Last Friday, we visited the Tate Modern to see an exhibition we’re very excited about – The Ey Exhibition, The Making of Rodin.

The EY Exhibition : The Making of Rodin

Tate Modern

Until 21st November



The exhibition focuses on Rodin’s works in plaster and explores his approach to making. Inspired by a major show in 1900, the exhibition shows sculptures from throughout Rodin’s career.


We loved how they have created the sense that you are walking through  the artists studio. Throughout the main room there are several examples of the artists preliminary studies alongside enlarged final works.


We also loved discovering Rodin’s watercolours of swimming figures, a side of his work that we had now seen before, but in which he explored the fluidity of the human form as a study for his sculptures.

The shows has a strong emphasis on process and materiality which we love to see. It felt as though we had been given a sneak peak behind the scenes of the recognisable Rodin sculptures we have seen before.

Thanks for having us Tate Modern! If you like what you saw and would like to visit the exhibition in full you can book a ticket here.

Back in the gallery we’ve got lots of prints that celebrate the amazing architecture of the Tate Modern.

Tate Modern Boiler House Underway Studios Print Club London Screen Print

Tate Modern Boiler House Room by Underway Studio



Tirso-Sanchez -Tate- Modern

Southbank Power Station by Tirso Sanchez



Tate Modern by Lucille Clerc


Another scorching summer day in London and we took a trip to our neighbours at the Whitechapel Gallery to see Angel of Anarchy, an exhibition of works by Eileen Agar.


Eileen Agar

‘Angel of Anarchy’

Whitechapel Gallery

19th May – 29th August 2021


Eileen Agar was one of the most adventurous and prolific artists of her generation. Across he 70 year career her practice explored collage, painting, sculpture and photography.

Born into a wealthy family, Agar sought her artistic practice against her strict parents wishes. After being sent to England with the intention to study at academic schools she instead pursued her aspirations and enrolled at Slade School of Art in 1921. The exhibition details the variety of Eileen Agar’s practices from still life studies to sculptural figures.


Agar was fascinated with the natural world and used travel as a constant inspiration for her works. We loved the photography series of rock formations in France which was later reinterpreted as a collection of paintings.

The collages within the exhibition have been framed thoughtfully allowing you as a viewer to get up close and personal with the textural pieces. We also loved the behind the scenes displays of Agars sketchbooks and experiments.

The in depth exhibition spans over two floors of the gallery so make sure you follow the signs to view the whole collection. It’s a beautifully curated show and you also have the opportunity to view several other permanent collections at the gallery whilst you are there. Tickets for Angel of Anrachy cost £9.50 and can be booked here.


Back at Print Club HQ we take a look at some of our favourite collage works inspired by the exhibition…

The Arrival by Maxine Gregson



Morning Angel! by Ruby Kean



Flaming Hearts Lucille Moore Print Club London Screen Print


Flaming Hearts by Lucille Moore





Last week we visited the Royal Academy of Arts to take a tour of ‘The Loneliness of the Soul’. It had been two years since we saw Tracey Emin’s paintings in real life and we couldn’t wait to see them again!

Tracey Emin & Edvard Munch

‘The Loneliness of the Soul’

Royal Academy of Arts

18th May – 1st August

The Loneliness of the Soul is an exhibition of works by both Tracey Emin and Edvard Munch, it showcases the artists work side by side for the first time. Although born 100 years apart Emin recognises Munch as a ‘friend in art’.

The selection of Edvard Munch’ss work focuses on paintings and watercolours depicting the figure, particularly the female nude. Emin has always been drawn to the raw emotional content of Munch’s paintings. For this exhibition she looked through and archive of 800 paintings and 2000 watercolours before deciding on a selection of works that highlight vulnerability and loneliness.

We love how throughout the exhibition you can notice the similarities between their mark making and energy through painting.

Another great showcase of works by one of our favourite artists! Tickets for this show cost £17 and can be booked in advance here.


