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Say it with art this Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re buying for your partner or your best friend, celebrate love with handmade artwork by emerging artists for a gift that lasts a lifetime. Shop a few of our top picks below, including brand new releases by Gavin Dobson and Caroline Tomlinson just in time!

Everything About You Is Nice by Gill Sheraton
Edition of 100, £110

Together by Caroline Tomlinson
Edition of 50, £65


Mini Hot Stuff by Gavin Dobson
Edition of 100, £60

The Philadelphia Story by Poppy Chancellor
Edition of 200, £60

XOXO Love Letter – Fluoro Pink + Red by Dave Buonaguidi
Each Unique, £100

Dave Buonaguidi has produced a charming, romantic and whimsical art piece in a world that sometimes can feel unromantic and heartless. It’s important to share the love and what better way than a vintage love letters and envelopes dating back to the 1950s and hand screen printed. Each letter is unique and a totally original one off item. Please do not buy a frame prior to purchasing this piece, due to the nature of the art piece the size may vary. Printed onto vintage paper and consequently the papers will show signs of wear and tear due to age.

Let’s Go Get Lost Together – Pink and Red by Dave Buonaguidi
Each Unique, £350


Love Sexy (White) by Dave Buonaguidi

Each Unique, £30

1969 by Naomi Edmondson
Edition fo 50, £50

Vintage Art Studies Playing Cards by Cassandra Yap
Select your chosen playing card from the drop down menu, £25

Till Death – Mini Rainbow Edition by Cassandra Yap
Edition of 20, £25

Flirting? – Litho by Nicola Morland
Open Edition, £25

Love On Loud by David Newton
Edition of 100, £150

Love Hard by Matt Munday
Edition of 25, £65

single product

Puzzle – Sunrise Sunset London


Predawn Dance – Pink by Kath Leone

Edition of 50, £50









Download the doodle club prompt sheets below for our Instagram Live!

To celebrate 14 years of producing creative content, the Gramafilm team decided to do something a little different. Make some Merch.

The Gramafilm team come to our studios to take part in one of our corporate workshops, the perfect place for them to get involved in the process and get inky!

As a production company, Gramafilm has done screenprinting for clients – but not quite this hands on…

Having supplied us with three designs, the team set to work printing them onto 100% cotton, eco-friendly tote’s and tee’s. Screen printing offered a great way to control the process, ensuring Gramafilm didn’t have to use more polluting, mass-production techniques to make their merch. 

Click here to read their article

As we move into the new season and the evenings begin to draw in, we sat down with our Director Kate Higginson to have a chat about what she’s loving at the moment. From candle sconces to custard, scroll down for inspiration and a sneak peek into her beautiful Hackney home. Kate has hand-picked her artwork recommendations too, including brand new affordable paintings by Benjamin Thomas Taylor and screenprints by Caroline Tomlinson.

Artwork by Ed Burkes

“I met Ed many years ago through my husband and have long admired his work. I have a few pieces in my home. They often appear on scraps of sketchbook paper which feels like a real journey into Ed’s mind. The sketchbook is something I love to look through when meeting an artist, often they reveal the truest work. The work closest to the mind and journey of someone. So this series of works by Ed feel very special, they feel very joyful and witty.”

Jess Wheeler is a designer and artist based in North Wales. We’ve just partially finished renovating our house in London Fields and are at the stage where we can fill with things we love that will stay with us forever. I’ve longed for one of Jess’ oak leaf candle sconces for my bathroom for some time! The oak leaf is also a sign of resilience and strength which is something I needed in abundance when dealing with a challenging house build. I need something to remind me we survived the building works and it was worth it! And now with the winter nights drawing in candlelit baths are the only way to spend your evenings!”

Kate Goodrich is another go to of mine this season, her instagram feed feels so tactile. Kate is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Hackney, creating unique works by preserving flowers grown by her own fair hands. We bought a piece from Kate a year ago and its one of my most treasured pieces. Although its moved around my house a few times, and I’m still not sure its in the final spot. The glass is antique and reflects the most beautiful rainbows so we’ve been trying to find the perfect spot to enjoy the work at its best. We will be welcoming Kate with a collection of works later this year to our gallery, keep a look out!”

Artwork by Kate Goodrich

Photography by Rob Murray

“Owning a gallery you would assume we have lots of artwork but we actually find it quite hard buying work for our home as we see so much we love! We also like to keep the walls in our house quite clear without overfilling so theres even more pressure to pick the right pieces. The photograph in the image below we bought in Paris some years ago at a small gallery in the Marais. I think we might have just had our first child and so superhero’s were perhaps on our mind. We enjoy architectural works and this photograph by Rob Murray spoke to us both. The raw grey brutalist building juxtaposed against the young boy. I still love to look at it which is the sign of a great buy.”

Photography by Rob Murray

Blue Lady by Simone Brewster
One off Original, £400

“I always want to find pieces now that everyone in our home enjoys, I was probably a bit selfish before. Now i want pieces that both our boys enjoy and that encourage conversation and thought. I have a lot of female portraiture in our house, I’ve always loved it and as I’m the only women in a house of boys I feel I need lots more women in the house to back me up. I also want to expose the boys to the female form in all its representations and art is a wonderful way to do that. Im about to hang 3 pieces by Simone Brewster in our living room as a trio. Her work explores the female mind and body producing a series that depicts the beauty, strength, tension and confusion of womanhood. The works are created with ink on paper and are fluid and gestural; incredibly powerful.”

