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If you’ve recently been to Kew Gardens you may have seen the newly refurbished Great Pagoda. Our long term Print Club member and artist Lucille Clerc had the honour of creating murals within the pagoda which climb all the way up inside the building. Lucille has produced 14 limited edition screenprints inspired by her visits to Kew Gardens, check them out below!

1. Night at Kew, Edition of 50, £180
2. Day at Kew, Edition of 50, £180

Having spent quite some time in the Gardens and even more while creating this project, Lucille carries on gathering a body of work around the botanical theme. Something she started years ago with her show “Wild Botanicus” here at Print Club London’s Gallery. Since then she’s been exploring the idea of conservatory, the relation between architecture and nature, constructed and cultivated, tamed and wild, endangered and protected.

Here is a new series inspired by Kew Gardens, a collections of sketches reflecting the sensation of wandering, the endless discoveries and hidden inhabitants and variety of species of the gardens, and the beautiful structures protecting the collections.

1. Vera, Edition of 50, £150
2. Mini Palm House #2, Edition of 30, £65

Mini Palm House
Edition of 30, £65 

Palm House Panorama
Edition of 60, £120

The Great Pagoda was designed by Sir William Chambers, architect to King George IV, and completed in 1762 as a gift for Princess Augusta, the founder of the botanic gardens at Kew. It is a ten-storey octagon tower, standing at almost 50m and it offered one of the earliest and finest bird’s eye views of London.

Chambers studied oriental architecture in China, but when he designed Kew’s pagoda he ignored some of the rules. Pagodas should have an odd number of floors, traditionally seven (rather than ten), believed to represent seven steps to heaven. Yet The Great Pagoda was the most accurate reconstruction of a Chinese building in Europe at the time. It was originally flanked by a Moorish Alhambra and a Turkish Mosque, and 17 other follies from classical temples and ruins to eastern-inspired buildings that were all the rage in the great gardens of the time.

Historic Royal Palaces just refurbished The Great Pagoda and after months of work by a whole team of passionate historians, designers and craft-makers it is now back to its original 18th century splendour. This includes the original 80 dragons which originally adorned the roofs, each carved from wood
and gilded with real gold.

Lucille always had a thing for Kew Gardens since her first encounter with the Pagoda when she was 4. She’s been a member of Kew Gardens when she first moved to London and the gardens have been a source of inspiration in her screen prints since then.

Lucille won the tender set by Historic Royal Palaces for the creation of a mural inside the Pagoda, on the ground floor. The brief set by HRP and Skellon studio evolved as the project developed, and the initial illustrated panels changed into a whole mural.

The project grew over a few months from research, sketching the trees on the way to the Pagoda, portraying Sir William Chambers, King George IV and his mother Princess Augusta based on Kew Palace’s archives, drawing the two giant trees that surround the doors to scale with all their bark details, and leaves, stylizing iconic botanical species and animals present at the time in the gardens (based on curator Polly Putnam’s research) to find a style combining 18th century references and contemporary expectations.


Big thanks to project manager Tom Bennett and project director Craig Hatto, all the gentlemen at Bluesky, painters and scaffolding team, curator Polly Putnam, designers at Skellon Studio for this amazing adventure! And Farrow and Ball for being such a supportive sponsor, and providing such great quality paint (what a treat!)


Palm Spiral
Edition of 30, £160

1. Under The Leaves, Edition of 30, £65
2. Tropics This Way, Edition of 30, £65

Edition of 30, £65

1. Palm Canopy, Edition of 50, £120
2. Palm Zigzag, Edition of 60, £120

Mangrove Mirage
Edition of 50, £230


BLISTERS: SEASON SEVEN is a distant memory now… Or is it, we still have tons of rad artwork inspired by your favourite TV shows available on our online gallery! Scroll down to see a recap of all the fun that was had at the show and a selection of the pieces still available for sale!

Fargo by Angus Vasili 

Edition of 50, £50


It’s important to share with you all the people who made Blisters possible! Without our neighbours over at MC Motors, we wouldn’t have a space to put on the biggest screenprinted poster show! Thank you Castle Gibson for lending us the space and Ruby’s Dalston for serving up all the refreshments for the evening!