Back in the gallery we take a look at some of our favourite pieces celebrating the human figure…


Folded by Jessica Rose Bird




He Overthought by Gavin Dobson



Undress by Carolina Tomlinson



Josie, founder of Help Refugees. Katharine Hamnett. Kate Higginson, founder of Print Club London. Choose Love exhibition 2018

Print Club London x Help Refugees

Over the past two years Print Club London have been collaborating with emerging and established artists on the Choose Love collection. Through the sales of the exclusive prints and fundraising exhibitions we raise money in support of the charity Help Refugees. The project launched with an exhibition at Somerset House on World Refugee Day in 2018 and the collection has grown since, travelling to Pikes Ibiza, a second show at Somerset House and producing sell out prints for Help Refugees Choose Love pop up store.

Choose Love Help Refugees Print Club London Screen Print

Pikes Ibiza x Silken Favors Choose Love – £30

From print making to collage and photography each artwork in the collection is completely unique in its design and available to buy from our gallery with all proceeds going directly to support the charity. Artists to date who have worked on the project include Stanely Donwood, Quentin Jones, Morag Mysercough, Noel Fielding and Anish Kapoor. The exclusive artworks are on sale via our website and we hope you will join us and Choose Love!

Shop the collection here. 

Watch the video below to find out more about our project.

Video by Adrian-Florin Ardelean

Print Club Choose Love

Alex May Hughes

Alex May Hughes. Choose Love exhibition 2019

Since the launch Print Club London have raised over £150,000 for the charity Help Refugees to date.* This couldn’t have been possible without the generosity of our artists using their talent to produce pieces of art for our gallery and our customers who invested in the beautiful art and the cause! Here’s where your money has gone and how much of a positive impact it has had!

*Amount raised as of Oct 2020

£5,000 has gone towards diapers for Lesvos.

 There are 8000 refugees currently living in Moria camp – which was designed for 1500 people. Help Refugees fund many of the services and support available to people living in there and the diaper programme is a big one as there are almost a thousand babies in the camp.

 £8,000 has gone towards Refugees4Refugees on Samos

Refugee4Refugees have done incredible work and equipped thousands of people with non-food items over the past months in their distribution centre. Meanwhile all women and children have access to non food items, which consist mainly of clothes, hygiene-items and sleeping bags. In March and April, our partner organised NFI distributions for all male residents of the camp using a ticketing system. Furthermore prams were distributed for babies in their free shop and provided to different projects around the island. New arrivals get 2 sets of everything including a hygiene package, shoes and a jacket. The organisation is still only sustainable actor on the island that provides NFIs in large quantities.

People reached: 4,000

£8,000 has gone towards Medical care on Samos.

Due to overcrowding on the island, the hospital and the doctor in the camp are overwhelmed. Therefore Help Refugees’ partner Med’equaliteam offer additional medical care. Their clinic is visited daily by 70 – 100 patients and is open 6 days a week. The clinic collaborates with and makes referrals to the hospital. Furthermore, they run medical workshops in the community centres on a weekly basis.

People reached: 600


Dave Buonaguidi Choose Love

Dave Buonaguidi. Choose Love Exhibition 2019.

£12,000 has gone towards supporting community and educational needs. We have supported centres including the Orange House offer language classes and vocational courses for displaced people, as well as psychosocial and legal services.

£11,500 has gone towards dry foods and nutritional provisions. Our money supports partners such as InterEuropean Human Aid Association which provides meals for communities in Northern Greece. We’ve also funded food baskets to Pikpa, and independent community living in Lesvos so they can cook communal meals with their kitchens.

Additional food is provided at the following projects:

We are One‘s safe space for women and babies: The team offers fruit, eggs, fresh salads and drinks for all the participants. Babies under 2 years receive bananas and other snacks. Pregnant women get some extra food, such as nuts. Each Monday, on the ‘pregnant women only’ day, a warm, nutritious meal and a fresh salad is served that is explicitly aimed at the needs of pregnant women.

Mazi Youth Centre run by Still I Rise: Breakfast and lunch is given daily as well as dinner once a week for all the students (unaccompanied children). 