Simone Brewster at work

“Our kitchen which was designed and built by our friend Martin Field (@martinfieldworkshop) is built from Norfolk oak and chestnut, a really strong warm colour. I’ve found that it really dictates the colours and artwork that we use in and around it, thankfully blue works well as its my favourite colour.  My friend Kate (another Kate that I love!) is a ceramist and her label K.S Creative Pottery is one of her current favourites. Her blue striped works or the blue figurative pieces are on my xmas wish list, super playful and all handmade in small batches. I definitely need a collection of my pieces for our kitchen. I always check out her insta feed as aside from posting about her work she shares interior images which I’m hugely drawn to and they often inspire my choices at Print Club. Go follow her.”

Kitchen by Martin Field Workshop

Ceramics by KS Creative Pottery

“We went to Nuno Mendes’ Lisobeta finally last week. A Portuguese love letter to Lisbon the food is perfection! About 10 years ago Nuno held a supper club in his East London flat, having left El Bulli and relocated to London. I went with my dad and a friend and have longed since to eat his food. It was worth the wait! Try the egg yolk and pork fat custard, sounds horrendous but is mouthwateringly delicious.”

Meet Me In Matisse’s Garden by Benjamin Thomas Taylor
One off Original, £100

Hand painted in watercolour on textured paper torn from a sketchbook. Original one-of-a-kind artwork.

Baby If Only You Knew by Adam Bridgland
Edition of 75, £75

Summer Blues – Toes by Caroline Tomlinson
Edition of 40, £85

Summer In Porto by Jessica Rose Bird
One off Original, £250

Mixed media artwork using chalk, charcoal, acrylic and oil pastel on paper. Based on the sights and streets of Porto, Portugal.

Red Comet by Ed Burkes
One off Original, £400

Original gouache on paper painting.

This piece is Framed & Ready, float framed with a tonal green mount and frame. Available for **collection only.**

Over the last few months we have been working with some of our artists on a series of NFTs which are now available to buy online! The artworks are based on original screen-prints re-worked with animation into their new form as an NFT. All our artworks are positioned on a platform that uses green and clean crypto, Tezos. Visit our OBJKT profile to collect our newly released NFT.

You can view all our NFT’s here or scroll down to view

Maxine is a contemporary artist that combines typography, photography, grid layering and nostalgic imagery to create intriguing artworks. Her hand-pulled screen prints are a unique combination of vintage motifs and futuristic compositions. Her art is often described as ‘Nostalgic Futurism’. Her CMYK printing process helps blend retro and current imagery together, creating surrealist artworks that are futuristic yet familiar.


Rose Stallard, illustrator and Creative Director of Print Club, mixes up her own drawings with found images from across the board, injecting fanzine-like enthusiasm (and discernment). Clients include The Guardian, Fiction Records, Urban Outfitters, Dazed & Confused and Glastonbury.



Gavin is a London based artist, with initial training in Fine Art at Middlesex University.

Gavin’s paintings are loose and expressive, using fluid movements and textures to create engaging and lively pieces. Often the canvas has been used previously as a palette to create marks and mix colours unconsciously, before it becomes the beginnings of a piece itself.

Gavin’s screenprints often depict colourful, nostalgic images. As a painter who takes their work into screenprinting, Gavin brings the textures, drips and strokes into his printmaking and the use of negative space keeps the pieces fresh and contemporary.

Clients include Gaytimes, Boyz, Diva, Woodmansterne, Portfolio, Kingshead, Oval House and Trafalgar Studios.

Stuart graduated from Central St Martin’s School of Art with a First Class BA Hons in Fashion Design followed by an MA  in Film Production Design.
Over the years he has worked in several creative areas including Film Production and prop making, Art direction for Television, Product development and Interior design for both private and commercial spaces. He recently returned to his first love of image making and his work focuses on combining classical and modern imagery to create a new narrative showing how time marches forever forward  but human fears and desires ultimately remain the same. His art is best described as a dark and subtle clash  between the Iconic and  the ironic.

Donk is a photographer, printmaker and street artist, working in the urban paste -up poster tradition. He has worked as commercial photographer since the mid 1990’s but in 2008 decided to create the moniker ‘Donk’ to anonymously explore a series of new personal visual ideas. Curious to unlock the d.i.y creative potential of direct dialogue with the local environment, and fascinated by the ephemeral nature of unsanctioned creativity, he set about pasting his work into the east end of London and elsewhere.

I am a flourescent ink obsessed screenprint maniac, artist and teacher. I specialise in making rough, raw, punky image making bursting with energy and loud graphics, and have worked for clients such as Crocs, Brewdog, Film4, and The Prodigy.

My Work is built up from a dense hybrid of drawings, collaged imagery and multi – layered colours. I am a big fan the offsets, drips and fades to create an authentic distressed aesthetic.

Originally from Singapore, Cassandra Yap is an artist and art director based in London. Her work often explores the juxtaposition between dark and beautiful subjects to create the surreal. Fuelled by her love of pin ups, the female form and an unhealthy obsession with vintage erotica, her photomontage halftone style images are dark, bold and humorous with a kinky edge.

Exhibitions include:  Print Club Blisters Blackout ’10, Blisters The Directors Cut ’12 & Blisters Sound Sessions, 3939 Shop pop up gallery at the Shop At Bluebird, The London Illustration Fair ’13, Dalston Superstore, The Affordable Art Fair Battersea ’14, solo show at Laylow Art Gallery in Palma de Mallorca, Wall Street Gallery’s Revolution group show in LA, Affordable Art Affair Hampstead ’15 and Film 4 Summer screen print show at Somerset House.

The low carbon footprint of Tezos means developers and users can prioritize innovation without compromising sustainability. As a platform designed to evolve through its on-chain governance mechanism, the efficiency of Tezos is not by accident, but by design. This flexible design means that Tezos can always adapt to future needs and grow in accordance with the needs of the users on the platform. In fact, the Tezos blockchain has increased in energy efficiency on a per transaction basis by at least 70%, with the estimated electricity requirement per transaction being less than 30% in 2021 than what it was in 2020.