The Big Breakfast by Gavin Dobson 
Edition of 50, £50

The Great British Bake Off by Aleesha Nandhra
Edition of 50, £50

This Year we were kindly sponsored by Beck’s Beer who kept your thirst quenched throughout the evening, launching their Be Kreativ Art labels at Blisters: Season Seven!

Rainbow by Rose Stallard
Edition of 50, £50

Stranger Things by Oli Fowler
Edition of 50, £50

Year on year GF Smith always support all our projects and Blisters is no exception! The lovely people a GF Smith supplied us with over 3000 sheets of paper this year and we can’t thank them enough!

Pets Win Prizes by Hannah Carvell
Edition of 50, £50

The Simpsons by Omar Careaga
Edition of 50, £50

Planet Earth by Elliot Kruszynski
Edition of 50, £50

Printing fifty editions can be pricey but our ink suppliers over at Screentec Print Essentials generously sponsored us a pot of ink for each poster in the show!

Frozen Planet by Charlie Blanchard
Edition of 50, £50

Westworld by Joe Wilson
Edition of 50, £50

And finally, after all the Beck’s beer you were all in need of some grub! Imad’s Syrian kitchen came up trumps and supplied you all with delicious plates of his stand-out falafel! Here at Print Club HQ we LOVE imad’s food!

The Twilight Zone by Concepcion Studios
Edition of 50, £50

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Ben Rider
Edition of 50, £50

Black Mirror by Sam Baldwin
Edition of 50, £50


HOT DIGGIDY.. Print Club London have just collaborated with sign-painter Greater Opacity to produce his one-off painted signs into limited edition screen prints! Check it out below…

Jay Holland is a sign writer, painter and artist working and living in London under the name Greater Opacity. Working independently either from his studio or on site up a ladder, his practice is based in and around traditional sign writing. Utilising time-tested techniques and materials, merging them with his background knowledge of illustration. Creating modern artwork and signs with a mix of imagery and hand rendered lettering in a wide range of mediums and settings.

Hot Diggidy Dogs
Edition of 25, £95

Edition of 25, £95


Dive straight into the bank holiday with our very exciting new release with illustrator Jeannie Phan! If this print doesn’t leave you longing for warmer climes we don’t know what will!

Jeannie Phan Synchronised Swimmers Print Club London Screen Print

This piece has been hand-printed in our East London studio.
Exclusively available from Print Club London

Synchronised Swimmers
Edition of 100, £130

Jeannie Phan, a full-time freelance illustrator with a few years of experience under her belt. She’s had the pleasure of working in editorial, book, advertising and as a social media influencer.

Originally hailing from the prairies of Canada, Jeannie is now based in a home studio in Toronto’s West End. When I’m not drawing, you can catch her gardening, giving up video games or doting over my life coach Odin, the cat.

Synchronised Swimmers Jeannie Phan Print Club London Screen PrintSynchronised Swimmers Jeannie Phan Print Club London Screen Print

Not only does Rose Stallard work as an illustrator and creative director of Print Club London she ALSO, has been getting inky in the studio to create a series of monoprints in our East London print studio! Each piece unique and original pieces with one defining factor the infamous smiley face of 90s rave culture!

Smiley Face 1
One-off Monoprint

Smiley Face 2
One-off Monoprint

Smiley Face 4
One-off Monoprint

Smiley Face 6
One-off Monoprint

We are super excited to announce we have collaborated with woman of the moment Romily Alice to produce not one but THREE BRAND NEW print editions inspired by her Utopias Neon Series! Exclusively available from Print Club London and a VERY limited edition of just 25, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Untitled #1 Utopias (IRL//URL)
Edition of 25, £170


Romily Alice Walden is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work is concerned with gender and its interplay with other social categorisations and power differentials. At the core of her practice is an interrogation of contemporary embodiment and its relation to the Post-Internet age. Her work questions modern society’s relationship with looking, being looked at, gendered hierarchies, pleasure and the body.

Romily’s work has been exhibited extensively throughout the UK and in 2017 she was named a Winston Churchilll Memorial Trust Fellow. Her work is held in private collections in the UK, Germany, and America.  Romily’s work has been featured in publications such as Another Magazine, Vice: The Creators Project, The Culture Trip and Hunger Magazine.

