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Artist Outlook with Gavin Dobson

While 2021 hasn’t got off to the best start but, we’re determined to think positively and look forward to the year ahead! We’ve been chatting to one of our artists Gavin Dobson. Scroll down to hear all about Gavin’s outlook for the year, take a peek at all the new work he’s just released with us and if you’re a budding artist then read all about how to get started!

Calling Back by Gavin Dobson
One-Off Original
£295 unframed


Gavin is a London based artist. Initially training in Fine Art at Middlesex University he likes to capture an element of movement within his pieces and so often uses paints and inks as his final layer to give each print a more individual feel.

A big fan of Graphic Novels and American comic books of the 1980’s in particular, he enjoys experimenting with lots of styles and techniques which help deliver and visually tell the strongest story.









Laundry Day by Gavin Dobson
One Off Original
£295 unframed

Alongside the obvious steps forward with the situation that we are all facing currently, I am feeling positive about this year artistically. I think it’s always important to keep upbeat when it comes to your own practice (or life in general). My humour is quite self-deprecating, but I think it’s vital to remember your own self-worth and uniqueness because no one else can do what you can do, and although I am as guilty as anyone with comparing myself or my work with others, that drive to keep creating new pieces with new narratives really keeps me uplifted and positive. Even on darker days I find I can use art to explain how I am feeling which can be difficult to put to words. The act of painting itself I find keeps me both happy but opens lots of threads to explore creatively.

So, in short, I am positive for all the new ideas I can create and how exciting the arts scene itself will be when everything will be up and running. I think it’s going to be really thriving so many artists will have created so much exciting work and hopefully the wider audience will realise how important art has been through these trying times.

I Just Need A Moment by Gavin Dobson
One Off Original
£295 unframed

It’s cliche but it really is a case of doing. A blank canvas is always the hardest part,  like a new page in a diary, I think people can be very precious with it, and for me being precious stifles my freedom to create something which is as good as it can be. It locks me into trying to make sure it’s perfect immediately. So, I always say scruff it up or throw paint on it, or doodle over everything. Even an initial idea can grow massively for me if I take away that pressure .

I would also say create for yourself first. It’s difficult to try and grab on to a so-called ‘popular theme’ or try and steer your artwork towards something which ‘will sell’. Over time I think you get an idea what personally is popular within your own artwork, but I always think the enjoyment of doing the piece will come across to the viewer. My advice is don’t over analyse your own art or you possibly won’t ever think it’s good enough.

I am generally always working on a lot of pieces. With screen printing I am doing a special edition of my now sold out Pool Boy piece. Pool Boy – Aqua. 

Also as mentioned earlier I have been working on canvases which have been a lot of fun to do as I am finding the images themselves without prior planning. Here are a few examples which are just finished.

Leaving The Hot Tub by Gavin Dobson
One Off Original
£295 unframed 

On a practical level I’m very grateful that no family member or friend has been affected too badly by the virus. I got my art studio upstairs at Printclub with Absorb arts just prior to lockdown and it has been a great space to think and reflect about what I do, and allowed me a place to create. I’m very grateful for that. Having a studio space has increased my productivity and gave me a place to play with art. I think the whole year has been an opportunity ,where possible, to allow take stock and really see what’s important in my craft.

Last year I did some screen print designs for The Choose love campaign which was brilliant so I would definitely be interested in working with them again in some way.
Over lockdown I have become nearly obsessed with podcasts and I would love to be on Talk art about an artistic joint venture with them somehow. It’s been such a great platform to keep me updated on new artists and learn more about the contemporary arts scene in a simple and non-condescending manner. Really recommend it.
There are so many great artists at Printclub itself who I would love to work on a piece together…too many to name really (or I may forget someone). Every day I keep seeing so many new thoughtful and dynamic pieces, it’s always interesting to see how different everyone’s design process and finished artwork is. My aim this year is to do a solo show with my paintings. I am quite a quick painter, I don’t tend to dwell on a piece too much, so I have already several collections. I am a supporter of Queer Britain which is a charity trying to establish Britain’s first LGBTQ museum and I have had a few correspondences looking into being involved where possible with my artwork in the future. I would love to partner with them as it’s a much-needed institution. As a gay man,  I have been exploring Queer culture quite a lot in my painting so I would be really interested in getting involved with institutions and brands who are open to unearth and explore gay history further with me. There are so many great stories.