Read More Here!

Proof of Work Vs. Proof of State: the Ecological Footprint

Own Art is a national initiative, supported by Arts Council England, to make it easy and affordable for anyone and everyone to buy contemporary art. 

Own Art loans allow you to borrow from as little as £100 up to £2,500 and pay it back over 10 months, completely interest-free. You can choose to finance all or just part of your purchase and multiple items can be bought with one loan, and framing can be included too. The best part is that you can take your artwork home with you straight away.

Applying for an Own Art loan is easy!

The first stage is the difficult bit – deciding what to buy. Once you’ve found the artwork that you want to buy, just let us know that you’d like to apply for an Own Art loan to finance your purchase. All you will need is proof of residence and signature – for example, a driving license. Own Art is available to all UK residents over the age of 18, subject to status. This means that you must be able to meet one of the following criteria in order to be approved for a loan:

-Working at least 16 hours a week (employed or self-employed)

-A retired person in receipt of a pension

-If you are not working but are married to or living with a partner who does meet the above criteria, then you may still apply, provided that your partner is happy for their employment details to be included on your application form.


It only takes 10 minutes!

We’ll take you through the loan application process, which normally takes about 10 minutes. Once you have given us all the information we need, you’ll get an instant decision. Once your application is approved you will need you to sign the agreement and you can take your artwork away there and then. 

Please call us on 0207 254 9028 or email us [email protected] and we’ll either talk you through the process or send you the link to complete your application from the comfort of your own home.

You will receive a welcome letter from Own Art’s finance partner Novuna Personal Finance and following this your 10 monthly payments will be collected from your account by direct debit. This usually starts about four weeks after you’ve made your purchase.

It’s as simple as that!



This week in Print Stories we talk to artist Toby Melville-Brown about the inspiration and process behind his work. Scroll down to find out more and see the artist’s process.

Independent Pubs of London by Toby Melville-Brown
Edition of 100, £60

Toby is a London based illustrator who draws inspiration from the city; it’s stories and possibilities. His research manifests in highly detailed drawings, that combine architectural textures, human experience, and a touch of fantasy.

I am a very visual person. Recently I decided my main drivers are; Scale, Transition, Praise and Novelty. So if I can go somewhere new, watch a vista change from day to night and know my creative response will be enjoyed, then I’m happy.

I wanted to do a drawing that allowed me to chat with as many people as possible. I asked everyone I know to send me a snap of their lockdown surroundings. I drew each entry to form a big block of flats. As if we were all neighbours. I had 175 entries and sold prints of the artwork to raise money for Refuge. We raised over £7500. That was a nice way to occupy my mind and also to connect with people.

I love train journeys. I read that the pace of a train is the perfect speed for our brains to digest visual information. It’s not an exact, but I find sitting looking out of a train window an absolute feast for my brain.

I wanted to celebrate those most special journeys with an artwork. And not just the vistas, but the interiors and the activities we might do on each ride. The result is a sort of chocolate box of dioramas.

I’ve done 9/16 train journeys. I’ll try to do them all but I’m in no rush.

Views From Trains by Toby Melville-Brown
Edition of 200, £60

The world around me, mostly. I’ve no doubt other artists have informed how I communicate my ideas and I do look to others to compare notes, but it’s not what galvanises me. Despite attempts to vary my diet, non-fiction is what I like. Our planet, the things people have done and are doing is so endlessly mind-blowing, I’m rather occupied with that.

Think about it. Maybe do a sketch. Then talk about it. I have a selection of people who I greatly respect, who I like to share my ideas with. It’s part show off, part quality control – if I don’t get an enthusiastic reaction, I get the hint. Following that, I might make a collage on Photoshop, sketch out sections in my sketchbook. Then, if I still like it, I’ll turn off my phone and begin and spend lost of time with a big piece of paper and a pen.

I used to try and battle detachment with perseverance. But it didn’t work.

Taking a break works well. For a few hours or the rest of the day. So, rather than seeking inspiration, I just allow my brain to recharge.

Probably a float mount in white, grain. The print has a lot of detail so I would recommend a frame that allows the content space.

London Venues – Green by Toby Melville-Brown
Edition of 100, £60

With lots of different textures and moods. And sure, a vaguely consistent colour palette to tie it together. Old things, new things, different mediums like photography, tapestry, artefact, if you can. Print wise, given this print is quite informative, I might want to pair it with something calm and abstract. I really like Your Light by Seraphina Neville.








In our new series Print Stories we talk to artist Andrew MacGregor about the inspiration and process behind his work. Scroll down to find out more and see the artists process.

Andrew MacGregor is a multidisciplinary artist based in east London. His work spans sculpture, illustration, set design and art direction.

After graduating from Middlesex University in 2004 with a BA (HONS) illustration, he has been able to expand his skillset to include three dimensional work and developed his commercial eye by working for notable brands within the fashion, art, interior design, retail, publishing and product design industries.

Since 2009, he has made a conscious effort to work with sustainable materials and is now the founder and creative director of The Colour Of Water, a creative organisation aiming to impact conservation through the power of art and community.

Macgregor’s artistic style is bold, colourful and uplifting, with great attention to detail through his use of layering and composition. From his paintings to his sculptures, there is a sense of accuracy and playfulness that captures the minds of the viewer.

People, the natural world, the human condition, our perception of the world, our beauty, the chaos within us, the chaos we create! We’re complex sentient beings…it fascinates me to look at these complexities and how to interpret them. I see so much when I look at people. Human character can be as plain as day…if you look carefully enough!