Untitled #2 Utopias (IRL//URL)
Edition of 25, £170

Untitled #3 Utopias (IRL//URL)
Edition of 25, £170


One of hell of a line-up and queues out the door, last night’s Blister show was a roaring success! If you made it down to the show but didn’t commit to picking up your favourite print then you have another chance, they are all available online NOW! (If they didn’t sell out on the night)

Here’s a selection of the prints that were in the show!

You can check out the full collection here!

The Humans by Naomi Edmondson 

Edition of 50, £50

Winnie The Pooh by Giuseppe Fasano

Edition of 50, £50

The Tales of Peter Rabbit by Chris Haughton

Edition of 50, £50

Bonjour Tristesse by Lucille Moore

Edition of 50, £50

Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Clare Halifax

Edition of 50, £50

If you missed the action on the opening night you can see check out all that went on at the opening night below!

We want to thanks our sponsors Castle Gibson, Ruby’s Bar, G.F. Smith and Sipsmith for helping make Blisters: The Paperback Edition happen!



Hundreds of people attended last night’s opening of Summer Screen Prints at Somerset House.Today, we are excited to launch the full collection of reimagined film posters inspired by the films shown at Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House.

Cruel Intentions by Cassandra Yap
Edition of 200, £60

Cruel Intentions by Hattie Stewart
Edition of 200, £60

My Neighbour Totoro by Aleesha Nandhra
Edition of 200, £60

Jaws by RYCA
Edition of 200, £60

The Philadelphia Story by Poppy Chancellor
Edition of 200, £60

Blow Up by Lucille Clerc
Edition of 200, £60

Donnie Darko by Louis Carpenter
Edition of 200, £60

My Neighbour Totoro by Joe Wilson
Edition of 200, £60

Donnie Darko by Concepción Studios
Edition of 200, £60

Moonlight by Joe Cruz
Edition of 200, £60

All The President’s Men by Steve Wilson
Edition of 200, £60

Moonlight by Joseph Vass
Edition of 200, £60

Victoria by Eve Lloyd Knight
Edition of 200, £60

In Bruges by Rozalina Burkova
Edition of 200, £60

Blow Up by Rose Stallard
Edition of 200, £60

Jaws by Elliot Kruszynski
Edition of 200, £60

Deliverance by Thomas Whitcombe
Edition of 200, £60

Victoria by Gavin Dobson
Edition of 200, £60

The Omen by Peter Strain
Edition of 200, £60

Bhaji by the Beach by Rose Electra Harris
Edition of 200, £60

Fusing Cassandra Yap’s juxtaposition of dark and beautiful subjects with Dave Buonaguidi’s bold, unapologetic typography to create these VERY special prints! Snap ’em up quick, very limited edition!

Hand-finished with pink glitter
Edition of 25, £230*

Love You To Death Cassandra Yap Dave Buonaguidi Print Club London Screen Print

Neon Colourway
Edition of 35, £130

Love You To Death Cassandra Yap Dave Buonaguidi Print Club London Screen Print


Originally from Singapore, Cassandra Yap is an artist and art director based in London. Her work often explores the juxtaposition between dark and beautiful subjects to create the surreal. Fuelled by her love of pin ups, the female form and an unhealthy obsession with vintage erotica, her photomontage halftone style images are dark, bold and humorous with a kinky edge.

Exhibitions include:  Print Club Blisters Blackout ’10, Blisters The Directors Cut ’12 & Blisters Sound Sessions, 3939 Shop pop up gallery at the Shop At Bluebird, The London Illustration Fair ’13, Dalston Superstore, The Affordable Art Fair Battersea ’14, solo show at Laylow Art Gallery in Palma de Mallorca, Wall Street Gallery’s Revolution group show in LA, Affordable Art Affair Hampstead ’15 and Film 4 Summer screen print show at Somerset House.


Dave has worked in advertising for over 30 years, founding St. Luke’s, the world’s first Co-operative ad agency and most recently Karmarama in 2000.