Baobab Community Centre for Families: Light meals are cooked on site and available in the centre. In the last weeks they were preparing up to 250 – 300 meals a day. There is hot tea and water to drink.

Action for Education‘s Banana House: One hot and fresh meal is provided for each of the participants daily. Every month they serve around 2500 meals.

Thanks to your support, together with our partners we are currently looking into options to start providing supplementary food for babies from 6 months – 24 months. 

People reached: 1,000

£3000 has gone towards the monthly running costs of Say it Loud Club in London, a team of staff and volunteers that support LGBTQIA+ refugees and asylum seekers. The Say It Loud community provides a valuable support system for LGBTQIA+ refugees as they gain the right to live freely in the UK.

£10,000 has gone towards a grant to SOS MEDITERRANEE so they can resume live saving search and rescue missions in the central Mediterranean Sea. Since March 2016 their team has rescued 31,618 children, women and men.

We want to thank everyone that has supported this project so far. If you would like any more information about how your money has been spent do get in touch with [email protected]

Choose Love Exhibition. Somerset House 2018

Choose Love Somerset House

Choose Love Exhibition. 2019

A massive thank you to all our supporters, artists and of course Katharine Hamnett and the Help Refugees team.

Shop the collection here. 

We were recently invited down to the Affordable Art Fair to take part in their live art installation at their most recent fair in Battersea park! We rocked up with our printing carousels, armed with squeegee’s and ink to print the evening away.

Across two evenings we were joined by four of our amazing artists, M.E. Ster Molnar, David Newton, Dave Buonaguidi & Nicola Morland, each printing and signing a limited edition screen prints live for attendees to take away that very same night.

M.E Ster Molnar || Super Bloom #129


David Newton || Dial ‘S’ For Starlight

Edition of 40 || £100

Dave Buonaguidi || XOXO – Love Letters


Nicola Morland || Feels Like

Edition of 50 || £95

To find out more on our live printing or corporate events please email [email protected].

Picasso on Paper

Picasso, Paper and Printmaking, what more could we ask for!

It only been a few years since Tate held third Picasso retrospective, but this show focuses on Picasso’s lifelong engagement with paper and the diverse use of this material.

Picasso on Paper

Royal Academy

25th of January – 13th April

Picasso on Paper


“To this day I remember him lost in a mountain of paper”

Picasso on Paper


Spanning the artists career from the early blue period right up to his last studio days the exhibition showcases the many creative processes of one of the most inventive artists of our time. You can clearly see throughout the exhibition how the initial studies on paper influenced the materials used in later works.

Picasso on Paper

Picasso on Paper


Picasso on Paper is shown at the Royal Academy until 13th April. We thought it was an incredible show  with such a variety of works that there is something for every Picasso fan.

‘Print Club on Paper’

Shop Picasso inspired portraits from our own gallery.Lucille Moore Print Club London

1800 by Lucille Moore

Edition of 50


Feels Like Nicola Morland Print Club London Screen Print

Feels Like by Nicola Morland

Edition of 50



Citrus Jessica Rose Bird Print Club London Screen Print

Citrus by Jessica Rose Bird

One of original drawing



Nude in Blue by Alexandria Coe Print Club London Screen Print

Nude in Blue by Alexandria Coe


Edition of 40


Got an exhibition you think we should see? Email [email protected] with more info and we’ll come check it out!


We swapped the studio for the Southbank to see the highly anticipated Bridget Riley exhibition at the Hayward Gallery.

Bridget Riley

Hayward Gallery

23rd Oct – 26th Jan


Spread over two floors of the Hayward Gallery at the Southbank Centre the exhibition brings together paintings drawings and sketches spanning the artists working life from 1947 to present day. Each room is divided by themes that occur in the artists work such as curves, stripes and monochromatic pieces. You can see throughout the rooms how the artist has returned to previous inspirations in her newer works.




Our favourite room was filled with studies and preliminary sketches that allowed the artist to explore various possibilities and patterns before painting the large scale works. There was also work displayed from the artists time spent at art school depicting studies of the human form and patterns with landscapes.