I had to look beyond the normal resources and pursue things that I hadn’t done before, otherwise you can get the feeling of stagnation. I took up figure sculpture, I’ve always had an interest in action figures and puppets and ‘designer toys’ etc.

Its also important to develop new interests in things, however small…plant propagation was another thing that kept me interested in life…I can be quite destructive at times but I had a strong desire to create over the three lockdowns.

This body of work is about beauty and chaos. Painted predominantly using indigo ink, this series of paintings looks at our humanity, our perception of the world and our existence within the narrow void between beauty and chaos. Since one can not exist without the other, the impact this has on us every day exposes a myriad of behavioural undulations.

‘The Thinker’ (striped shirt and cigarette) is about the power of contemplation, but its also looking at the void of time we pass through via thought. The moments we analyse what we’ve just seen, or how we work through problems in our minds. I love this space….we spend more time in this space than we would ever think possible.

‘Speak Your Mind’ is purely about fear, its about the inner chaos caused by our fear of self expression. Something most of us are familiar with…Will I be judged if I speak up about something? There is only one of us, if we choose to suppress our voices…that moment will be lost forever. The growth exploding from her mind is what she wants to express, and what she values the most.



Speak Your Mind by Andy MacGregor
Edition of 50, £145

The Thinker by Andy MacGregor
Edition of 50, £145

Absolutely everywhere, its never been a single source for me throughout my whole career. If you can’t take influence from everything and everywhere, you’re not open enough as an artist. Being an artist is about responding to the world around you, and within you, after all.

I still love painting on paper so thats my surface, I like using 2b pencils to mark out what Im going to paint, then I go straight on with multiple layers of Indigo ink. I’ve found a lot of joy in limiting my colour palette lately, so Indigo is now the basis for 80% of my paintings these days.

Hate to say it, but I’m never ‘uninspired’…because of the reasons two questions previous! But…what I do have to be careful about, is making sure I’m looking after myself, my body and my mind…so that I can continue to be productive. The looking after yourself thing has always been a tricky one for me.

I love box frames, because I don’t like the glass anywhere near the artwork, it looks more special in a box frame too. I’d love to see one of my pieces in an indigo stained/painted timber frame…that could look beautiful.

However, I’d normally just use a black stained, narrow faced timber box frame with Art Glass. You cannot go wrong with that spec.

I think the indigo blue requires space around it, its that kind of colour and that kind of subject. If it were me, I’d always display three indigo prints/paintings in a line or cluster. I have three pieces coming soon via The Print Club so thats what I’d do.

Regarding pairing with other works…I’d select pieces that are close in the colour spectrum, so from deep indigo blue, I’d look at Purples into Reds or Teals into Greens. I love ‘complimentary or opposite’ colours but I wouldn’t create a colour war with these particular pieces. Our lovely customers will of course be allowed to do what they like as its their walls.


To celebrate Earth Day 2021 we are proud to launch a collection of artworks raising money for Choose Earth, a campaign dedicated to supporting Brazilian indigenous communities.

. The prints are sold exclusively via Print Club London’s online gallery and are part of our ongoing project in support of refugee charity, Choose Love. For the past three years we have worked annually with the charity through collaborative projects, selling bespoke artworks and holding fundraising exhibitions, with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the charity in support of the amazing work they do.

Each artwork in the Choose Earth collection has been created by respected indigenous artists and 100% of the profits will directly support the artists themselves as well as vital social and environmental projects across Brazil.

View the Choose Earth collection. 


Mother Nature and the River Boy. £25

Indigenous Rising. £25

Listening to the Stories of the Sky. £25


Grandma Lulling Me To Sleep. £25


Seeding Tomorrow. £25


Shop all prints in the Choose Earth collection here.

100% of the proceeds from the sales of these prints is donated to Choose Earth in support of Brazilian indigenous communities.


Josie, founder of Help Refugees. Katharine Hamnett. Kate Higginson, founder of Print Club London. Choose Love exhibition 2018

Print Club London x Help Refugees

Over the past four years Print Club London have been collaborating with emerging and established artists on the Choose Love collection. Through the sales of the exclusive prints and fundraising exhibitions we raise money in support of the charity Help Refugees. The project launched with an exhibition at Somerset House on World Refugee Day in 2018 and the collection has grown since, travelling to Pikes Ibiza, a second show at Somerset House and producing sell out prints for Help Refugees Choose Love pop up store.

Choose Love Help Refugees Print Club London Screen Print

Pikes Ibiza x Silken Favors Choose Love – £30

From print making to collage and photography each artwork in the collection is completely unique in its design and available to buy from our gallery with all proceeds going directly to support the charity. Artists to date who have worked on the project include Stanely Donwood, Quentin Jones, Morag Mysercough, Noel Fielding and Anish Kapoor. The exclusive artworks are on sale via our website and we hope you will join us and Choose Love!

Shop the collection here. 

Watch the video below to find out more about our project.

Video by Adrian-Florin Ardelean

Print Club Choose Love

Alex May Hughes

Alex May Hughes. Choose Love exhibition 2019

Since the launch Print Club London have raised over £150,000 for the charity Help Refugees to date.* This couldn’t have been possible without the generosity of our artists using their talent to produce pieces of art for our gallery and our customers who invested in the beautiful art and the cause! Here’s where your money has gone and how much of a positive impact it has had!

*Amount raised as of Oct 2020

£5,000 has gone towards diapers for Lesvos.

 There are 8000 refugees currently living in Moria camp – which was designed for 1500 people. Help Refugees fund many of the services and support available to people living in there and the diaper programme is a big one as there are almost a thousand babies in the camp.

