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Ricky Byrne

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Lucille Clerc

Night At Kew, recently added to our online gallery!
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Rose Stallard

'Je T'aime' is exclusive to Print Club London!
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Olivia Mills

Born in London, I lived here for 16 years before moving with my family to New Zealand. Auckland is where I spent my formative years and attended design school, graduating in Graphic Design. After this I worked across the advertising and design industries, before returning to the motherland in 2015. Currently I am living and working in London as a freelance designer and illustrator.

I like to create studies inspired by the routine and detail of everyday life. Predominantly choosing pen as my medium and always starting with initial pencil sketches, I use a lot of dot shade and hand lettering in my work. Producing something that makes people smile through humour or a sense of relatability is what makes me tick, especially when this is the result of working collaboratively on a project.