundraising exhibitions, with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the charity in support of the amazing work they do.

Each artwork in the Choose Earth collection has been created by respected indigenous artists and 100% of the profits will directly support the artists themselves as well as vital social and environmental projects across Brazil.

View the Choose Earth collection. 


Mother Nature and the River Boy. £25

Indigenous Rising. £25

Listening to the Stories of the Sky. £25


Grandma Lulling Me To Sleep. £25


Seeding Tomorrow. £25


Shop all prints in the Choose Earth collection here.

100% of the proceeds from the sales of these prints is donated to Choose Earth in support of Brazilian indigenous communities.


Another weekend has arrived which means another Artist Outlook! This time with Natasha Searston who’s limited edition art are sure to inject some colour onto your walls! Natasha has just released some new art and they’ll be a favourite with your kids with a glow in the dark layer!! Scroll down to check her work out now and read the Q + A…

Little Ocean Glow (Green) by Natasha Searston
Open Edition, £50

This piece is also available in orange here 

I live in London but I’m originally from Nottingham (ay up me duck) and although I have a degree in Illustration I spent many years working in television before coming back to art.

My work is mostly colourful and playful. In the past I used to actively avoid bright colours(!) but now I’m knees-deep into the rainbow and I’m loving it. Plants, bears, mushrooms, weird little blobs with faces… have all featured quite heavily in my prints. There’s no particular rhyme or reason to that. My main rule is if I draw something that makes me smile then it passes the test.

Most of my illustrations start out as ink drawings because I find that it helps me to relax a bit and have fun drawing without the ability to delete or undo (the perfectionist in me can be quite interfering otherwise) and when I take things into Photoshop I try to keep some of those imperfections. I also use my own painted textures and I often purposely misalign layers in my prints slightly because I like to keep that handmade feel right through.

I think we’ve all got used to taking one day at a time and not planning too far ahead but now that the days are getting longer and spring is in the air I’m definitely starting to feel more positive about 2021. And I’ve been working on lots of new designs that I’m excited to turn into prints.

Houseplant by Natasha Searston
Edition of 100, £75

Have a go! Get stuck in! Learn something new! If you’re feeling uninspired or a bit flat then I would really recommend taking a class or learning a new skill to kick-start your creativity. Especially if you spend most of your time working on a computer. It’s so satisfying to make things with your hands and get a bit messy. My other tip would be to HAVE FUN. Don’t think too hard or worry too much… just do what you enjoy. I think if you’re enjoying yourself it shows in the work.


I’ve been experimenting with phosphorescent ink in my prints recently and I’m currently working on a set of glow-in-the-dark mushroom prints that I’m quite excited about.

Rose by Natasha Searston
Edition of 100, £65

I’ve definitely learnt not to take so many things for granted but mostly I feel really fortunate in loads of ways after this past year. It goes without saying that I’m VERY grateful for Print Club’s studio and all the lovely people who print there. I also have a new appreciation for London’s green spaces. And walking. I’m really lucky to live next to an amazing park and canal. One of my favourite things these past few months has been walking everywhere with my headphones tuned into a floaty delicious playlist. When things get back to normal I’m going to try to use less public transport and keep walking.

Love Bears (Red) by Natasha Searston
Open Edition, £40

I’m looking forward to going out into the countryside again. Nature feeds into my work quite a lot too so I’ve missed that. And I’m feeling optimistic for a nice (normal-ish, hopefully) summer with friends and sunshine and beer gardens. Like ye olden times.

As the weather starts to get better I’d also really like to do some large-scale work outdoors – perhaps working on some murals this summer would be fun.


We are loving hearing about our artist’s outlook for the year and we hope you do too! Next up it’s one of our best-selling artists Lucille Clerc, scroll down to read the Q + A and check out some of Lucille’s beautiful art!

Night Flowers by Lucille Clerc
Edition of 30, £120

I’m an illustrator and printmaker. I live between London and the French countryside.
I grew up in my grandparents carpentry, surrounded by craftsmen and raised by an English teacher passionate about botany and an architect teaching landscape drawing, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!
I’ve been lucky to work at very different scale from tiny packagings to large scale immersive murals, and from big brands to museums, publishers and magazines. In the work I create as a printmaker I develop the narrative side, I hide details for the viewer to discover. It takes you on a longer journey and hopefully makes you escape reality for a little longer.

London has been a great source of inspiration, it isn’t like other capitals, it’s much greener. There is a tradition of small gardens inside estates, squares, allotments, botanical gardens, flower markets, and people have a real interest and appetite for these. I like to explore the relation between architecture and Nature in my work this is why you will find a lot of botanical gardens inspired prints, from Kew Gardens where I worked on the renovation project of the Great Pagoda, to the Barbican conservatory to other botanical gardens that I was lucky to visit prior to the pandemic.

I’m feeling positive about the idea of printing again, even if I’ll have to wait to be fully healed to go back to a normal rhythm, the prospect of creating new prints and being around the studio surrounded by all kinds of passionate people is really exciting, and kept me going in these darker days. I can’t wait to be back! And I miss my studio friends!