 £8,000 has gone towards Refugees4Refugees on Samos

Refugee4Refugees have done incredible work and equipped thousands of people with non-food items over the past months in their distribution centre. Meanwhile all women and children have access to non food items, which consist mainly of clothes, hygiene-items and sleeping bags. In March and April, our partner organised NFI distributions for all male residents of the camp using a ticketing system. Furthermore prams were distributed for babies in their free shop and provided to different projects around the island. New arrivals get 2 sets of everything including a hygiene package, shoes and a jacket. The organisation is still only sustainable actor on the island that provides NFIs in large quantities.

People reached: 4,000

£8,000 has gone towards Medical care on Samos.

Due to overcrowding on the island, the hospital and the doctor in the camp are overwhelmed. Therefore Help Refugees’ partner Med’equaliteam offer additional medical care. Their clinic is visited daily by 70 – 100 patients and is open 6 days a week. The clinic collaborates with and makes referrals to the hospital. Furthermore, they run medical workshops in the community centres on a weekly basis.

People reached: 600


Dave Buonaguidi Choose Love

Dave Buonaguidi. Choose Love Exhibition 2019.

£12,000 has gone towards supporting community and educational needs. We have supported centres including the Orange House offer language classes and vocational courses for displaced people, as well as psychosocial and legal services.

£11,500 has gone towards dry foods and nutritional provisions. Our money supports partners such as InterEuropean Human Aid Association which provides meals for communities in Northern Greece. We’ve also funded food baskets to Pikpa, and independent community living in Lesvos so they can cook communal meals with their kitchens.

Additional food is provided at the following projects:

We are One‘s safe space for women and babies: The team offers fruit, eggs, fresh salads and drinks for all the participants. Babies under 2 years receive bananas and other snacks. Pregnant women get some extra food, such as nuts. Each Monday, on the ‘pregnant women only’ day, a warm, nutritious meal and a fresh salad is served that is explicitly aimed at the needs of pregnant women.

Mazi Youth Centre run by Still I Rise: Breakfast and lunch is given daily as well as dinner once a week for all the students (unaccompanied children). 

Baobab Community Centre for Families: Light meals are cooked on site and available in the centre. In the last weeks they were preparing up to 250 – 300 meals a day. There is hot tea and water to drink.

Action for Education‘s Banana House: One hot and fresh meal is provided for each of the participants daily. Every month they serve around 2500 meals.

Thanks to your support, together with our partners we are currently looking into options to start providing supplementary food for babies from 6 months – 24 months. 

People reached: 1,000

£3000 has gone towards the monthly running costs of Say it Loud Club in London, a team of staff and volunteers that support LGBTQIA+ refugees and asylum seekers. The Say It Loud community provides a valuable support system for LGBTQIA+ refugees as they gain the right to live freely in the UK.

£10,000 has gone towards a grant to SOS MEDITERRANEE so they can resume live saving search and rescue missions in the central Mediterranean Sea. Since March 2016 their team has rescued 31,618 children, women and men.

We want to thank everyone that has supported this project so far. If you would like any more information about how your money has been spent do get in touch with [email protected]

Choose Love Exhibition. Somerset House 2018

Choose Love Somerset House

Choose Love Exhibition. 2019

A massive thank you to all our supporters, artists and of course Katharine Hamnett and the Help Refugees team.

Shop the collection here. 

We’re super excited that our next Guest Curator is Emma Jane Palin (@emmajanepalin) We just know that you’ll feel inspired after taking a peek into her rented home in Margate! Filled with bohemian style, lots of colours and of course lots and lots of artwork, scroll down to have a nosey…

Blow Up by Rose Stallard
Edition of 200, £60

I’m a multi-award-winning blogger and freelance writer creating content around creativity, design, interiors and culture with a colourful twist.Based in Margate, I live in a rented maisonette apartment, aptly titled ‘The Margate Maisonette’. A mix of bohemian influences tied with a love of colour, make the home bold and different, with ‘organised clutter’ providing mementoes of travel and moments in time.

Living in a rented abode has ignited a passion for injecting my personal style onto my home. No room for magnolia walls here. Or brown carpets come to think of it. My blog aims to help those who are unsure of how to decorate in a rental property, You’re welcome.

Sure! I live in a four bed floating house. I know that sounds ridiculous but we essentially don’t have a ground floor – cars can drive underneath us. It’s split over three floors and we use two of the bedrooms as an office and a dressing room. It’s rented but because we live in Margate, it’s about half the price of a one bedroom flat in London!

I’m a minimal maximalist. I like things to be sleek and laid-back but don’t like loud patterns or lots of clashing bright colours.  I’d say that my bedroom is the perfect example of my style in motion. Joshua and I are both into mid-century furniture but I also like boho styling – our interior reflects both! It’s a little bit retro, a little bit Californian, but always design led. I like my decor to have a story.

There are loads of things in my home but I think at the moment it has to be my bed. Honestly, I spent such a long time saving up for it and as soon as I bought it, I wished I had sooner. It’s a rattan platform bed and it’s just such a statement piece.

I’ve been working on a lot of personal projects that have been in my head for years. I’m redesigning my website at the moment and I’ve also been blogging regularly. I’ve also just been enjoying the freedom of not being busy. Sometimes it’s just nice to have the chance to sit and chill.

We’re pretty sorted on most fronts in the house now, but the next thing we really need to look at is some kind of storage system for our clothes. I know that’s such a boring answer but I find clothing storage really hard – it’s all just so big and intrusive! We’ve also just purchased a new piece of art from Print Club (obviously) – it’s a little bit of an investment but as a big Doors fan, this Jim Morrison piece by David Studwell is the bomb.

