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Synchronised Swimmers Jeannie Phan Print Club London Screen Print

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Charlotte Farmer

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John Karborn

John Karborn (b. 1985, London) is a contemporary artist working with traditional and new, often entirely self-invented and experimental processes.


Karborn’s work represents an instinctive assembly, intended to investigate the resonance of classicism combined with found fragments of materials, all supported by the platform of new technologies. It draws and builds from the rapidly evolving and universal visual ‘language’ in which we are all immersed – animated gifs, film, digital media, photography, mythology, architecture, nature, commercial imagery, social media and so on.


It is a reflection of a media that is straining at its boundaries, breaking through and mutating into new forms. His pieces therefore have a genuine fingerprint, take pleasure in imperfection and feel impulsive and immediate – a deliberate attempt to fashion a kind of dark, conscious, viral pop.


John Karborn’s works include:


– Sculptural, deconstructed portraits from photographic, fine art and found materials.

– Large-format monochrome artworks on fine silk.

– Evidence of Time Travel – a body of lo-fi analogue gifs, images and films exploring the surreal, labyrinthine story of a man who falls in love with a recording.

– Photography, moving image, live action and collage films and projections often made in collaboration with musicians and designers.


Karborn has exhibited and featured in:


– Mona – Museum of Old and New Art, Australia;

– The British Film Institute, London;

– Brick Lane Gallery, RIO Cinema, Dalston; and The Rich Mix Cinema, London – with Mark Fisher.

– Major websites such as Vice, ItsNiceThat, The New York Times, The Intercept and Dazed & Confused. 


Karborn is often seen expanding his repertoire designing clothing and commercial items – collaborations with fashion labels such as Adidas Originals; including a collaborative clothing label MATTER, created with OLAF HUSSEIN and coming in 2018. He often creates visuals for live music performances as well as treatments and creative direction for major music labels and independent artists. The silkscreen prints of his own artwork are sold in various locations internationally.