In 2003 he created the iconic MAKE TEA NOT WAR poster for the anti-war march. It now is part of the collection at the V&A and hangs in the Trento museum of modern art. He loves to make work that creates a reaction.

We’ve recently collaborated with RUGMAN to produce these very fancy prints which are exclusive to our gallery! Featuring iconic figures and each one hand-finished with 24-Karat Gold leaf!

Major Tom Rugman Print Club London Screen Print

Edition of 25, £220





Monroe Stars Rugman Print Club London Screen Print

Edition of 25, £220

Monroe Stars Rugman Print Club London Screen Print

HRH Stars Rugman Print Club London Screen Print

Edition of 25, £220


HRH Stars Rugman Print Club London Screen Print


BRAND-NEW print release from Sign-painting extraordinare Ornamental Conifer whose come all the way from Tinseltown to produce a limited edition screen print exclusively with Print Club London! We think you’ll all agree that everyone needs a bit of optimism in their life and what better way than hanging this beauty up! Check it out now…

Never Better Ornamental Conifer Print Club London Screen Print

Never Better

Edition of 50, £70

Never Better Ornamental Conifer Print Club London Screen Print



Never Better Ornamental Conifer Print Club London Screen Print

The four day Easter weekend is in touching distance and we’re hoping for a sunny bank holiday! Even if the weather doesn’t play ball this weekend, get some limited edition pieces that are guaranteed to give you all the summer vibes and brighten up any wall!

Duke Camilla Perkins Print Club London Screen Print

Edition of 50, £95

Venus Camilla Perkins Print Club London Screen Print

Edition of 50, £85

Tropicana Copper Edition by Marcelina Amelia
Edition of 50, £145

1. Fab – Edition of 100, £140
2. Twister – Edition of 100, £140

1. Fab – Edition of 100, £140

1. Fab – Edition of 100, £140
2. Twister – Edition of 100, £140

1. Fab – Edition of 100, £140

1. Fab – Edition of 100, £140
2. Twister – Edition of 100, £140

Can’t decide? Fear not, Gavin has created a limited edition version of all the childhood favourites!

Ices That Are Nicest
Edition of 100, £190

Wish You Were Here by Marcelina Amelia
Edition of 40, £100

Tequila Time by Francesca Tiley
Edition of 30, £90

Flower Bed Stripes
Edition of 100, £60

Hint Of Green
Edition of 100, £50

Hot Shot by Rose Stallard
Edition of 100, £40

This month has been all about bringing brand new work to you guys! We have several new artists we know you’ll LOVE, check them out here!

Solar System
Edition of 150, £50


Toot, Parp, Honk
Edition of 75, £60

Hello, Sunshine
Edition of 75, £175

Push It Poppy's Papercuts Print Club London Screen Print

Push It

Edition of 200, £50

Spice It Up Poppy's Papercuts Print Club London Screen Print

Spice Up Your Life

Edition of 200, £50


Topiary Rabbit Ham Print Club London Screen PrintTopiary Rabbit

Open Edition, £35

Working Rabbit Ham Print Club London Screen PrintWorking Rabbit

Open Edition, £35

City Bike Rabbit Ham Print Club London Screen Print City Bike Rabbit

Open Edition, £35

We are SUPER excited to announce that we have recently collaborated with Poppy Chancellor AKA Poppy’s papercuts to transform her intricate and beautiful papercuts into Limited Edition screen prints!

Push It

Edition of 200, £50

Push It Poppy's Papercuts Print Club London Screen Print

Spice Up Your Life

Edition of 200, £50

Spice It Up Poppy's Papercuts Print Club London Screen Print

Push It Poppy's Papercuts Print Club London Screen Print

Shop the collection here!

There’s more to come from our collab with Poppy so keep your eyes peeled!

Our long time member and well-loved artist Johnathan Reiner has just released his newest screen printed works! We’ve got our hands on these beauties and wanted to share these with you!


Johnathan Reiner,  a doctor by profession, a past film editor and an illustrator/doodler by heart. Born in the West Coast of USA, grew up in Jerusalem and has lived in London but, now calls Israel his home!