City Of Trees by Lucille Clerc
Edition of 50, £180

I would say, switch off that computer and trust your instinct! Go look at things in the flesh and always carry a sketchbook. Don’t pay too much attention to trends, they pass, if you copy the current trends you’re already too late. Building a career and finding your own style takes time and work. Find your own themes, your own source of inspiration. Just make sure you do something that truly has meaning for you, there will always be someone out there who shares the same interests as you and will be touched by what you do. Believe in yourself but also trust others, because they are the ones that will carry you and your work further than you could ever imagine. Value each chance you are given to make a living out of what you love, we are extremely lucky people, so if you want to last, don’t take things for granted and be loyal to the people you work with.

Pocket Garden #1 by Lucille Clerc
Edition of 30, £65

I’ve designed large scale hand-drawn decorative panels for the newly refurbished Burrell Collection in Scotland, a museum that has been really dear to me  since childhood and I can’t wait to see it in the flesh this year (fingers crossed). 
More recently, I’ve illustrated a book by Jon Drori Around the world in 80 Plants, sequel to our Around the World in 80 Trees published by Laurence King which will be released on April 15th this year. It has even more illustrations than in the first one and we are super excited to finally be able to share it!

I feel unbelievably lucky and grateful for being alive and able to do what I love for a living again.
Last year I’ve managed to get through a potentially lethal lung surgery and avoid being infected by covid, and life feels even more precious. I had a lot of time immobilized to think about it. And I had to learn all the basics again, breathing, walking, holding a pen again, etc, It’s been a very long and painful process but somehow an interesting one too and very moving one with the support of my loved ones. I have of course even more admiration for surgeons and medical staff and had to let go of a lot of fears to put my life in the hands of other people. This kind of events is life changing, it’s a good opportunity to re-evaluate what you have done with your life, who you surround yourself with and where you’d like to go, moving forward.




Day At Kew – 2nd Edition by Lucille Clerc
Edition of 30, £180

Staying home and chill? No, I think I had enough of that! 

When it’s safe and allowed I’d love to travel and hug some family members and friends I haven’t seen for a year. It’s been a rocky road and just like everyone else, I guess I have a few family meals and friends bbq to catch up with. Otherwise I’ll keep taking care of the garden (which has been a great source of inspiration during the different lockdowns) and I’ll be preparing for a solo show that will happen before 2025 hopefully!

London Night by Lucille Clerc
Edition of 30, £120

Seeing as we’re unable to invite you into our studios during these unprecedented time! We’re bringing our studio to you

We have organised an online workshop with our head tutors Craig & Ricky to give you an insight into our studios and how to print!

Date: Thursday 18th February 2021

Time: 6pm

Duration: 1 hour session

Location: At your home via Zoom

(We will send you a log-in the day before the workshop!)

Price: £15*

*Plus the cost of the printing kit which is £55 for the basic kit


– Our Home Screen Printing Kit

-Cotton t-shirts

-Scrap paper (To practise with)

To secure your space on our online workshop you can purchase here! 

If you need to purchase the home printing kit please ensure you have ordered this by Monday 15th February so we can get it out to you!

Each week we’ve been chatting to a different artist all about their outlook on 2021 and the future ahead! This week’s artist is Adam Bridgland! Adam has just released two BRAND NEW pieces with us which are perfect for Valentine’s day! Scroll down to read the Q + A and check out some of Adam’s amazing work!

You And Me, Me And You (Roses) 2021 by Adam Bridgland
Edition of 75, £70

A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Adam lives and works as an artist in Cambridgeshire.

Whether descriptive of change or constancy, Bridgland’s work keys into our desire to remember and relive, and plays upon our tendency to elevate our shared memories with the rose-tinted, wistful spectacles we don when thinking of the past, as well as the future. His depictions of identity and belonging, nostalgia and emotion give to his work a hugely personal aspect, and are influenced by a graphic and visual tradition that is quite specific to Britain. Yet his subtle combinations of image and related text play on everyone’s perceptions of shared occasions. Perhaps then it is the delicately précised power of the experiences he attempts to capture that make Bridgland’s work so accessible to all.

Look At The Sky Because… by Adam Bridgland
Edition of 50, £95

Experiment, have fun. Now is a brilliant time to try new techniques and express yourself creatively.

A Dozen Cheap Roses, 2021 by Adam Bridgland
Edition of 75, £70

I have launched two new works for Valentines with Print Club. One is entitled A Dozen Cheap Roses and You and I, Me and You. I am also working on pieces for my solo exhibition. It has been rescheduled twice already so I am hoping third time lucky!

I am grateful to my family and friends, as well as everyone who had responded positively to my practice this year, it has really helped. A huge positive is the pandemic has been the changes to my working practices and the good this has brought. I have been wanting to do this for some time but was too scared to previously do this.

Now I Find Poetry In The Strangest Of Places, 2020 by Adam Bridgland
Edition of 75, £70

We’re dreaming of one day owning our own Georgian house after taking a peek inside Bianca Fincham’s gorgeous property (@pembrokelodge) Scroll down to read the Q + A covering all things from interiors, lockdown to Christmas!

I run a small PR agency which I founded in 2012, called Rainbowwave PR and we’re based in Camden. I have two children, a 6-year old boy and an 11-month old baby girl. We bought Pembroke Lodge in Cornwall in March 2018 and I commuted each week to my office in Camden for 2+ years while we renovated, but after the 2nd baby decided to move back to London full time. we now rent the house out with @Boutiqueretreats and we rent in Kew, SW London.