Jim Morrison – Gold by David Studwell
Edition of 30, £300

I’m currently listening to Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams on Audible and it’s brilliant so far. I’ve just finished reading Hippie by Paulo Coelho which I really enjoyed and I’ve also been dipping into 2LG Studio’s new interior book ‘Making Living Lovely’ which I’d recommend for anyone into design.

I’ve always been into styling and I’ve always had an affinity to a more retro style of interior. Even when I look back to the home I was in at 18, I was constantly arranging my belongings so that they looked curated. Of course my interiors tastes have changed as I’ve matured, but I think I’ve always had a natural draw to making my home look me. I think you experiment with your style a little more when you are younger and you work out what you do and don’t like moving forward. Just like fashion I guess.

Absolutely a classic. There’s no doubt about it! Is this one a debate in the office?

I love anything by David Studwell, Dave Buonaguidi and Rose Stallard. They’re my go-to artists to check in on. These are my current faves in the new-in section though.

Let’s Go All The Way by Oli Fowler
Edition of 18, £90

Love Is Fun 1 by Dave Buonaguidi
Open Edition, £60

I swear by any recipe that Gem of The Mothercooker creates. She just has a way of pulling together simple recipes that anyone can recreate. I’m also a fan of The Green Roasting Tin cookbook – my favourite recipe from it is the roasted tomato and bay orzo with black pepper.

My favourite weekend would be spent in Margate, out of lockdown of course. We’d have breakfast at Cliffs, browse records in Transmission Records before heading into Old Town for some vintage shopping at Peony Vintage and more records at Elsewhere. We’d then head to the beach in the afternoon sun, grabbing drinks from Little Swift and fish and chips from Po Boy. Sunday would be spent in bed before heading out for a roast at New Street Bistro and wine at the George & Heart. Margate is magical in the sunshine, so I hope we get to experience it again soon.

This week we’ve been speaking with Kim Turkington, you may well already follow her on Instagram (@loveclothblog) well, we’ve been chatting all things home with Kim! Scroll down to check out her scandi-inspired home, her favourite pieces from our online gallery and what she’s been getting up to in lockdown!

Hi, I’m Kim, originally from Northern Ireland, I moved to London about 6 years ago. I work full time as a social media manager and on the side run my blog, Love Cloth. A bit of a visual diary full of fashion, travel and everything in-between.

We recently moved in to a temporary space being renovated by Simon and his family. So it’s very much a work in progress – trying to make it feel as homely as possible. It’s been amazing to see the space change and evolve. We filled it with all our own furniture alongside building a make shift temporary kitchen during lock down.

Simon and I have quite similar style (thankfully) when it comes to interiors. We love natural fabrics and textures. Contemporary but not too minimal, taking elements from Industrial and Scandinavian design.

The most treasured pieces are the photos around the house. I love photography and capturing memories and these always make a place feel like home.

I’m a sucker for breakfast out with a great coffee followed my exploring London and meeting up with friends

I think it’s a classic, however I’m not sure we have any print in the house.

I love photography and have always had an interested in Guy Bourdin. I have also been looking at lots of Slim Aarons photography lately, I guess living vicariously through his summer vibes.

Some how filling my days with a lot of faffing around the house but also trying to get creative with my instagram @loveclothblog – Finding new ways to share content in lock down is new as I’m usually shooting out and about in London. Not forgetting the usual, lots of baking.

It’s taken us a while to build our style and it continues to change… We are trying to invest more in quality timeless pieces that will last, adaptable to new spaces as we move on.

Tight Around The Waist by Alexandria Coe
Edition of 25, £95

I’m a sucker for a Sunday roast and this weekend we did Mary Berry slow cooked lamb. Weekdays I love to cook from “The Roasting Tin” – so simple but delicious veggie options too.

The Ace by Bonnie & Clyde
Edition of 60, £675

Palm springs Weekender by Lucy Mahon
Edition of 25, £70

Red Nude 02 by Alexandria Coe
One Off Original, £450
Oil Pastel on Cartirdge Paper

My phone. I FaceTime my family most days. It’s been such a great thing to have in lockdown to keep in touch with everyone. Plus the essentials, joggers and a good wine. Ha!


We recently took a trip to the Tate Modern to explore the amazing new exhibition showcasing the work of Anni Albers. As the first major exhibition of her work in the UK the extensive collection explores the career of the Bauhaus artist from her well known weavings to unseen screen prints and original paintings.

Albers studied at the famous Bauhaus school in Weinmar, before moving to America with her husband Josef and studying at the experimental Black Mountain College. A pioneer in textile design she explored the relationship between functionality and aesthetic and was heavily inspired by grid like architectural forms. She looked to explore a new modern language through a traditional craft process.

Anni Albers Tate Modern

The retrospective exhibition shows a lot of the work made throughout her time in the Bauhaus As well as Albers personal projects the exhibition also shows her more commercial textiles including fabrics for hotels and the drapes for the Rockefella’s guest house. There is also an amazing collection of antique textiles from around the world and you can see the influence of the couples travels on her creations.



The exhibition runs until January 27th 2019.

Tickets and more information can be found here. 

Feeling inspired? Shop Bauhaus inspired prints from our collection.


Grand Designs Jonathan Lawes

Grand Designs by Jonathan Lawes

Edition of 50


Wellbeck Street

Wellbeck Street, London by Angus Vasili

Edition of 25




We recently visited Somerset House for the Private view of one of their latest Exhibitions ‘GOOD GRIEF, CHARLIE BROWN!’. The exhibition takes a close look at the famous artist Charles M. Shultz and his comic book creation Peanuts.


The first part of the exhibition takes a look at Charles’ younger life, and shows the preliminary work that led up to the creation of Peanuts. This felt very intimate and was interesting to see how many aspects of his childhood influenced the subject matter of his work later on in life. For comic book fanatics details about the sort of pen he used, as well as a look into how he uses speech in his work are also present.