There’s still a chance to catch this inspiring exhibition which questions how we perceive colour and form through the artists visual language. Bridget Riley runs at the Hayward Gallery until 26th of January.

Get some geometry in your life…

If you can’t yet buy your own Bridget Riley then why not treat yourself to some amazing abstract pieces from our gallery.

Two by Unit 89


Edition of 25


Octopus by Chris Homer


Edition of 50

Untitled 108 by Gfeller and Hellsgard


Edition of 20

Hostile Refuge by Atelier Deux-Mille


Edition of  25



In September we were invited along to be apart of Goose Island’s Hop Party to print the night away!

The event was filled to the brim with music featuring headliners Blossoms and Shame, delicious food, Goose Island Beer and much much more…

We rocked up with our two printing beds and armed with ink and squeegees! Throughout the duration of our time at the event, we printed a limited run of 200 T-Shirts featuring Blossoms artwork and then moved on to the Hop Party motif for the remainder of the evening.

Check out all of the action below:

Even the Blossoms band members got involved in some inky fun and had a go at printing their very own T-Shirt!

To find out more on our Live Printing Events please email [email protected], we are now taking bookings for the Christmas period.

A huge thank you to everyone that came to our second CHOOSE LOVE show at Somerset House!

The fundraising exhibition in collaboration with Help Refugees saw artists including Bob & Roberta Smith, Pure Evil, Rob Ryan, James Joyce, Hattie Stewart and Alexandria Coe create one off original pieces, making their mark on the iconic CHOOSE LOVE logo. We would like to thank all of our contributing artists and of course our buyers for visiting the show, bidding in our auction and picking up some CHOOSE LOVE merch. The funds raised from this week long exhibition will go directly to support the incredible work of Help Refugees.

Print Club Choose Love

Choose Love Somerset House

Choose Love 2019 opening night at Somerset House.

Dave Buonaguidi Choose Love

CHOOSE LOVE Lifeboat by Dave Buonaguidi.

Choose Love Somerset House

CHOOSE LOVE Artwork by Rob Ryan and Rosie Emerson. 

Alex May Hughes

CHOOSE LOVE Artwork by Alex May Hughes and Charming Baker.

Lauren Baker Neon

CHOOSE LOVE Neon by Lauren Baker

POA. Please contact [email protected] for more information. 

Couldn’t make the opening night? You can still shop our Choose Love collection online and we have some pieces ready and framed for collection.

Aida Choose Love

CHOOSE LOVE Dream Boat by Aida

Framed 1st edition – £1,000

Bob and Roberta Smith

CHOOSE LOVE by Bob and Roberta Smith

Edition of 1 Framed – £1,000

Isabella Cotier Choose Love

CHOOSE LOVE by Isabella Cotier

Edition of 1 Framed – £1,000

We are continuing to work with artists throughout the year producing brand new and limited edition pieces in aid of the charity so keep your eyes out for new collaborations.

You can shop the full Choose Love collection here.



Festival Season has well and truly started, and we were lucky enough to be invited down to this year’s Field Day by Dr. Martens to be apart of their DM’s Boot Room Stand.

We rocked up at the Festival with our portable printing unit and printed the day away, whilst listening to some amazing artists. For the event we were supplied with a design by Dr. Martens, that was to be printed onto Tote Bags by the festival goers.

If you didn’t manage to come down to the festival then check out all of the action below:


If you would like us to come along to your event then email [email protected] or [email protected] to get more information.


Now Play This

The annual games festival returns to Somerset House for it’s biggest edition ever. We were invited to the private view to explore the interactive games and experimental design that they had on show.

Now Play This

Somerset House

6th – 14th April 2019


This years exhibition focuses on community, the interaction between players and how this feeds into the creative process of some of the most inventive games. Visitors to the festival are invited to play on all of the thought provoking games on display as well as try their hands at creating their own video game that can be played by others.