It’s a 5 bedroom Georgian house which dates from 1791, located on the seafront in between the fishing villages of newlyn and Mousehole in SW cornwall. It was actually once the home of artist Walter Langley who was said to be the pioneer of the Newlyn Art school.

Yes The Shore in Penzance is amazing, Bruce Rennie is an amazing chef. The Gurnards Head in Zennor and The Coastguard are also fantastic and places we always go for Sunday lunch. 

I’m torn between two. A John Hoyland print that me and my other half bought together (our first joint purchase) when we first moved in together and a Keith Murray X Wedgewood vase which my mother in law gave to us which was her fathers.


I have my eye on auctions every day. It’s an addiction, I suppose. Next up, I hope, will be a work by David Shrigley that I have been chasing. I collect his work; it gives me endless joy and seems to be growing in value quite rapidly too. I have about a dozen pieces by him.


My ideal weekend would probably revolve around food and being at the house. I’d say a lazy morning with the kids and a big breakfast of bacon and eggs and then a mid-morning walk along Sennen Beach or Godrevy. Lunch at Mackeral Sky in Newlyn, and then an afternoon stroll around Newlyn and back to the house for an early night in front of the TV and a roaring fire.

Sunday I would say a long lazy lunch at The Coastguard in Mousehole or the Gurnards Head in Zennor or a walk around The Godolphin Estate, one of my favourite National Trust houses.



Cornwall Is Always A Good Idea – Mini by Dave Buonaguidi
Each one unique, £100

M is for Monkey by Clare Halifax
Edition of 100, £70


Mini Bloom by M.E. Ster-Molnar
One Off Original, £85

We are so excited for Christmas. We miss the house so we are having an extended break down there and I’m looking forward to leaving work in London for the holidays, this year more than ever!

My baby was 3 months old when the first lockdown happened and I was 1-week back to working full-time so life was pretty hectic at home, especially with the 6 year old off too, we definitely failed on the home school front.

I mostly listen to podcasts in a work capacity. I find ‘The Glossy Podcast’ really informative, and I like the High Low when I’m driving. Me and my other half catch up on Desert Island Discs when we’re driving long distance to Cornwall.

I’d say it’s quite traditional, English country house style but with a modern twist.
Its definitely evolved alongside the renovation journey. I wanted to try and be sensitive to the house and make it more functional for today but also I took so much inspiration from other Georgian Houses

I’d say paint is a really good way to totally refresh a room and don’t be afraid to make a mistake. I’d also encourage people to check out their local auction houses as it’s a great way to pick up great, reasonably priced pieces. Pinterest is also a great resource as is Instagram.


Who doesn’t love a big bunch of flowers in their homes to brighten it up, as the seasons change it’s important to inject colour, life and fun! So, what better way than M.E. Ster-Molnar’s ‘Super Bloom’ collection? Fill your walls with these gorgeous one-off mono-printed floral pieces that’ll last a lifetime, check them out and read all about what M.E. has been getting up to lately…

Super Bloom 90 (Pansy Party) by M.E. Ster-Molnar
One-Off Monoprint, £125

I recently rearranged my home studio.  I used to use the conservatory space in the house, but wanted a zen/yoga space to relax in.  So I moved my working art space down to the garage.  Since we don’t have a car, it seemed to make more sense.  I also like seeing the world go by, so I can open up the door, get natural light, and can see people walking by on the path outside.

Hmmmm, it’s good for working on my art journals or doing experiments on the sewing machine.  Working from home when it comes to screen printing – Not so much!  I keep thinking that I’ll do some oversized masterpiece at home, but I’m happier when I’m in the buzz of a studio of other artists.

I work quite loosely.  I describe my work as sunshine infused, celebrating the beautiful imperfections of life.  In other words, I’m not the neatest worker, but my best work comes when I take off the pressure off and enjoy the process. I love being surprised by what appears when I do a mono print.  I can predict it a bit, but that surprise element is what I love most about it.

Super Bloom 168 (Pub Flowers at Sunset) by M.E. Ster-Molnar
One-Off Monoprint, £125

Spending time with my family in the US tops my list.  This past summer, I spent time in Atlantic Beach, Florida with my parents.  We would go to the beach right before sunset and put our chairs at the edge of the water at the end of a hot day, letting the waves wash over our feet.  We would leave after dark with sand all over us and the messiest, salt kissed hair.  It was so fun.

Over the past 20 years, I have purchased and gifted the same book over and over – it’s a book on Feng Shui called “Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life” by Karen Rauch Carter.

Super Bloom 151 (Amarylis Peach Skies) by M.E. Ster-Molnar
One-Off Monoprint, £125

Yes!  I was a fashion designer for the better part of the past 15 years, but didn’t know how to sew!  So I sat down and learned on a basic machine.  I was determined to sew my own masks and even fulfilled quite a few orders, it was quite satisfying.  I still like the idea of delegating the sewing to master sewers, but now I can at least come up with some rough ideas if I want to have production made of them.  I also got back into tie dying, I love it!

I was a DJ in college and love all this electronica!  I am a Spotify junkie, so I make a playlist a month of songs that I love.  It could be a song that I Shazam while I’m at the Print Club, a song that Spotify recommends, or one that pops into my mind.  I wear noise canceling headphones around London while I travel, and the music keeps me grounded.   Future Islands, Tosca, Beck, and Robyn are some of my favorites.