The Exhibition is covered in amazing Peanuts objects that have been made over the years. Most of them are toys and little interesting collectables with a beautiful stand out typewriter towards the end of the exhibition.

The upstairs wing of the exhibition shows a great range of curated works by contemporary Artists based on Peanuts, some of which were created solely for the exhibition. Stand out pieces include some large painting (left) by Artist Mark Drew and a Snoopy banner (right) by Des Hughes. This long room is also full to the brim with more original Peanuts comics, tables of books to read, and a side room reveals a big cinema room to watch some cartoons and more visual works by other artists.

The final part of the exhibition includes a lovely drawing station that encourages people to create their own Peanuts comics by drawing on a light box. Although light hearted Peanuts often touches upon quite serious topics, and so  the room also includes a Psychiatrist stations where patients can come to ask questions about art and life!

It all concludes with a great shop full to the brim with Peanuts Merchandise. There are dozens of books, games, clothes, prints and way more. The exhibition runs until March 2019 and is an absolute must for any comic book fan, and for any who aren’t you surely will be by the end of it.

Tickets and more information can be found here 

Merry Christmas all!

As a reminder any framed print orders made after the 14th December will not arrive in time for Christmas, unless ordering a 500 x 700mm print framed in smooth black/white, flat or box framed.

Last print orders will be by midday on the 21st December to arrive in time!


Our Printernship scheme has been going on for some time now and we have had some amazing artists and really cool work produced! We had such a high standard of work this time around that we couldn’t just pick one.. We decided to get in two VERY talented recent grads to be a part of Print Club for two months!

Introducing Rozalina Burkova & Francesca Tiley..rozalina


Rozalina is a freelance illustrator and occasional animator based in London. Born and raised in Bulgaria she moved to London to study at Central Saint Martins College where she graduated in 2015.

Her work is a mix of hand drawn and digital elements united with the magic of Photoshop. Her animations are 2D, jittery and really fun to make. She enjoy rich colours, imperfect lines and subjects caught in dreamy states.ROZALINA BURKOVA WORK

As Print Club’s newest addition, what are you most looking forward to?

I am so looking forward to improve my screen printing skills and to get a better understanding of the craft. Also I usually work with colours only digitally so mixing inks and finding the right combinations is something I am both scared from and excited about!

If you could sum up your work in a few words, how would you describe it?

Vivid colours, textures, imperfect (often naked) bodies and fun utopia.

What kind of things do you have in mind to create over your two month Printernship?

At the moment I am thinking of focusing on imaginary landscapes where people and creatures are having a chilled time, but two months is a long time so nothing is certain.

Francesca tiley

Francesca’s work is defined by vibrant colours, decorative patterns and playful lettering. She is influenced by the naïve and expressive qualities of folk art and has a big love for anything hand made. Having recently completed her BA at Brighton University, she hopes to learn more about sign painting and other traditional crafts. FRANCESCA TILEY

As Print Club’s newest addition, what are you most looking forward to?

For the coming months I’m mostly excited to refine the basic screen printing knowledge I have and to start making new work.

If you could sum up your work in a few words, how would you describe it?

Bright colours, fun lettering and expressive characters…usually accompanied by decorative patterns.  

What kind of things do you have in mind to create over your two month Printernship?

Big and bright images with lots of lettering…

Keep your eyes peeled for new work in the next few weeks!


Xmas Card workshops

We feel it’s finally time to start thinking about… CHRISTMAS!

Join us with the inky festive fun print your own Xmas cards or hold your very own Xmas party with us! Add something personal to the presents you give, by attending our Xmas card workshop!




Our first X-mas card workshop was a SUCCESS! Come and get inky with us and print your own cards, book on our website now! #printclublondon #xmas #printmaking #joinus #screenprint

You can book yourself into a Xmas card workshop here


Lucille Garden Party

One of our regular studio members and Print Club artist Lucille Clerc currently has a show running in Paris all themed around her new collection of botanicals and we can’t get enough of these! Check out some of the photos we have form the opening night…










Emily Forgot

Emily is an artist we haven’t seen in the studio in a while but it seems she has been very busy. Taking a step away from her commercial work, Emily has created a collection of her process sketches and material that you wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to see.

Assemblages Closeup


We visited the KK Outlet on Hoxton Square that houses Emily’s passion for buildings & spaces both real and surreal. Her sketchbook comes to life in all forms including collaborations with Charlie Mckenzie and Ceadogan producing funky furniture and a geometric rug. The exhibition is a personal combination of Emily’s thoughts combined with the disciplines of architecture, graphics, interiors even product design. With plenty to see it’s well worth a visit.

Wooden Assemblages


Neverland is part of London Design Festival and the Shoreditch Design Triangle on at KK Outlet till the 30th September.

Photo & Blog content by Gabrielle Taylor



We have been doing our twice weekly beginners workshops for a while now with rave reviews. We get a wide variety of attendees that keep us on our toes. Our technicians have so much fun getting to see your designs and demonstrating how to turn them in to your very own limited screen prints.

The day starts with a nice cup of tea as you get to know the group, then an interesting talk about the history of print screening. Followed by a look at some examples of our artists work.


So a quick simplification of the process & what you get to have a go at:

1. How to make your design in to a stencil

2.Coat then expose your screen with that stencil

3. Mask up your screen & set up printing bed

4. Align your design and print!



We cover everything from the importance of setting up your registrations and testing on scrap for the first few squeegee pulls to the cost of different inks. You get to experience a window in to the world of a Print Club artist and find out some of our great membership benefits including Big Bertha, the very professional exposing unit its saves time and speeds up the prep process.