Some of our favourite games included Octopad, a reimagined 1980’s game which turns a one player game into a collaborative experience with eight different controllers with a button each, encouraging a team effort from all of the players. As well as an installation by We Throw Stitches which sees players battle it out in the ‘ultimate reaction test’ at the their table of changing neon lights. For those that want less screen time in their lives there is also a board game lounge, a zine lounge and two outdoor interactive installations in the courtyard.


Now Play This

Test your reactions against Flux by We Throw Switches


Games created by festival visitors and a trip down memory lane with Wrong Box by Molly Soda.


Amongst the competitive action there are many talks and workshops across the week long festival that are well worth checking out. Now Play This runs as part of London Games Festival so if you’re in the capital make sure you take a look!

It’ Play Time…

Super Extra Lucky Ben Rider

Super Extra Lucky by Ben Rider

Edition of 50


Video Nasty

Video Nasty by Charlie Gould

Edition of 30


Game of Life

Game of Life by Timba Smits



Recently Regent Street and St James’s joined forces to debut Show In The Dark; an evening of arts and culture that shone a light on an array of unique artists. Throughout the course of the evening, independent stores, global flagship brands, galleries and restaurants throughout Regent Street and St James’s opened their doors to creatives such as ourselves.

We were invited down to join in with the fun at Regent Street’s Anthropologie store, where we printed designs by Jacqueline Colley, which were specially commissioned for this event.

Check out all the action below:

If you would like to hire us for an event or to our studio for a workshop, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

This Valentines we had the absolute pleasure of being invited down to Fortnum & Mason Piccadilly store, to do some live printing with some of their customers. Not only we there with our live printing set up, but we had the lovely Megan Riera adding a personal touch with her hand finished lettering.

Customers were able to print the second layer of the two-layer print, they were then able to choose the name that they would like to be hand finished onto the print by Megan.

Check out all the action below:

If you’re interested in hiring us for your event either on location or at our East London Studio, please contact [email protected] or [email protected] for more information.


We recently took a trip to the Tate Modern to explore the amazing new exhibition showcasing the work of Anni Albers. As the first major exhibition of her work in the UK the extensive collection explores the career of the Bauhaus artist from her well known weavings to unseen screen prints and original paintings.

Albers studied at the famous Bauhaus school in Weinmar, before moving to America with her husband Josef and studying at the experimental Black Mountain College. A pioneer in textile design she explored the relationship between functionality and aesthetic and was heavily inspired by grid like architectural forms. She looked to explore a new modern language through a traditional craft process.

Anni Albers Tate Modern

The retrospective exhibition shows a lot of the work made throughout her time in the Bauhaus As well as Albers personal projects the exhibition also shows her more commercial textiles including fabrics for hotels and the drapes for the Rockefella’s guest house. There is also an amazing collection of antique textiles from around the world and you can see the influence of the couples travels on her creations.



The exhibition runs until January 27th 2019.

Tickets and more information can be found here. 

Feeling inspired? Shop Bauhaus inspired prints from our collection.


Grand Designs Jonathan Lawes

Grand Designs by Jonathan Lawes

Edition of 50


Wellbeck Street

Wellbeck Street, London by Angus Vasili

Edition of 25




BLISTERS: SEASON SEVEN is a distant memory now… Or is it, we still have tons of rad artwork inspired by your favourite TV shows available on our online gallery! Scroll down to see a recap of all the fun that was had at the show and a selection of the pieces still available for sale!

Fargo by Angus Vasili 

Edition of 50, £50


It’s important to share with you all the people who made Blisters possible! Without our neighbours over at MC Motors, we wouldn’t have a space to put on the biggest screenprinted poster show! Thank you Castle Gibson for lending us the space and Ruby’s Dalston for serving up all the refreshments for the evening!

The Big Breakfast by Gavin Dobson 
Edition of 50, £50

The Great British Bake Off by Aleesha Nandhra
Edition of 50, £50

This Year we were kindly sponsored by Beck’s Beer who kept your thirst quenched throughout the evening, launching their Be Kreativ Art labels at Blisters: Season Seven!