Mini Bloom 107 (Sunshine Cactus Bloom) by M.E. Ster-Molnar
One-Off Monoprint, £

Now if you LOVE pink then you are going to be obsessed with our latest guest Curator! We’ve been chatting to Emily Murray aka Pink House Living all about her interior choices, inspiration and her favourite pieces from our online gallery. We have a feeling this feature will leave you reaching for a paint brush and a pot of pink paint!
Check it out below…

I’m the founder of The Pink House, an award-winning interiors and lifestyle blog, brand and business, and author of the book Pink House Living (named after my Instagram account @pinkhouseliving), published last year by Ryland Peters & Small. I moved into blogging and content creation after a career editing and writing for lifestyle magazines, and I’ve also worked in advertising, and as a stunt woman! I have two kids, aged 10 and 7, a long-suffering Pink House Husband and a Ragdoll cat called Coco. I love books, backflips and my boys…oh, and alliteration!

It’s an Edwardian semi-detached house on top of a hill in South East London which backs onto a huge communal parkland – the main reason we bought the property three years ago; it gives us an expanse of nature (complete with noisy parakeets!) in Zone 3 London. The previous owners extended the house to create a large, bright, open-plan kitchen, and we finished the job by demolishing the old kitchen and a sorry-looking shower room to open up the house and create a large hallway with lots of storage. We also built a pink shower room extension onto the side of the house, and installed a utility room in a former storage space.

I have a playful attitude to life and try to find the fun in everything I do, including decorating my home. I guess I’d describe my style as playful, practical and full of personality…with quite a bit of pink. Honestly it’s total coincidence that all these words begin with ‘p’! I suppose my approach to interior design mirrors my approach to life. I love to find the fun wherever possible, but at the same time I’m aware that some structure and discipline is necessary too. By all means swing on the trapeze, but put your shoes away in the purpose-built pink drawer first!

I absolutely adore the curvy brass-and-ceramic vintage lamp I bought from The Old Cinema while I was living in Edinburgh. I love it so much, in fact, that when my carpenter accidentally knocked it so it smashed to pieces on the floor, I drove halfway across Scotland to have it repaired by a master ceramicist – at a price marginally higher than I’d paid for it in the first place. You can still just see the cracks, but in some respects I love it even more now that I’m part of its story. It now sits on the bookshelf in the internal window near (but not TOO near) the trapeze. This way I can see it from the family room and dining area, and as soon as I walk through the front door.

I have my eye on one of those colourful Mustard Made lockers for storing the kids’ muddy football stuff when they come in the back door after playing in our park. There are so many gorgeous colours I’m having difficulty deciding though…

I mean, I’m a massive media cliché, but I do enjoy a good champagne-fuelled girlie weekend at Babington House. Throw in a few hours of downhill mountain biking with PHH and a chance to watch my boys play – and ideally win – a football match and I’m happy.

I find the podcast How to Fail with Elizabeth Day fascinating. I just listened to the episode she recorded with Henry Holland over lockdown, where he talks about the failure of his business. I thought his upbeat attitude was incredibly inspiring.


My mum’s parents were Jewish refugees from Germany and Austria, so your Choose Love collaboration with the charity Help Refugees – with all proceeds from sales of the prints going to the charity – is particularly close to my heart. I have the Katie Killip version in my hallway, which for me comprises so many meaningful things in one piece of artwork.

Our Choose Love Collection 100% of the profits go to the Charity Help Refugees

Dave Buonaguidi’s prints are among my favourite PCL pieces – his ‘Yeah baby’ pink glitter print hangs in The Pink House. As a writer I appreciate the art of the word, and coming from an advertising background, like Dave, I also appreciate his use of shouty ironic slogans. I’m especially keen on his ‘Life’s Too Short To Be Beige’ print, which definitely speaks to my sensibilities.

Life’s Too Short To Be Beige by Dave Buonaguidi
Edition of 26, £275


I’m a big fan of graphic artist Rugman, too, and not just because he’s mates with Tom Hardy. I have his Rebel Rebel Bowie print on my wall – his PCL print Monroe Stars is fabulous as well.

Monroe Stars by Rugman
Edition of 25, £220

I’ve held off making any grand holiday plans as I find it’s impossible to predict how Covid19 might affect travel over the next few months. I have just booked a short family break to Soho Farmhouse for the Christmas holidays, but that’s about it for now. Oh, apart from this weekend’s Norfolk yoga retreat with my wonderful yoga teacher Candice Habershon. There’s going to be wild swimming and illicit drinking and everything!

I feel it would be unfair to choose just one, but here are a few of my favourites, both old and new, that spring to mind: Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens; The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger; The Rainbow by D.H.Lawrence; The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Certain elements of the design became clear soon after we bought this house, such as the predominantly pink, green and blue colour scheme which runs throughout. The dark blue sitting room was the first to take shape, and I knew I wanted that north-facing space to have a cosy, after-dark feel for snuggling up and watching movies by the fire. The kitchen came next, and again I knew I wanted to pull the outdoors vibe into this room, to connect it to the parkland outside the window. The more ‘out there’ elements of The Pink House – the trapeze and the climbable storage in the hallway – developed as the renovation progressed and I saw opportunities to add some serious fun!