“Ever since I was a kid my hand would fidget at the sight of a pen. My notebooks would fill up with random scribbles, my hand vandalising my homework leaving me speechless in front of my teachers. These compulsions were often unconscious, the creations frequently bad. Creativity kept me going and never failed to bring meaning to my relationships and my work. For years I explored pen on paper and more recently have been investigating colours, shapes, graphics and illustration through printmaking.”

Totem Atabey
Edition of 35, £395

Cosmic Gathering
Edition of 15, £595

Totem Alma
Edition of 35, £395

The Lunacy of Norma Desmond
Edition of 30, £395

Colonial Beauty – Elephant
Edition of 35, £395

Colonial Beauty – Giraffe
Edition of 35, £395



We are very excited to announce that we now stock lots of Dan Hillier‘s new Limited edition screen prints for 2017 on our online gallery! Dan works in a unique way, creating illustrative Victorian silhouettes with animal attributes, creating fantastical visuals with a gothic feel!


Dan Hillier has been working as a full-time artist since 2006. Dan has exhibited in various established galleries including the Saatchi Gallery and the ICA in London, and numerous galleries and solo/group shows in London, Paris, New York and Turin.

Ellipsis Dan Hillier Print Club London Screen Print


Edition of 100, £350


Edition of 50, £595

Temple of the Way of Light

Edition of 100, £450


Edition of 100, £250


Edition of 100, £220


Edition of 100, £495




Our amazing tutor Craig Keenan dropped off his brand new cyanotype print this week ‘Falling’ An Edition of 33 for £330.00

Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print.

Here are some images of the process that Craig has taken to create his print.

Craig Keenan Falling Print Club London

The three different stages that occur throughout the cyanotype printing process.

Craig Keenan Falling Print Club London


Craig Keenan Falling Print Club London


Craig Keenan Falling Print Club London

‘Falling’ is an edition of 30 each unique to its own. You can purchase the print from our online gallery.

For more of Craig’s work click here.

Having followed the work of Fei Alexeli for some time now, we simply had to get in touch with her after seeing her recent collection of work on display at the Other Art Fair, Victoria House.
Whilst studying architecture in Oxford, Fei found her passion for visual arts. Her practice involves a combination of different forms of mixed media. Fei uses photography, photo-montage and digital collage to create a juxtaposition of real elements and surreal environments and situations. The result, magical.
“There is a motif that repeats itself in my work. In most of my collages there are pictures portraying the universe. The concept of the universe is awe-inspiring to me but I think that Neil deGrasse Tyson conveyed it perfectly: “I look up at the night sky and I know that, yes, we are part of this universe, we are in this universe but perhaps more important than both of these facts, is that the universe is in us. Many people feel small, because they are small and the universe is big. But I feel big because my atoms came from those stars.”
Over the last month Print Club London has been working with Fei to produce the artists first fully screen printed, limited edition prints. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.
Introducing the first two limited edition, hand pulled silkscreen prints available exclusively through Print Club London.
Brutal Utopias
Edition 100 // £200
5 layer, full colour limited edition screen print, CMYK plus an extra layer of pink.


Fei Alexeli Brutal Utopias

66 On the Moon
Edition 100 // £180
4 layer, full colour CMYK limited edition screen print.


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Last week Print Club London had the pleasure of meeting with the beautifully talented Lauren Baker.
“Lauren Baker is The Queen of Skulls”VOGUE (Belen Gumiel, Vogue)
“Her immersive installation was provocative and beautifully executed’’
– THE V&A (Rachel De Woolfsen, Senior Event Manager)
Recent works involving neon, infinity mirror and moving sculpture explore light, space and energy. Lauren’s limited edition ‘you blow my mind’ screen prints sold out in just 24 hours. Her creations include painted and embellished human skulls, animal skulls and intricate crystal animal head sculptures.
Renowned for her work using reflective material – including the world’s first infinity mirror coffin at Tate Britain, a 7-ft mirrored geometric ‘Portal to another dimension’ commissioned by Clerkenwell Design Week, and 100 mirror eyes attached to 50ft trees in a forest at Unknown Festival, Croatia.
An inspirational trip to South America ignited the artist’s career – Baker joined a mosaic street art project in Brazil and spent time taking part in ceremonies held by shamans in the Peruvian Amazon jungle. Surrounded by dense vegetation and wildlife, she had an epiphany to become an artist back in 2011 and went on to study mosaic in Venice.
Lauren Baker Print Club London Everything is going to be Fucking Amazing
Fucking Amazing // Edition 35 // £250
Lauren’s sort after, deluxe neon screen prints are now available to purchase from our online gallery HERE!!
Lauren Baker Print Club London To the Moon and Back Screen Print
To the Moon and Back // Edition 50 // £250