Rainbow by Rose Stallard
Edition of 50, £50

Stranger Things by Oli Fowler
Edition of 50, £50

Year on year GF Smith always support all our projects and Blisters is no exception! The lovely people a GF Smith supplied us with over 3000 sheets of paper this year and we can’t thank them enough!

Pets Win Prizes by Hannah Carvell
Edition of 50, £50

The Simpsons by Omar Careaga
Edition of 50, £50

Planet Earth by Elliot Kruszynski
Edition of 50, £50

Printing fifty editions can be pricey but our ink suppliers over at Screentec Print Essentials generously sponsored us a pot of ink for each poster in the show!

Frozen Planet by Charlie Blanchard
Edition of 50, £50

Westworld by Joe Wilson
Edition of 50, £50

And finally, after all the Beck’s beer you were all in need of some grub! Imad’s Syrian kitchen came up trumps and supplied you all with delicious plates of his stand-out falafel! Here at Print Club HQ we LOVE imad’s food!

The Twilight Zone by Concepcion Studios
Edition of 50, £50

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Ben Rider
Edition of 50, £50

Black Mirror by Sam Baldwin
Edition of 50, £50


Summer Bazaar

For one day only we will be transforming not only our East London print studio but our Miller’s Avenue alleyway into our Summer Bazaar! It’ll be filled to the brim with works from our artists, technicians and studio members!

It’s the perfect opportunity for you to pick up some hand-made goodies, amazing affordable art and to try some tasty treats by some of our favourite food vendors!

Here are some snaps of the artist’s involved in last years market:

Positive Press

Francesca Tiley

Sam Baldwin

Aleesha Nandhra

Mean Mail

Vicky’s Donuts

Date: Saturday 18th August
Time: 11am – 5pm
Location: Print Club London Gallery, 10-28 Millers Ave, London, E8 2DS

If you would like to attend, click here.

Clerkenwell Design Week kindly invited us to partner with us for this year’s festival, on an exciting project called ‘Your Tote Counts’

‘Your Tote Counts’ intended to address the issue of Tote Bags replacing the unstainable plastic bags, when in fact it turns out that Tote Bags have a bigger ecological footprint than that of a plastic bag unless they’re used repeatedly. Therefore we were encouraging just that by asking people to donate their old Tote Bags and give them a little bit of TLC!

We rocked up at the festival for the three days with our portable print beds to breathe new life into these old bags, by giving them a BRAND NEW design and purpose. All the proceeds throughout the event went towards Maggie’s Centre, who are a charity which do amazing work by supporting those with cancer and their families. To find out more about the charity, please click here.

Check out all the action below:

Designs for the event were supplied by five Chelsea College of Art students. Photography by Sophie Mutevelian.


Our team and equipment can be transported into any location, working with your guests to print posters t-shirts or totes! So if you’re interested in learning more about our live printing events, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing [email protected]

We had the absolute pleasure of being invited down to the Carnaby Style Weekender with Jack Wills, to do some live printing! We set up in the Carnaby Hub which throughout the duration of the weekend would house some amazing workshops from a Margarita Masterclass to an art class with Collage Club London!

After finishing at the Carnaby Hub we rolled over to Jack Wills store in Fouberts Place, to carry on spreading the ink!

Here’s a couple of snaps we took of the action!

Designs for the event were supplied by the amazing artist Ruth Kingsbury, make sure you go check out her work!


Our team and equipment can be transported into any location, working with your guests to print posters t-shirts or totes! So if you’re interested in learning more about our live printing events, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing [email protected]



Blisters is back for its 7th edition!

You’ll be glued to the screen…



After the success of Our Blisters show in 2017, we’re bringing you back-to-back episodes of your favourite screen-printed poster show!

It’s based on ‘TV SHOWS’ and it’s an entirely hand-pulled screen-print show!

Tune in and take inspiration from your favourite TV show, cult classic or famous one-liners!

Coming September 2018

We are now open for submissions and want to get the word out there to any illustrators/aspiring artists who want to take part.

Blisters: Season Seven – The Brief

ONE. Submit a poster in your own style inspired by your favourite TV show, cult classic series or a famous one-liner!