She’s not an item, strictly speaking, but this crappy year would have been SO much worse without our gorgeous Ragdoll kitten, Coco, who came to live with us just before lockdown started and with whom we all fell completely in love the moment she arrived. I would also have been bereft without Mirabeau rosé, and the pink pergola that the Pink House Husband built in our garden over lockdown, which has become the hub of our social lives.

Don’t take it too seriously – the stuffy powers-that-be of the interiors world would have you think there are ‘rules’ that must be followed and that it’s all terribly complicated and best left to the professionals but this is rubbish. Trust your instincts and choose things you love and you won’t go wrong.

The latest Guest Curator is the lovely Dr. Geraldine Tan (@littlebigbell) and we’ve been taking a peek into her very colourful home! Scroll down to read all about Geraldine’s home, renovating tips and her ideal weekend… as well as gaining some rainbow interior inspiration!

Left: Dial ‘S’ For Starlight by David Newton, Edition of 40, £100
Right: Dial ‘I’ For Incognito by David Newton, Edition of 30, £100

Little Big Bell is an award winning design, interiors and lifestyle blog based in London, England.  It was started by Geraldine Tan, who for as long as she can remember has a true passion for colour, design and decorating.

In 2016, Little Big Bell was voted as one of London’s best interiors bloggers.

As well as curating and promoting new talents and trends in the world of design and decor, Geraldine loves to create original content she feels passionate about.

I live in a victorian terrace house which has 5 levels. I love the period features in myVictorian home and have preserved all the original cornicing and fireplaces. I also like mixing in a dose of contemporary to create an eclectic original feel.

My style is all about colour and happiness.

I love all my art prints, but currently my favourite is my new pink sofa bed because it’s the most comfortable place to sit and unwind. The bed will come in handy for any future Pandemics too, especially if I need to isolate away from the family.

I’m re-reading To Kill a Mocking bird with my son. I booked for us to see the play in the West End but sad it was cancelled during the Pandemic.

Being at home with my family in my pyjamas all day, styling my furniture and taking photos. Of late, I’m on a health drive, so I’m also loving walks on Hampstead Heath.

I’ve always been into colours. I’m sure it has evolved over time as I become bolder in the way I mix patterns and colours together.


Reed diffusers to scent your home. My favourites are those by Acqua Di Parma and Reeds of Mine.

My favourite recipe is Assam Laksa, which is a spicy sour fish broth with noodles. It always reminds me of my childhood in Malaysia.
One of my favourite restaurants is Frog by Adam Handling.

Shout For Sunshine by David Newton
Open Edition, £100

If you are using tradesmen, then do your research well.
A project could cost you more time and money if you pick the wrong person.


We get lots of messages from our lovely followers asking how we’d recommend the best way to show off our artwork and the truth is, there’s no right or wrong way! Here’s some of our favourite images taken by you, hopefully these will give you some inspo and top tips for your home.

When we hang in our own gallery some of our team start centrally and work out, our director Fred likes to start with a top line on the wall and work down whilst others in our other team move left to right. We loved this image by @thesandpiperbarn and her very exact way of hanging by placing sheets on the wall prior to hanging prints, this is perfection! Especially if you like spacing to be equal between each work this technique helps.

Photos via Instagram: @sandpiperbarn

Photos via Instagram: @wonderfulhouseldn

Photos via Instagram: @________

Part of curating a wall is also thinking about how to frame the works and feature other items, like trinkets and postcards perhaps. Smaller items that force the eye to travel around the works.

‘Whilst most of us like simple black and white frames there’s always the option to go for something more bold, an antique frame or something that feels vintage. I love these frames by Etalage who sell online. Sarah (@sarahs.actualwardrobe) introduced them to me! I also adore Louise Roe (@louiseroe) for framing as she’s very particular about her framing and has great tips about where to find good ones cheaply. Boot fairs are a great place for frames as you can always get a really good bargain if you think creatively! If you can get up early Kempton and Ardingly are great Antiques/bootfairs. ‘ – Kate, Print Club Director 

Always wait till you’ve received your artwork before buying a frame! It can look different in person and measurements can vary by millimetres. Never order your frame before you’ve seen the artwork in your own hands!

Photos via Instagram: @__________

If you’re in a rented home or don’t fancy drilling holes in your walls to hang artwork this is the perfect solution! You can get affordable shelving and simply lean your framed pieces on there!

Ikea do some great shelves with a lip to avoid the frames sliding off!

Photo via Instagram: @e11reno

You probably spend a lot of time in your lounge and it may be the heart of your home so, you need to make it a space which reflect you and your personality! Why not, add some artwork which are talking points for examples ‘Let’s Go Get Lots Together – Cornwall by Dave Buonaguidi’ from a staycation in sunny Cornwall. Hang artwork which makes you feel happy whenever you look at it!

If you’re looking to create something unique and original what about painting a backdrop behind the frame? Select a colour which completes the art pieces to really make them pop on your wall!

Photo via Instagram: @naptimestyle

A centre piece that’s big and bold sometimes it’s the best way to go! Hang above a mantel piece, above the sofa or what about hanging it pride of place as you walk through the door!