Both print editions are produced with a high varnish, glow in the dark screen printed layer. The base of these limited edition screen prints are giclee.
Printed onto museum quality paper, Somerset Velvet 330gsm 100% cotton rag.


Dave Buonaguidi Screen Prints
This April Print Club London are getting involved in Record Store Day!! With new and exclusive print releases and projects, paying ode to this unique culture. Record Store Day is the one day of the year when over 200 independent record shops all across the UK come together to celebrate, TODAY!!
Print Club London are excited to launch inline with Record Store Day, the new and exclusive print editions from our most persuasive artist, Dave Buonaguidi. The artist’s inspiration comes directly from his own passion toward the medium and from his own love of music.
I Am Always Happy Here Print Club London
Print Club London Dave Buonaguidi I Am Always Happy Here Screen Prints
Open Edition // £180
All records are hand pulled, 3 layer silkscreen prints directly onto original record sleeves.
Each print is a one off edition and no two records will be the same.
The price includes the physical vinyl, ready and waiting for you to play. All vinyls are purchased second hand and as a result may show signs of age (but that’s why we love them, right!?)
If you don’t see the album available from our online gallery that brings that warm and tinkly feeling of nostalgia to your ears, then our artist will produce it especially for you.
Print Club London Dave Buonaguidi I Am Always Happy Here Screen Print The Maccabees
This being the first Record Store Day since the early departure of one the greats, it wouldn’t seem right to not put a spotlight on Bowie and his contribution, passion and genius to say the say the least, on the music industry.
The Man Who Fell to Earth Print Club London
The Man Who Fell to Earth David Bowie
Edition of 9 // £220
“The young David ‘Jones’ would visit various record shops around the UK to promote his debut 45. Throughout his life he spoke fondly of the London record shops that helped shape his sound and vision.” Museum of Soho.
Artist Dave Buonaguidi has produced the very limited edition screen print onto the renowned ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ poster.
All new releases are now available from our online gallery HERE!!



It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Print Club London’s new artist, Caroline Tomlinson. Since graduating from her MA at Central St. Martin’s, Caroline has
worked as an illustrator for clients all over the world. She exhibits internationally, and this Summer her work will be on show as part of the Secret 7” showcase.
Currently residing in ‘beautiful Cape Town’ Caroline is due to visit the studio during the Summer months, and we already can’t wait.
Caroline has been working closely with Print Club over the last month and has recently launched 2 brand new, limited edition screen prints which are now available from our online gallery. With more prints on the bed soon to be making their way to us, keep your eyes on our Instagram and Twitter feeds for updates and new print editions as and when they happen!!
Caroline Tomlinson - Kate the Great - Kate Moss Screen Print

Caroline Tomlinson – Kate the Great – Kate Moss Screen Print – Print Club London

“I wanted to paint the most famous face of fashion – and for me there is no one more fashion and famous than Kate Moss. Love her or hate her, she is a face that will be forever linked to fashion in the 21st Century.
Kate Moss is the first in a series I am working on of icons in fashion. She also marked the start of my return to silkscreen printing. It was wonderful to create my painted marks and see them translate and change every so slightly on the silkscreen. Kate the Great is a limited edition screen print, edition of 50 at £65.
Moss is also the start of my exploration into celebrity. An area explored and made famous by print maker and Pop Artist – Andy Warhol. It is a movement that I have always had a huge interest in. Warhol’s words  “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”  have never rang more true. Fame has always been a commodity many are hungry for. And in todays culture of endless selfies and reality tv shows everyone seems to want their face to be captured and known – and for some at any cost. However, few truly deserve the accolade of being iconic.
Caroline Tomlinson - Lips - Georgia May Jagger - Screen Print