TWO. The catch is that, you cannot use the name of the show or character names! Use of other text is allowed of course, but this should stand alone as an image/scene/typography

THREE. Most importantly, your work must be COMPLETELY new and original for this project and never seen before! We will not accept any submissions that are displayed anywhere else, including personal blog or portfolio.

FOUR. The artwork specification – It needs to be in B2 format (500 x 700mm) but, can be portrait of landscape.

FIVE. Submissions must be sent as a low-res .jpeg file to [email protected] and

When sending the low-res file please ensure it’s saved ‘YourName.jpeg’ and you state in your email the book/author/quote your design is inspired by.

The deadline is Monday 21st May’18

Producing your screen prints

We can offer free use of our studio to successful submissions to print your own work but, if you aren’t printing yourself do be aware that the more colours you choose the more expensive it is to produce.

2018 Blisters show will be full to the brim with 50 artists, each with 50 signed and editioned screen prints selling for £50 a pop!

The idea is that whether you are just out of college, up and coming or a well-known artist, everyone is on the same level platform and the prints speak for themselves.

Our aim is to take affordable art prints to a wider demographic, encouraging buyers to invest in original artwork

Artists who have taken part in our Blisters show before include: Ben Eine, Jamie Reid, Mr Bingo, Pure Evil, Peter Stitson, Anthony Burrill, Hattie Stewart, Kate Moross, James Joyce, Clifford Richards, Mike Perry, Ryca and many, many more!

Submissions must be sent as a low-res .jpeg file to [email protected] and the deadline is Monday 21st May 2018



Q: If I have artwork that I’ve used for previous projects, can I reprint this?

A: The artwork for your submission should be original. If there are elements from previous projects this is fine but the submission should appear to be new as a whole.

Q: Does the “poster” need to contain text or type?

A: No, this is up to you. “Poster” is the format size paper and the term we use to describe this. You can either:

1. Create artwork that is composed of an illustration or design inspired by a TV Show, or line from a show

2. Submit an entry composed entirely of a typographic design (as long as it does not mention the TV Show title/Character names

3. Mix the two!


Q: If I have several designs, can I submit more than one?

A: You can submit as many designs as you like!

Q: When the artwork is printed and signed, do we also need to put a title to it? For example; The TV show title or not, as it might give the game away?

A: The title of each print edition will be the same as the TV show it’s inspired by

Q: How much of that goes to the artist?

A: It’s a 50/50 split between the artist and Print Club London. The artist will receive 50% commission as will Print Club London

Q: What happens to prints, which remain unsold?

A: All prints are sold via Print Club London on our online gallery after the show.

Q: Do they remain the property of the artist or of London Print Club?

A: They’re owned by the artist/designer, but we retain the right to be the only seller of these prints as they are from a show we have curated.

Q: If ownership remains with the artist, can the artist resell them elsewhere – for example, through independent shops?

A: No, the prints can only be sold via Print Club London

Q: If the artist is not producing the prints themselves will Print Club be producing them?

A: The artists are liable for the printing the work. They can use our studios for free if they know how to print! If artists are unable to print, they can ask Tuckshop our bespoke printing service who, will offer a discount for all Blisters artists. This Year we’re sponsored by G.F Smith who are supplying all the paper for the show

Q: Who owns the rights to the image?

A: Artists always own the rights to their work. However a rule of Blisters is that the work cannot be reproduced at a later date as another screen print or giclée

Q: Can the artist/designer use the imagery for, their own products again?  For example, using the imagery for t-shirts, greetings cards etc.

A: No, we ask that the image to be just for the show. This is what makes it ‘limited edition’ and this is a key part of Blisters.

Check out last year’s show;

The deadline for submission is Monday 21st May 2018 


Award winning architect Kody Kato has pushed the limits of GF Smith’s new Japanese paper collection in this amazing installation. We were lucky enough to meet the designer himself as he explained the gravity defying exhibit, constructed from over 5,500 sheets of ‘Takeo’ paper. Using traditional Sonobe origami techniques the sculpture took 6 days to install and will transform over time as the paper stretches and shifts.