‘Curating a wall with different pieces produced in varying mediums is a really effective way of adding depth and texture to a collection of works or a feature wall. Add in some oil paintings or collage to sit alongside a screenprint. You can pick up paintings at open studios often or via our originals page, hanging works together that feature different surface finishes adds intrigue to a wall. ‘ I often find small pencil drawings in flea markets in Spain that I frame up. We also once bought a beautiful crayon drawing whilst in Mexico and once framed up they almost come alive. Especially when the sit alongside other works, it’s like they talk to each other. ‘
Kate, Print Club Director.

It isn’t always the most obvious choice to hang art in your kid’s bedroom but, adding art to a child’s bedroom is an easy way of injecting colour and can complete a room. Also, purchasing art for the little ones will become a momento from their childhood and something they can keep with them.

Command strips are a great way to hang artwork quickly and effectively! If you can be a little indecisive these are perfect as you can take the artwork down easily without it marking the walls, so you can switch up your walls whenever you fancy! We wouldn’t recommend using command strips on heavy framed pieces as we’d hate the thought of them falling from the wall.





We’re really treating you this week, not one but, TWO ‘Artist At Home’ features! We know how well loved this artist and their rabbits are to you guys so, to coincide with the release of three new HAM screen prints, we caught up with the founder Joanna Ham to talk all things bunnies, her studio and lockdown…

Dinosaur Rabbit by HAM
Open Edition, £40

I’m an artist, illustrator and founder of homeware brand HAM. I live on a farm on the Welsh borders with my husband Stew, two kids, Kit and Ren and our dog Ted. The studio is a converted granary barn nestled in the hills surrounded by sheep!

I’ve just launched a brand new series of Rabbit prints and am currently working on expanding HAM’s mug collection. Away from the bunnies I’ve been developing some of my personal work and have just finished a set of flower drawings.

Bathtime Rabbit by HAM
Open Edition, £40

Pilates Rabbit by HAM
Open Edition, £40

I’ve been trying to up my snack game and my go to sweet treat has been chocolate beetroot brownies … the kids demolish them and the veg minimises some of the sugar guilt!

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster adjusting to the new normal, especially juggling work and kids. But this forced break has given me a much-needed timeout to revisit what sits at the heart of HAM. I’ve been carrying around a load of ideas for ages and have finally been able to carve out a chunk of time to just get lost in experimenting and creating new work.

So many amazing artists to choose from! The last piece I bought was Human Beinz by William Blanchard – such an uplifting piece – I’ve hung it in my son’s room.

Human Beinz – Small by William Blanchard
Artist Proofs Available, £250

Fun minimalism.

Try not to get sucked back into our old regime of manically rushing around and never having enough time.

Now you may be familiar with Lucinda’s (@nesttwentyeight) home as we’ve featured her beautiful interiors on our instagram ALOT! We caught up with Lucinda to chat all things lockdown, interior inspiration and what’s keeping her busy! Scroll down for the Q + A and a little insight into her gorgeous home!

Cornwall Is Always A Good Idea by Dave Buonaguidi
An Open Edition, £275

Hello! I’m Lucinda and since leaving London with my husband and my job as teacher to become a Mum, I’ve been having a ball doing up our first home. As we don’t have an unlimited supply of disposable income, I have done 99% of the painting and decorating myself and have loved the process so far. For me, keeping costs low without compromising on style is key and I have always wanted to call myself a ‘Project Manager’; it makes me feel like I’m on my own version of Grand Designs, except there’s no Kevin McCloud or a hard hat in sight- just little old me.

Our home is a 4 bedroom detached house, in rural East Sussex, where we’ve lived for the last 5 years. My husband, James and I used to live in Clapham, London where we rented a flat, but moved here to buy our first home together and now live here with our 4 year old daughter, Sienna.

My style is a mash up of Scandi, rustic and modern. I like to think my extreme style caters to all sides of my personality!

This is so hard to choose! In terms of sentimentality, I would always say something that has meaning and history. So, anything that I’ve inherited from my parents, like my vintage Singer sewing machine that I’ve repurposed as a side table in my kitchen. My Mum bought it from the Friday Ad for a fiver in the 80s and it brings back so many childhood memories every time I look at it.

I barely get time to read with a 4 year old in tow…! However, a friend bought me an audiobook of ‘Educated’ by Tara Westover for my birthday last month, which I listened to every night before bed and it was an incredibly moving and powerful true story.

I’ve always known what styles I like, but have definitely taken my time in developing and building upon them at home.

Home schooling Sienna, small DIY projects that I’ve been putting off and creating new content for my Instagram feed.

Lets Go Disco by Oli Fowler
Edition of 10, £400

Little Fucking Cloud – Rose Gold by Donk
Edition of 100, £120


The fridge for food, the cocktail cabinet for Friday night drinks and all the art that has made the four walls we’re confined to all the prettier to look at…!

I LOVE leopard print and own a lot of it, so I’ll go with classic; Pat Butcher vibes all the way…

I love cooking and food; as we’re currently in lockdown due to the Coronavirus, we’ve been making the most of bringing the restaurant experience to us: homemade sushi, pizzas and Nando’s spicy rice have all been highlights!

Socialising with family or friends in the summertime, with a BBQ on the go and listening to some banging tunes in the garden!

