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2017 In Review

The start of a new year is always a time to reflect on what you’ve achieved from the past 12 months! From collaborating with amazing artists to bring exclusive limited edition pieces to our gallery, working alongside Somerset House and Film4 at Summer Screen and then finally holding our long awaited Blisters show in the beautiful MC Motors! If you missed any of this (how could you!) here’s a rundown of our jam packed year! Keep your eyes peeled for a jam packed 2018.

Waffle House by Lucille Moore
Edition of 100, £200

Red Roses by Isabella Cotier
Edition of 50, £220

Get It On Black White Gold by Paul Thurlby
Edition of 100, £90

Utopias Collection
Edition of 25, £170 each

Minnie – Dollars + Sense by Ben Allen
Edition of 25, £525

Jaws by RYCA
Edition of 200, £60

In Bruges by Rozalina Burkova
Edition of 200, £60

The Humans by Naomi Edmondson
Edition of 50, £50


Bonjour Tristesse by Lucille Moore
Edition of 50, £50

Winnie The Pooh by Giuseppe Fasano
Edition of 50, £50

The Ultimate Studio Guide

P by Ben Eine
Edition of 200, £150

Polaroid Land by Steve Wilson
Edition of 200, £60