Caroline Tomlinson – Lips – Georgia May Jagger – Screen Print – Print Club London

Perhaps the most famous lips in fashion?
Another step in my exploration into capturing fashion icons and in the same way as Kate Moss, Jagger is another iconic British female. I begun experimenting with what can be removed from an identity whilst remaining recognisable. Moving forward I would like to take this down a more abstract route in my print making. This is something I am starting to explore and work with in my studio. Lips gave me an opportunity to translate my watercolour marks onto screens  and explore the challenges and all the happy accidents that came with that.
A great deal of my recent work is monochrome, or simply one extra colour. But with Lips – the colour felt all the more important. As I wanted to mix the perfect red for this series, after all the perfect red lipstick has also become a style icon in itself. Every fashionista knows a swish of the perfect red takes you from the everyday to extraordinary in an instant.
The perfect limited edition screen print for any fan of fashion, or Georgia May Jagger herself. Limited to an edition of 50 at £85.
Coming soon…. (sneak peek)

Charlotte Free - Print Club London


As far as printing is concerned, Print Club London have started 2016 as they mean to go on!! Bringing you more limited edition, affordable and exclusive artwork from our new and exclusive artists.

Exclusive to Print Club London, 4 layer limited edition screen print.
Printed onto white 300gsm Somerset Satin paper.
Edition 25 // £150
Available here!


Exclusive to Print Club London, 5 layer limited edition screen print.
Printed onto white 300gsm Somerset Satin paper.
Edition 25 // £150
Available here!

4 layer CMYK screen print, created from an original collage.
Edition 50 // £80
Available here!

Print Club London are the first studio and gallery to work with Bonnie and Clyde to create works that are entirely screenprinted.
12 layer screen print onto Somerset Satin.
Edition 50 // £500
Available here!


It’s this time of the year when we all start to panic about buying our loved ones a special gift that shows just how much we appreciate them! Well, Forget flower bouquets, boxes of chocolates and bad taste gifts – We’ve put together a selection of prints which we are lusting over for Valentine’s 2016.
“I found these playing cards on one of the stalls in Istanbul, and immediately bought them. The cards remind me of the beautiful combination in a relationship of love and lust. I thought these would make intimate Valentines gifts for that someone special. They are small, fun and meaningful, and most importantly they are the same price as a shitty bunch flowers from a petrol station.”
Following the success of both edition runs of Gentlemen’s Flower Arranging Club, Print Club have spent the last month working with Thomas in the studio on a series of new and exlusive prints, available only through Print Club London.  Tom’s new print ‘Lido’ is available now through the Print Club Gallery

With it’s romantic and surrealist subject matter we think this limited edition screen print makes the perfect gift for those looking for something a little more special than the usual…
Print Club London are the first studio and gallery to work with Bonnie and Clyde to create works that are entirely screenprinted (and we couldn’t be more excited.)

Bonnie and Clyde use collage, type and photography to produce visually arresting screen-prints and mixed media collages. Bonnie and Clyde decamped to the seaside with her beloved Leica camera a few years ago and began learning the art of screen-printing. Her interest in street photography, psychogeography, architecture and the sea are often reflected with the use of colour and graphical elements that shape her work.

We are happy to announce that the new and exclusive, fully screen printed edition of Hot Lips is now available from the Print Club London online gallery. 
It’s not often we get to have a sneak peek into our artists personal studios!
And we are feeling rather lucky to be able to share with you this beautiful collection of images taken from artist, Kate Gibbs studio.
“Kate has worked as a Printmaker & Illustrator for over fifteen years from a makeshift print studio in Paddington. A silkscreen obsessive, her early studies in Printed Textiles fuelled her inherent love of colour & pattern which continually provide the basis for the majority of her work. The kind of printing she is inspired by relies on chance, hiccups and happy accidents. Technically her practice is self taught, experimental and continually evolving.”
“Commercially she is renowned for her music-related sleeve artwork, most notably for a long standing relationship with The Chemical Brothers. Non-commercially she continues to explore the silk-screen process, its tactile nature and subtle nuances providing the many graphic characteristics typical of her one-off pieces and hand-screened Editions.”