Without a doubt, Van Gogh. I am fascinated by his story and how his paintings truly reflect his state of mind during his challenging life.

It’s a brand new week and we have a brand new ‘Artist At Home’ for you all! We caught up with Adam Bridgland to see what he’s been getting up to during lockdown, scroll down for the Q + A…

Look At The Sky by Adam Bridgland
Edition of 50, £95

My name is Adam Bridgland and I am an artist based in Cambridgeshire.  During the lockdown I have been working in our home studio, named The Hide as its design was influenced by bird hides.  It is a space I share with my wife, artist Lucy Gough, and my two boys, based at the top of the garden that looks across the allotments and on to Angelsey Abbey.

Every Town Is Full Of Interest, 2020
One-Off Original Piece

It has been a strangely liberating experience working in the  home studio, much of my time before was spent travelling between Cambridge and London. I have spent much of time trying to take stock of the work I had made over the last year.  April was supposed to see the opening of my first solo show for 2 years.  As with many of my solo exhibitions they are a full stop to a body of work.  With that taken away it has been interesting to have more time to access this work and then start to think about the next chapter.  I have also been reevaluating work that has sat in the studio for a little while.  Some of the work again through fresh eyes has started new conversations in my practice to then move forward with.  With my very simple set up of a board and two screen print claps I have been making simple mono prints and two/three colour prints, really to keep everything ticking over.

I have been working on a number of original enamel and letraset postcard/photographic works as well as a series of painted signs which I go and install in the fenland landscape near my home.

You and I, Me and You, 2020
Edition of 75, £70

Digital archival print with hand finished enamel overlays

Now I Find Poetry In The Strangest Places, 2020
Edition of 75, £70
Digital archival print with hand finished enamel overlays

Beer and nuts, I’m working on my figure!

My football team, both playing and coaching

Follow Me by Matthew Green
Edition of 200, £50

Go and see the sea, cry.

An image by my son Cass (aged 7) rather than me – think it sums up lockdown perfectly.

This week we’ve been speaking with Kim Turkington, you may well already follow her on Instagram (@loveclothblog) well, we’ve been chatting all things home with Kim! Scroll down to check out her scandi-inspired home, her favourite pieces from our online gallery and what she’s been getting up to in lockdown!

Hi, I’m Kim, originally from Northern Ireland, I moved to London about 6 years ago. I work full time as a social media manager and on the side run my blog, Love Cloth. A bit of a visual diary full of fashion, travel and everything in-between.

We recently moved in to a temporary space being renovated by Simon and his family. So it’s very much a work in progress – trying to make it feel as homely as possible. It’s been amazing to see the space change and evolve. We filled it with all our own furniture alongside building a make shift temporary kitchen during lock down.

Simon and I have quite similar style (thankfully) when it comes to interiors. We love natural fabrics and textures. Contemporary but not too minimal, taking elements from Industrial and Scandinavian design.

The most treasured pieces are the photos around the house. I love photography and capturing memories and these always make a place feel like home.

I’m a sucker for breakfast out with a great coffee followed my exploring London and meeting up with friends

I think it’s a classic, however I’m not sure we have any print in the house.

I love photography and have always had an interested in Guy Bourdin. I have also been looking at lots of Slim Aarons photography lately, I guess living vicariously through his summer vibes.

Some how filling my days with a lot of faffing around the house but also trying to get creative with my instagram @loveclothblog – Finding new ways to share content in lock down is new as I’m usually shooting out and about in London. Not forgetting the usual, lots of baking.

It’s taken us a while to build our style and it continues to change… We are trying to invest more in quality timeless pieces that will last, adaptable to new spaces as we move on.

Tight Around The Waist by Alexandria Coe
Edition of 25, £95

I’m a sucker for a Sunday roast and this weekend we did Mary Berry slow cooked lamb. Weekdays I love to cook from “The Roasting Tin” – so simple but delicious veggie options too.

The Ace by Bonnie & Clyde
Edition of 60, £675

Palm springs Weekender by Lucy Mahon
Edition of 25, £70

Red Nude 02 by Alexandria Coe
One Off Original, £450
Oil Pastel on Cartirdge Paper

My phone. I FaceTime my family most days. It’s been such a great thing to have in lockdown to keep in touch with everyone. Plus the essentials, joggers and a good wine. Ha!

We’ve been chatting to Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle influencer Sophie Hannah all about her home renovations! Over the past 18 months Sophie has put a lot of creative energy into making a mark on her home! Scroll down to read the Q + A and also, check out Sophie’s amazing home!

I’m Sophie Hannah – a Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger who changes her hair colour every month. I love experimenting with makeup and my style and for the last 18 months I have been able to put my creativity into my home.

I’d say my house was difficult to sum up overall as each room is so different. Some rooms have dark interiors with an eclectic décor and others are focused on pastel colours and beautiful pattern tiles. Overall though the house is super colourful and has a lot of personality.  You can tell we love jungle interior vibes though… A lot!

I have a bureau that is probably 20-30 years old. It was my Dads and when he passed away I got to keep some of his possessions and his bureau was one of them. I am actually about to upcycle it and transform it from pine wood to a pastel pink! Stay tuned on @sophiehannahhome for the transformation.

I made an amazing gluten free banana bread the other day during lockdown. I think everyone is baking this, but I thought I’d share in case anyone else is gluten free. You can find the recipe here!