It’s a really fun way of learning how to screen print but also a must have workshop if you are thinking of becoming a Print Club member. It’s open to all with dates available to book now.




Photograph & Blog content by Gabby Taylor

rose-copy rose-harris-close-up

Print Club London are really excited to announce our first artist spotlight, we caught up with Rose in the beautiful Harris home in Chelsea. Rose has had a wonderful creative journey from discovering etching at University to joining us at Print Club as an intern and now getting to see her work enjoyed even on the other side of the world.

Rose knew art was her destined subject feeling comfortable with the departments’ informality. She had only ever done paintings, until completing her degree where she had to trial different process as part of the course. She wanted to learn a craft to give her focus and direction, a re-surging trend amongst artists.


Pink Stairs // Edition of 50, £120

 ‘It suddenly all clicked, this is what I am interesting in, its what I love, I was surrounded with it and it suddenly made sense’.

From interiors magazines and a talented family Rose finds inspiration in the world around her. By giving her unique perspective she creates a distinct style that is easily admired and accessible.

Etchings slowly took a back seat to silk screen-printing as Rose started her Printernship. By giving her space to work she developed direction alongside a whole new process to experiment in. Rose has always been relaxed about precision, admitting her registration is never on point and we love that about her work, giving it a handmade look with each print usually being an edition 1 of 1.

The ‘Vase in my Bedroom’ series is her latest works with several colour-ways available exclusively from Print Club’s online shop. She is currently working on translating etching designs to silk screen prints.


Vase In My Bedroom // Editions of 10, £265



All photos and content was created by: Gabrielle Taylor


We were invited along to The Big Feastival by Amy’s Kitchen to show the lovely festival goer’s how to print, customise their own tote bags and get a little bit inky with us! The screen printed works were designed by our talented artists Claudia Borfiga, Margaux Carpentier and Aleesha Nandhra. Our technicians Oli, Simon, Craig, Claudia and Louis were armed with squeegees, ink and our portable print beds to supply printing to everyone all weekend long! Here’s a few snaps of the weekend filled with fun, sun & food!


“Zoe and I would like to thank you so much for all of the hard work from Print Club London in the lead up to and during the Big Feastival last weekend. They worked exceptionally hard to make sure that the event was a success for us and were wonderful with all our visitors. The printing workshop was hugely popular and went down a storm with everyone. Please could you pass on our thanks too the whole team who participated and made it such a huge hit. It was great knowing that we could rely on them to look after their part of the project so well as there were so many other things that we needed to be engaged with elsewhere! ”

Edward, Amy’s Kitchen – The Big Feastival 2016



img_7797Sarka Babicka




We have had Stanley Kubrick on the brain every since the start of our Summer Screen Prints Exhibition and we felt with the overwhelming amount of the directors work & inspiration at Somerset House this summer we had to share some of it.


Last Thursday we hit the trifecta of Kubrick perfection starting by venturing over to the West Wing for the Daydreaming with Kubrick exhibition. After being drawn in by the iconic orange glow, the curator James Lavelle throws you in to an immersive experience that bombarded the senses and encourages Kubrick nostalgia.






There is plenty to see from a wide variety of artists transcends the film genre as Kubrick inspired them to create everything from music to set design and even smell!


After that overload of artistic homage we ventured back to take a second look at our own artists Best of 10 By Kubrick film posters which, are two completely different stylistic interpretations of the director’s work.


Mock up frame Lucille


Mock up frame RYCA


Our live screen printing continued that night with the quote; “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” with an almost predictive hint at the film to come.


This one had to win didn't it! Congrats @laurencarpenter995 on the perfect #snapshot for #theshining The decided film chosen by the public for tonight's screening @somersethouselondon @film4insider ▪️Email to claim your limited screen print by #ryca▪️ #printclublondon #summerscreenprints #theshining #stanleykubrick We have one more winner to announce to win #lucilleclerc print - Get your entries in by tomorrow morning for a chance to win!


#summerscreenprints #snapshotcompetition #winners


Your Space or Mine.


Artist Joe Cruz has had a busy few months, aside from creating one of this year’s summer screen prints for the film Funny Face, he has been part of a great street art project.




He teamed up with Jack: an agency that specializes in unconventional campaigns. Their latest edition being the ‘Your Space Or Mine’ project. The project see’s the agency exploring art and ambient messaging on the street by teaming up with artists to provide a dialog and platform for creative imagery. It was Joes’ first showcase of large-scale work and we saw his distinct style of found imagery and strong mark making merge with the iconic streets of London.




Joe collaborated with photographer Sophie Mayanne and responded to these spaces by creating a series of boldly provocative images blurring lines between defining aspect of youth culture. Joe is always challenging himself to find new spaces for his distinct work placing it this time in the public sphere for all to enjoy.




The four pieces are located on: Ebor Street, Cheshire Street, Bethnal Green Road and Poland Street, in the Shoreditch area. Adding to their allure is their limited life span as is the nature of street art, ever changing to suit our vibrant creative city.


View and shop Joe’s collection of limited edition screen prints, exclusive to Print Club London here!!


A little about Jack Agency. 

They began small, distributing posters for local artists and gigs in London and since grown to become a leading out-of-home agency for the lifestyle, fashion, music, film and arts industries. They are unconventional, doing things no one else tries and love exploring ideas to interact with weary over exposed audiences in a fresh way.

An agency with a difference – they own their outdoor sites, meaning there is no middleman in terms of media, going from concept to billboard with their own street team. We are slightly jealous of their clients who get their unforgettable brand experiences brought to life everyday.



#newblogpost courtesy of our Print Club London Blogger, Gabrielle Taylor.