Make sure you book an appointment at GF Smith’s London show space by the end of June to catch this intriguing exhibition and explore their vast paper collection whilst you are there. You can also practice your paper aeroplane making skills and try to make it on to the Perfect Plane leader board (our skills definitely need improving).

‘Fold It’

Between the Lines by Claudia Pape

£60.00 and FREE UK Shipping





Last week we popped down to NOW Gallery to explore Fred Butler’s therapeutic world in her new exhibition Harmonics In Space.The installation explores chromotherapy and light as an antidote to Season Defective Disorder!

NOW Gallery are amazing at putting on interactive display within the exhibition’s that they hold and Fred Butler’s is no different!  The exhibition features interactive polyhedral spheres which you can dip inside and it will give you a rainbow light display, also upon entering you’re required to take off your shoes to heighten your senses as well as being equipped with headphones that feature contrasting music with different tempos and moods. Inside the exhibition space is the chance to create your very own origami cosmic creature in a variety of different colours, each of which represents a different mood. It’s the perfect Zen Destination and offers a totally immersive experience!

ion, so if you’re looking for a bit of me time then we would highly recommend heading down to the NOW Gallery to check out the exhibition before it ends on the 29th April!

The distinctive style, quirky nature and attention to detail doesn’t waiver in Wes Anderson’s latest creation ‘Isle of Dogs.’ Print Club popped down to The Store, 180 The Strand to take a peek at Anderson’s creations.  This exhibition offers a behind-the-scenes look at 17 sets and puppets for the stop-motion picture.

You can get up close and take in all the detail while, the movie score plays in the background! If beautiful sets, puppetry and the soundtrack playing around you isn’t enough additionally, there’s a noodle bar pop-up inspired by Megasaki restaurant that is home to one of the characters in the film.

The exhibition runs until 5th April 2018, so you don’t have long to catch a glimpse at the inner workings of Wes Anderson’s latest creation!


Stop-motion-animated film from writer/director Wes Anderson, an outbreak of canine flu in Japan leads all dogs to be quarantined on an island. A boy journeys there to rescue his dog Spots, and gets help from a pack of misfit canines who have also been exiled. His quest inspires a group of dog lovers to expose a government conspiracy. The voice cast also includes Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, Tilda Swinton, Bob Balaban, Greta Gerwig, and Yoko Ono.


If you like Wes Anderson, we have a print inspired by his film ‘The Royal Tenebaums’ by Concepcion studios

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The Royal Tenenbaums Concepcion Studios Print Club London Screen Print

Following on from the success of his exhibition ‘ The Forever Loop’ at the Barbican, Eddie Peake has taken over the White Cube Gallery with his latest immersive exhibition, ‘Concrete Pitch’.  Photos of the exhibition space, flooded with soft pink light, have been popping up on our news feed for weeks so we headed down to the Bermondsey hot spot to check it out for ourselves.


Inspired by a youth spent on concrete recreation grounds in Finsbury Park, ‘Concrete Pitch’ creates an adult playground of paintings, sculpture and soundscapes. The gallery has been filled with bold neon paintings, snaking steel tables, vibrating speakers and a low hum of distorted recordings from Stroud Green Road. Throughout the exhibition Kool London, one of London’s longest running underground stations, broadcast live from the gallery offering up the soundtrack of East London estates in the early nineties. You’ve only got till the April the 8th to surround yourself in Peake’s new world and it’s definitely an exhibition not to be missed.

Eddie Peak at the White Cube Gallery.


*Concrete Pitch runs till the 8th April at the White Cube Gallery in Bermondsey. Go check it out!

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For International Women’s Day we held a workshop with Warner Bro’s UK, to celebrate Unstoppable Women in film and TV! For the event, we had three different amazing designs created by our Creative Director Rose Stallard. The designs featured quotes from Wonder Woman, GIRLS and Big Little Lies!

Scroll down to see the images from the evening!

Photography by Andrew Leo

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