It was definitely a gradual thing; we’d never renovated before. Before we started looking for a renovation project I had been pinning and saving to an Instagram board, inspiration for each room. Some of the rooms are very similar to my ideas at the start, some have definitely developed. I did find it hard being set on a theme/idea for a room and then seeing more inspiration online and then swaying with ideas mid renovation! It’s so hard to make those final decisions.

Definitely homeware shopping, a girls night out and a pub roast dinner on a Sunday!

I’m actually getting lots of house bits done. The bits you’d usually say you’re going to do at the weekend but never get round to it! Like putting up blinds, up-cycling furniture, putting up wall art and shelves. I’m also doing my own press on nail art at home so my nails are still on fleek for my beauty and fashion videos, I’m baking and working out! I’m also still working which is great. I’m a full time Beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle influencer at @sophiehannah if anyone wants to come and say hi.

This is so hard! I can’t pick so I’m going to name a few homeware designers I love right now: Silken Favours & Emma J Shipley.


Classic! I love leopard print, it just goes with everything! I’ve got lots of leopard print throughout my house.

Now this is cliché, but my phone and my laptop – it’s been great to still be able to work and video call friends. And…. Oh this is hard to think of a third! My Marshall speaker – sitting in the garden, with the sun shining and blasting summer tunes is getting me through!

Fortune’s Told, Future’s Unfold

Edition of 100, £60

Choose Love by Silken Favours
A Giclee Print

100% of the money from this sale goes to helping the work of Help Refugees.


Print Club Originals, bridging the gap between artist and art collector, making it accessible to purchase one-off original pieces online. We have carefully selected artistic talent, emerging and established to bring you a highly curated selection of art pieces from a small collective of the best contemporary artists around. Like Print Club London our values remain the same, making art accessible to all.

On Thursday 5th December, we’re holding a launch party to celebrate our newest curated collection ‘Originals’. Pop down to our newly refurbished gallery for a first look at brand new, one-off original works from the likes of Alexandria Coe, Ed Burkes, Lucille Moore and Hannah Ludnow and many more!

We’ll be open from 6pm, greeting you with a glass of champagne, start December in style..




Artwork by Alexandria Coe

Artwork by Ed Burkes



Woah, over 3000 of you lovely lot came to our Blisters: Way Back When show to grab yourselves a bargain! If you couldn’t make it down, then have no fear because all the prints are now available online! 

Naomi Edmondson

Edition of 50, £50

James Daw

Edition of 50, £50

Gavin Dobson

Edition of 50, £50


Edition of 50, £50

Shop the full collection here!




Did you grab Grazia’s March issue? Well if not, then make sure you grab your copy QUCIK! Because we have been featured and our Director Kate Higginson is talking all about how to choose and hang limited edition art. Featured in the article is our exclusive print ‘Fictional Interior II’ by Charlotte Taylor, interior design by 2LG Studio.

See the article below:

Fictional Interiors II by Charlotte Taylor 

Edition of 25 // £90

Here at Print Club we always want to give you the inside scoop, we recently visited the House of Illustration’s latest exhibition of pop artist, social activist and nun, Corita Kent, ‘Power Up’. This is an exhibition you don’t want to miss! The show is filled to the brim with vibrancy, colour and joyousness even though the pieces within the exhibition deal with controversial topics and Corita Kent provided a new perspective on topics such as racism, misogyny and war.

Location: House of Illustration, Kings Cross
Running until 12th May 2019
Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5.30pm
Sunday 11am – 5.30pm

Designed by the acclaimed Fraser Muggeridge studio, the exhibition will feature 70 screen prints showing the evolution of Corita’s work.

In the early 1960s she juxtaposed religious texts with advertising slogans, capturing the clamour and commercialism of LA’s post-WWII financial boom. Her 1965 screenprint power up derived from a gasoline advert, while her 1967 work come alive appropriated the iconic Pepsi-Cola slogan as an exuberant affirmation. Corita said of LA, “Up and down the highways we see words…that read almost like contemporary translations of the psalms for us to be singing on our way.” However, her 1964 print in homage to Mary, the juiciest tomato of all, was regarded as sacrilege by the church and banned from being displayed.

In the late 1960s Corita increasingly used art as protest against racism, misogyny, poverty and war. Working within the confines of America’s most conservative diocese, her voice was hugely influential in the country’s anti-authority shift, capturing the spirit of the anti-Vietnam war movement, civil rights movement and feminism. Her 1969 screenprints layered documentary material from LifeNewsweek and Time magazines – Corita’s “contemporary manuals of contemplation” – with song lyrics, poetry and quotes set against psychedelic day-glo colours. These include 1969’s if i, promoting compassion in the face of violence after Martin Luther King’s assassination.

Corita Kent, born Frances Elizabeth Kent and also known as Sister Mary Corita Kent, was an American Roman Catholic religious sister, artist, and educator. She worked almost exclusively with silkscreen, also known as serigraphy, pushing back the limitations of the two-dimensional medium by the development of innovative methods. Kent’s emphasis on printing was partially due to her wish for democratic outreach, as she wished for affordable art for the masses.Her artwork, with its messages of love and peace, was particularly popular during the social upheavals of the 1960s and 1970s.